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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dis N Dat

For those using Blogger and having trouble with the line spacing, tune in to anyone of your favorite search engines. Google alone has over 20 pages with complaints.What has been done so simply in word processing for decades cannot be fixed in Blogger. It beats me why. I do not have an answer. If anyone finds out please let me know.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Live life to the fullest."

There are plenty of questions in the search engines but no answers. The programmers are so busy designing the new interface for Blogger that they cannot fix what is wrong now.

Of course, it is free and we should not complain but the expectations are there, for we had a very beautiful blogger before all these new people with their new ideas started screwing it up.

"Prisoner Of Love" by Perry Como

Rumors and more rumors. I run into them all the time. Now, about the new social dance club in Windward Oahu. Someone, please let me know. I tried to get a blog going there last year but the hits were just not there and I dumped it. Shortly after I received a flyer from Arthur Murray that they were taking over another studio that had been there for awhile. So they now have a branch studio in Kailua.

Kanoehe will get one soon and we will see some dance action in that territory. HBDA seems to be doing just fine there and there is dancing at BYUH. Hopefully the new social dance club will contact me and I will help wherever I can.. Perhaps we can even think about another blog again for that section.

"Papa Loves Mambo" by Perry Como

Calvin and Hobbss dancing the new Liliha Stomp
I was pleased at noted differences pointed out by Da Spin Doctor, - music for listening and music for dancing. This has been known for years. Unfortunately some of our DJs in the last 30 years have at times been confused as to what is "listening music" and what is "dancing music." How many times have you heard a DJ say "But you can dance a Rumba to it." And it does not enter his mind that it is much much dfferent than "You must dance a Rumba to it."

Most dancers are well aware of this, but then we must appreciate that our DJs do try to do a good job and they are basically good people. So who's perfect? Of course Da Spin Doctor has another advantage. He wants to play the music that the dancers want. It may not be so with others. They will play what they think the dancers should dance to. After all they are the experts in music, right? Wrong!

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