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Sunday, July 29, 2012


These precious photos of the past 200 years tell us who we are and where we come from. So grab hold of that photo of you as a kid or of your grandparents' wedding and realize just how special it is. But there is a place for photos and there is a different place for photos.

"A blog is a frequent, chronological publication of the personal thoughts of many
and Web links. It is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed easily by anyone on the internet and all for free."

Digital cameras are now everywhere - it is estimated that 2.5 billion people in the world today have a digital camera and just average people will be snapping a staggering 400 billion photos this year.

That might sound implausible but this year people will upload over 80 billion photos to Facebook alone and with Facebook having over 300 million users, you can bet your photos are going to be seen there. Yeah Man, he he he! Already Facebook’s photo collection has a staggering 200 billion photos, that’s over 10,000 times larger than the Library of Congress and growing by leaps and bounds. You make your own decisions.

"Pictures Of You" ... the Lasst Goodnight!

Now comes my blogs. What kind of photos do I and my readers want? And who is going to see them? I am wasting precious space if I only print one person, or two or even three. Our blogs are social media and you can have those kind in other blogs very nicely. But we are not clones, so I have found it most efficient to have four to seven people in our blog photos, where the people come out clear enough, room for all the names and perhaps a small comment. This is to get the max from each and every photo for our ever growing readership. These are the ones that will be used in the slide shows and this becomes social media.

"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" ... Ray Coniff

The only ones that will be couples are the "Good People" monthly in the side bar and the coming "Teachers of the Month" side bar coming up in the Oahu And Beyond blog. But these are special niches. Meanwhile you can email any of your favorites to any of the Guest Authors and tell us what blog you would prefer.

The rest of the group pictures in the blogs are just gingerbread to enhance the atmosphere. But the real meat and potatoes are those photos with the four to seven. Better than diamonds. And more than that, many of our readers take some good ones that would fit perfectly in our blogs, all they have to do is be willing to share.

Pub's Side Note: If you want to mail a short article with your photos, I will touch it up with anything I may think it needs. Otherwise it can go intact as submitted and I will find a place for the photos. In everything I do, there is an easy way and a difficult way. Which way do I go? Guess.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still in Front

This blog is still the leader of the pack. However, the signs are there. Oahu And Beyond is catching up. With one more Guest Author they may do it.

"Hoist the sails of choice - to harness the winds of joy."

Our anchor remains Calvin Ota but he cannot do everything even if his blogging is the best on these islands. No one should have a dragging commitment. We can still learn from him. Richie Fun is covering the night club scene very nicely and contributing some nice photos too. Our occasional Information Contributors and my fill in round out our present agenda. So there is much more to do, we need more Information Contributors and a Guest Author.

I have had the suggestion for Amateur Dance Teachers of the Month in a side bar similar to the Good People in Oahu - West but not much interest in this blog. Perhaps in Oahu And Beyond. Our blogs are developing a very good difference in outlook, which is great. I thought of International Style Teachers in this blog and American Style Teachers in Oahu And Beyond. We will kick it around a little more.

"Until It's Time For You To Go" ... Vicki Carr

The notice of a happening is only 25-30 percent of the action. The really important part is what happened at the function with photos and all. Now that is blogging. Of course, your own private Web site with 10 - 15 average readers per day is not enough. Much better if you can have it in a public Dance Web site with 1000 average hits per day. You don't know of a Dance Web site with 1000 average hits per day? Neither do I.

However, I am willing to help but only where I can help, I do not want to bother anyone. I do provide a platform and all of our reader/dancers are welcomed to use it. Get with it and let's get these blogs rolling.

Pub's Side Note: "Of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers" All the dancers? Of course not, they do not all want to be involved and we must respect.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is Ballroom Dancing Back?

Well not real Ballroom Dancing as it has been redefined in this century. But there are many definite signs that the "ancient" social dancing is developing its own huge sector in the dance field. This is becoming a much different kind of dancing than what we at one time assumed was "ballroom" dancing. Anyone heard of the Night Club Two Step?

"One unlikelihood entertained leads a parade of innovation. Dream. Begin. Persevere."

In protest of the old "ballroom" dancing many peripherals were developed in the last 30 years. The closest to us of course are the Swing Dancers, and those are, for the most part, terrific dancers. They can dance rings around most so called Ballroom dancers.

Second is the Argentine Tango, whose biggest mistake is that they are increasingly considering it a art. Once you get on the Rootzi Tootzi plain, you lose the rest of us. That plus having too many different versions of Tango in Argentina. Now the tango dancers that just love the music have also "protested" in developing the peripherals on Tango.  Chinese Tango is taught in California in a few places. There are various others on the mainland in fusion.

The Finnish Tango, very solid and now called the Nordic Tango, is invading the East. It went from Finland to the other Scandinavian countries on one side and to Russia and the Baltics on the other side. In the Pacific the Filipino tango has evolved very nicely on its own based on the American Tango, the US was there for a few years. In Hawaii, it is fusing even more with the American Tango which may develop into the Hawaiian Tango. If the entire Tango world doesn't splinter more, one of these tangos may be included as the coming cultural dance of this century.

"Rhythm Is Our Business" ... Billy May Orchestra

Latest Economic News from Japan, You just can't bank on the banks.

Origami Bank has folded. Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank plans to cut back on some of its branches. Karaoke Bank is up for sale and going for a song.  Meanwhile shares at Kamikaze Bank have nose dived and 500 back office staff at Karate Bank have received the chop. And Analysts report something fishy going on at Sushi Bank and the staff there feel they may be getting a raw deal.

Pub's Side Note: "When you look at the world in a narrow way. How narrow it seems. When you look at it in a mean way, how mean it is. When you look at it selfishly, how selfish it is. But when you look at the world in a broad, generous, friendly spirit, - what a wonderful world!"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Home, Dance Studio, NIghtclub

The Studio Night Club 

Most everyone is aware of the difficulties in dancing in town. The traffic on Saturday nights is horrible. Getting in and out of your parking area can be trying. Validated parking is not always available. A few places have Valet parking only. If you lived in the West and danced in the West, parking is not that big a problem and "I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

"In the midst of the flurry - clarity. In the midst of the storm - calm.
In the midst of divided interests - certainty. In the many roads - a certain choice."

Beautiful front is very possible.
By the year 2020, fully one half the population of this Island will be West of Mapunapuna and include the North Shore. The miracle could happen of making a road around from Makaha, past Kaena Point to Mokuleia. Honolulu big shots are not going to like that.

The price of some of those old Houses along Farrington in Waianae are now as low as $150,000. Maybe only 700 square feet of building but it comes with land usually about 6000 square feet or more so there is room to build a nice studio in front. Or better yet elevate the house and studio and the underside can be the parking area. Maybe a little higher on the North Shore, but seek and ye shall find.

"In A Mellow Tone" ... The Manhattan Transfer

If you are going to rent it will be about $20 square foot of building space. So space of 720 square feet would cost $14400 per month. Way too much, but most of us are aware of high rents in Hawaii. Buying is better, but hard to find. This is $2 per hour for a 30 day month. And you will have the usual three phases as anywhere else.

First is dead time, perhaps from 12 midnight to 8 in the morning. That is 8 hours per day for 30 days, 240 hours ($480 per month) which is part of your overhead.

Second part is the lower rate usually at five times the dead rate, in this case, $10 per hour. It will fluctuate between 1/3 and 1/2 of the total time available but it should pay for the dead time and the largest part of the overhead.

That leaves the choice hours of 6 to 12 midnight and that should be at eight to ten times the dead rate, which in this case would be $20 per hour. Makes it easy for any outside DJ to set up a Dance in the evening from six to 10 PM. The cover for the DJ, and all the food and drink concessions belong to the house.

The weekends can be set up for Partytime, anyway the studio desires.

