Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Universal Dancer? Maybe

From Milton Hayakawa, Waikele: from an old four year blog.

I have been reading some of the latest blogs and dancing news and now that I am pushing 70, I figure I may have been a street dancer, a cultural dancer and perhaps now a Universal dancer.

"We have put more effort into helping people reach old age, than in helping them enjoy it"

We all know what the kids go through. This week it may be the "Mashed Potato" and next week the "Watermelon" and many of the "avant garde" have their eyes on the coming "Scruw" or whatever. We have all witness the Mambo craze which is still considered by some. Then Salsa for the younger Latin folk, then the additional Reggeaton and now being superseded by Bachata and Zouk is on the way. What about Zumbia? Well, anyway you know what I mean.

The Universal dancer seems to have more permanent preferences, all based on the older Ballroom dances. And these dances that have been here one hundred years, will be here one hundred more.

"Til I Waltz Again With You." ... Theresa Brewer

The Waltz (of European descent) is the most basic. I have danced many a waltz in Latin America. There is waltz in the Orient and even in Africa. The music is usually beautiful, even if for hearing only, accented on the wrong beat. And the ones for dancing are special and will never be beat.

The Fox Trot (of American descent) is another very basic Caucasian dance with beautiful music to go with it. It has had a very heavy influence on the Latin bolero. When kept with a maximum of two basic step patterns it can really be a fun dance. Unfortunately the dance teachers many years ago goofed that one up, too many basics in one dance.

The Rumba (of Latin descent) is of course the most romantic of the dances. But only because of its slow movements and it does not require any physical love making on the floor. The music cannot be beat from any stand point. The only part of the music that is bad is when it becomes too Fox Troty and loses its bang, bing, slam, slum, boom, beam, click, clack etc.

Then we have the faster dances:

The Cha Cha Cha (of Latin descent) was the best invention of the 20th century and still danced throughout the world. The kids are dragging it down, but it will survive for it does not depend on them. It may be the most fun dance of all with its own delightful Latin sounding music.

The Swing (of American descent) with it's two basic step patterns is a must at most dances. As in Rumba to Cha Cha Cha, the slow is replaced with a chasse. So that the single in Swing is danced to faster music than the triple.

All the rest of the possible dances are dessert for the Universal dancer, Hustle, Night Club Two Step, Tango, Samba, Salsa. A Night Club in West Oahu with this format would be neat and unique. But they would have to charge a bigger cover to take care of the non-drinkers and make the drinks less expensive. But almost guaranteed success, the people are already here.  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: He shoulda put in, "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." 


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wow, Looking Good

Other blogs may be all set and on their way, but not us. There is so much to do yet. We do accept that Town Dancer is Ichiban, way ahead of whatever is in second place. Specially right after Calvin's blogs. So right off the bat we do not need a clone of Calvin, we need something like it "in addition to" Calvin.   And covering other places. That is the key to going up in average hits per day.

"Opportunity is sometimes hard to recognize if you are only looking for a lucky break." 

I myself find it easier to cover the smaller dance floors and there are many like me and believe me there are people dancing on those small dance floors. It is just that no one has ever taken them into consideration. This is the 21st Century and the blogs are getting more efficient to collect and disperse dance information for all.

Then there are no photos contributed in Town Dancer. And very few even one time articles. That is sorely needed to see the blog evolve into Social Media and get steady hits. The same applies to Oahu And Beyond, which is now mounting the hits up too. One or two more Guest Authors, one of these will become the first independent team blog in Hawaii. With diverse interests and  presentations the reader/dancers will be getting closer to Da Reel Teeng.

So photos please, that photo you took last night of a few friends in a nice dance environment and shared in our blogs is invaluable. To lose it among the billions and billions in the libraries of the photo masters is almost a sin. But it is your choice and you have a perfect right to it. We must respect.

"How High The Moon" ... Les Paul and Mary Ford.

I always try to apply what has happened in the past, to what is happening to our Social Cultural dance. