Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is the last of the month

I had to get get something in for the last of the month, even though this blog doesn't really need me anymore. In fact I may not stay, even for the next guest author. I must get the other blogs going and as old as I am, I am running out of time.

"In West Oahu, no one has the ambition to destroy a fellow dancer
on the dance floor. either emotionally or on the spectator's eyes.
The dancing is too much fun for anyone to cop a killer instinct."

This blog will be mainly for the "to be seen" dancers whoever they are and by whatever rules they wish to go by. They have a nice crowd of fans and I can see them running the hits up over 200 average per day. They may in turn just evolve into a nice kuleana of nice dancing people.

The other blogs really need my help and the one that needs me the most is the one closest to my territory, Oahu - West. I must get more steady Information Contributors that can phase over into being Guest Authors. And it is almost the same thing except that it is possible that they will feel more freedom as Guest Authors. Everyone's two cents is a lot more valuable than that, much more than that.

"Be My Love" by Mario Lanza

At any rate the entire blogosphere is taking a shape all its own. All I can do is sit, watch and do what I can. The key seems to be in the Information Contributors and  Guest Authors for the different points of view. That will make it Social Media. Perhaps the biggest gap so far is the neighbor islands. They seem to be very private. Once we get an organization from each island, the connection will be well on its way.

But the Pacific Rim is moving, with the Philippines really looking good. And so is Europe but Latin America is not doing so good. But then, I don't really understand the entire enchilada but the Blogger stats are there. I have my own stats which are more pertinent to us.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Doin'?

This blog is still a puzzle, but it stays ahead of whatever is in second place by about 50 points. At one time Platinum Corridor was in second place, but now it is Oahu And Beyond. At the bottom is the relatively new one Oahu - West and I deliberately omitted many gimmicks that I had done in prior blogs. I may institute a few in another month if it doesn't hit 34 per day.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius

This blog seems to have most of its readers from the Exhibition and Competition styles of dancing. And I believe the readers should make their own decisions. Therefore, one more guest author that leans toward International and I will phase myself out and they can have it. The probability is that they will run the average hits per day to over 200 (6000 per month.) I have much to do elsewhere.

Marketing, advertising and promotion still rely on ideas and only humans have those. That is why we must have our fellow reader/dancers contribute their ideas for these blogs now and then. We must accept constructive criticism and we will all learn the difference from "destructive" criticism. We will have none of this lying gossiping crap that has been going on for years. Everything will be up front and we will all be the better for it.

From Dance Notes:

The Jerky Rumba: This is unlike the smooth, sensuous, sleek, sexy and soft Rumba that has been danced for over a century. This one has an attack of Epilepsy on the two & three counts. With a quicker rock step, it gives the exhibition dancer a little more time to pose in the slow count. This is a modification that may eventually supplant the old Rumba in the International style along with the straight legs. But they are certainly within their rights to accept such a thing as "their style." And of course, with more differences in styles, it becomes easier to make the choices.

"YMCA" by the Village People

Hayseed: Applied mainly in the big cities on the mainland to men in jeans, khakis, mechanic jumpers or just sloppy. No respect for the ladies who are dressed so nicely even if the dance is Casual Attire. There was no mention of "slippahs."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What am I dancing?

By Ron Misaki, Manoa.

Running around here and there, getting into the wrong clubs by mistake, I wonder what the young are doing. Perhaps, someone in the know can enlighten the rest of us.

"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it is a comfort to go hand in hand."

They seem to have some sort of the old disco, dancing apart style. They may call it partner dancing but it sure ain't. Each one does their own thing and it seems as if they do some prescribed tricks, the dance has a name. However, it does look to me like a likely good first step if you enjoy the movement to music and would like to be a dancer in that environment.

The second most logical step would be to get into line dancing. You can learn short routines, with the natural music of most of the ballroom and perimeter dances. You do not have to have a partner and you can learn most of the beginning line dances in a very short time. Beside learning the rhythm of the different dances, you will develop your own styling too no matter who you try to mimick. And line dancing seems to kmow no age differences.

"Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley

From there it is only a hop, skip and jump to real Partner Dancing and it is recommended to the over thirty. This is where men learn to lead and women to follow. Not only that but to see and understand the equality, in the differences. Well, maybe not. I tnink most women can outdance men simply because they must learn to follow. At least when you get past the beginner's stage.

There are over 500 documented step patterns in every dance. The syllabi of the American, Country and International have each about 50 in their Bronze, Silver and Gold Divisions. So there are literally hundreds of simpler, more basic movements that can be learned easily (without a professional dance teacher.)  You can also lead and follow much easier and will be moving to music in a manner which is more like Da Reel Teeng.

Once you get past that stage you can be ready to decide if you wish to go into competition dancing. It is wide open for those that can develop the discipline. It is just not the same fun anymore and you will have a different goal.

Pub's Side Note: Yes, I have heard of a new dance blog but I do not know where it is. Perhaps they would like to exchange links. I am willing to help.