Pub's Side Note: Yes we are aware of the bus situation. The big shots are screwing it up again. We used to have a pretty nice bus system at one time. Now people packed like sardines. Old ladies standing for long distances. Borders on the criminal. Everyone now wants to buy a car and more crowded freeways. There are screws loose with these people, somewhere.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ballroom Dancing

It is pretty well official now that I copied parts of this from the Wikipedia on the Internet.

"Blogging has in itself become another form of creative writing. – our blogs have become a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom."

Ballroom dance is a set of partner dances, which were enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world at one time. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dancing has also been widely enjoyed on stage, film, and television.

Ballroom dance could at one time refer, at its "widest," to almost any type of social dancing as recreation. However, with the emergence of dancesport in modern times, the term has become narrower in scope. It now refers to the International Standard and International Latin style dances. These styles were developed in England, and are now regulated by the World Dance Council (WDC). Their rules are not meant to be taken lightly, in fact, they may have been engraved on stone.

There Will Never Be Another You" ... Andy Williams

In the United States, two additional variations are popular: American Smooth and American Rhythm used for social recreational dancing. Fortunately it is an expanding style to other countries too. Also going through modifications according to many different areas. The Philippines has developed some very beautiful and natural variations. Not much of those Mickey Mouse tricks we see in some places.

There are also a number of historical dances, and local or national dances, which may be danced in ballrooms or salons. Sequence dancing, in pairs or other formations, is still a popular style of ballroom dance. Line dancing in a social dance environment is gradually being accepted as a must.

At this writing, they don't know much about dancing in malls, school cafeterias, district parks, community centers, social clubs and night clubs. On this Island the difference is gradually being accepted at the urging of our International dancers which do think they dance "correctly." By default, everyone else dances ....  Well, anyway, we should accept their suggestions and coalesce our own groups which far exceed any other dance groups in these islands.

Then more Club Dancers are merging into other groups and resulting in more dance activity of our kind. The Social Cultural dancers are the fastest growing group on this Island. All we have to do is find more dance locations that we don't have to support. We will attend but only because they will please us. We are going to have to pay more cover? So be it. Should be the name of the game.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Information Contributors (Guest Authors?)

Give some thought to considering your own "thinking style" and making the most of it by fashioning your blogging after your natural thinking style. Our blogging is not a "to whom it may concern" publication. We expect feedback from any of our fellow dancers.

"No one is in control of your happiness but you - therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change."
We all have a little different outlook on any issue and I am sure there are many things you could offer to our blog readers, that others could not. Remember, blogs often reflect personality and the differences are what gives such high value to our blogging.

Thinking Styles - What is your natural thinking style and how might it be a benefit to our readers? We all think differently as individuals and we each have some specific talents and abilities that we are more inclined towards, some more than others.

"Little Star" .... The Elegants

We all think. When we think, it establishes a thought. From those thoughts gathered, we form ideas and opinions. As we act on those ideas formed, we are creating actions. However, we tend to have more strengths in one area than another.

It's not that one type of thinking is better than another, it's just that each style has advantages and disadvantages. So what type of thinker are you? Whatever, you are just the kind of blogger our readers have been waiting for. Let's get with it. the hits will go through the ceiling!

Pub's Side Note: Carlisle cutting back on the new buses is really messing up the works. What use to be a good Public Transportation facility has now gone to pot. So many people standing up on the buses, that is real uncomfortable public transportation. No one in the upper echelons know this. Of course, maybe they just don't care.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hits Going Up Again

Our entire dance blogosphere on Oahu is still moving upward in hits from the reader/dancers. And I can see the coming formation of a new dance force for "Truth, Inclusion and Innovation." It will be simply based on the two way communication that is developing.

"The Divine Plan is one of Freedom. The inherent nature of humans is ever seeking
to express itself in terms of freedom, because freedom is the birthright of every living soul."

The comments, the information contributors, the guest authors. new blogs and the cultural dancers are coming into the forefront. We can help them all even though we already know that they don't all want to be in and we must respect.

So we are "stuck" with maybe 15 - 20 thousand dancers on this Island that are closely related to "our" blogs. Many will interrelate and interact with different groups. Line dancers will partner dance, salsa dancers will tango, swing dancers will waltz. People will dance in night clubs, community centers, district parks, school cafeterias, malls wherever. So the entire enchilada remains interrelated as close or as separate as they wish to be. No rules.

"In Hawaii, dance blogs are enabling hundreds of dancers to express their opinions with reduced political risk simply because of the sheer number of like-minded opinions online. Facing these independent voices, the old clique machine starts to crumble."

"I Can Dream, Can't I?" ... the Andrew Sisters

I can only write my opinion and being just an opinion I can probably be just as wrong as I can be right. So we are never going to be engraving it on stone. Of necessity then we need the opinions of others, with the same expectations. However, there always is a consensus of opinion in certain things and when that happens we shall take advantage of the situation. The proper terminology for this group is coming up slowly but for sure it will emerge all by itself.

And now it comes to whether they wish to convey their opinions into one pot, a blog. They can have their choice of where they wish to be. Fortunately we have several pots to choose from and you can contribute your opinions for the benefit of your fellow dancers.

You make the decision. The immediate key for all our blogs is the information contributors and the guest authors. There has to be somebody out there that can contribute and they will be welcomed in any blog. The development of independence for each blog will be my own personal kuleana.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Town Dancer blog is pretty well on its own now, with 200 average hits per day, they are communicating to our reader/dancers. Just two more Guest Authors and they could go independent and hit 300 per day in a short time. I had planned on phasing myself out completely but perhaps I could stay and post an occasional blog now and then.

"Blogging Writers: We dream. We write. We believe, therefore we are."

But of course, too much of it is still in the "to whom it may concern" category. We need the coverage of a local function which establishes the "gang" a group, the readers, together with a few photos. These loosely affiliated groups are the reader/dancers of the entire blog. The announcement of a coming function is well taken care of in other media.

But the real meat and potatoes for blogging is the description of what happened, after the fact, at the function together with photos. Three different groups will be interested. First are the ones that were in attendance, naturally. Second are the ones that wanted to but had other commitments. And the third group are the ones that had other preferences but now interested in what happened.

"Should've Never Let You Go" ... Neil & Dara Sedaka

At the moment, with little blogging except me, the average hits on this blog are going down. That happens all the time. I will let it coast. In our blogging, I can almost see where the law of diminishing returns might kick in if the blogging and the guest authors remain the same. Otherwise, it will naturally rise with each guest author, at least for the foreseeable future.

Blogging is finally arriving on this Island. Any of our fellow bloggers that need some help, let us know, we can try. Contributions of dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus, joke books, quote books etc are "to whom it may concern" information and readily available on Internet. Along with stuff and photos in Facebook, Twitter, My Space etc and available to millions. However that is not blogging, I will repeat and this will take time. Yes, I know, "Two Way Communication" is unheard of!

"Fly Me To The Moon" ... Frank Sinatra

Pub's Side Note: It is quite evident that the Night Club scene in town, with live music is increasing. We probably need a Guest Author for the Night Club scene live or DJ, in the Oahu - West blog. Come on somebody, you got it all to yourself!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cultural Dancing

"What do we do to this dance?"
By Kay Gilley, Turtle Bay

A piece of music will occasionally come on and even the most experienced dancers look at each other and say, "What do we do to this.?" When that happens, one of my favorite partners and I look for each other because I know that he will be innovative interpreting the music. He knows that I am OK just following what he does.

"Art is not living. It is the use of living."

If the music is more flowing and romantic in nature, he may incorporate steps from bolero, waltz and nightclub two step ... and even make up a few. If it is faster and jazzy, we have done cha-cha-cha, hustle, East and West Coast swing and even merengue in a single dance, switching back and forth as he interprets the music. I think it is a great sport, and it definitely invites me to use my best following skills.  *  *  *  *

"Charade" ... Andy Williams

Yes, this is extremely difficult for the Rootzi-Tootzis to comprehend. It may even be considered blasphemy. We may eventually have separate dance floors. We have many variations of dance on our cultural dance floors.  And fortunately all these people are coming forward with a little pride. They are dancing just for fun, and you can judge them if you will, but the judging doesn't count for much.

Pub's Side Note: Yes, omitting my email address in the blogs reduces my spam. The millions of dollars available for me from West Africa have dwindled down to only a couple hundred million dollars a week. Also I don't know how it is in town, but in the West the bus has gone from bad to extremely uncomfortable. A few new buses were canceled by Carlisle to save money but the billions and billions of dollars for the Rail continue. Dumb Dodos. They have never seen an old lady stand up on the bus all the way from Waianae to town. That's criminal!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Seats at a Dance

Seat savers are people that have been saving seats for their friends, way back even before the Greek theaters and plays. Officially, in some of the Honolulu dance clubs, there had been a limit of four seats. I think it could very well be six.

"Success does not consist in never making blunders,
but in never making the same one a second time."

But of course these people are expecting the users of those seats to show up momentarily. So they will be used. All of these people will have paid their admissions and should have the same privileges as anyone else. And more than that, no one has ever complained about that. Right? Right!

Seat Controllers are a different and special breed. These people help to set up chairs and then select rows, and sometimes even bigger sections and mark them with something that implies reserved. For Whom? Nobody can say. But at that moment those seats cease to belong to the Palladium. They even cease to belong to the club that is renting the space. They belong to the seat controllers personally and no one can sit there without their permission. It is a whole new ball of wax.

"I Let A Song Get Out Of My Heart" ... Mel Torme

The rumble of new clubs in the West is beginning to grow. People don't resent control that much, they just resent the wrong control. In the book Animal Farm, after the pigs take over and run things their way "for the good of all," something goes wrong.

At the end of the story, it mentions a sign that had been put up at the beginning of the "revolution." It had said, "We are all equal." And someone had written underneath, "But some of us are more equal than others." We must not allow that to happen in the West.

That ancient manuscript with one sentence recently discovered in Iraq dating back two thousand years has finally been translated. It reads,

"The seat controllers suffer greatly in the suckage department."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dance Blogs, what are they?

A repeat and adapted from an old Central Valley blog:

So no one really knows what a dance blog is, but all of us are making the effort to define ours, especially since we are getting close to deleting the Central Valley blog.

"We are still masters of our fate, all of us. We are still captains of our souls."

A dancing blog may be a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Our own private thoughts. Memos to the world.

Facebook, Twitter and My Space, all in one, but much closer to home, us, the reader/dancers, as a smaller group and in a more personal manner.

Our dancing blogs are whatever we want them to be. There are thousands of them, in all shapes and sizes, so there are no real rules. In simple terms, a dance blog is a dance web site, where we write stuff on an ongoing basis. New stuff shows up at the top, so our visitors can read what's new. Then they comment on it or link to it or email us. Or whatever and it is all up to them, no requirements, no commitments.

"My Favorite Things" by Andy Williams

Since Blogger was launched in 1999, blogs have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others. And some of us suspect that the entire enchilada is just getting started.

A dancing blog gives us our own voice on the internet. It's a place to collect and share things with our dance world that we find interesting— whether it's our political commentary, a personal diary, or links to web sites we want to remember.

Central Valley blog could have been more than viable, if we had had Dot's in Wahiawa, Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Just Tacos, in Mililani. That is what I was counting on and Central Valley "coulda been a contendah!" The hits would've gone through the roof. Then with the new Dance Pavilion in Waipio, Wow! May still be done by someone.

"Moon River" by Johnny Mathis

Some people use a blog just to organize their own thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands. Professional and amateur journalists use blogs to publish breaking news, while personal journalers realize their inner thoughts.

Whatever you have to say, blogging will help you say it. For now, Central Valley blog has a very short life span. The hits are slowing down and it will be deleted when the hits come down to the low twenties and we don't lose too much. Fortunately we have other blogs and with a few information contributors and guest authors we are going to see some real blogging just up ahead.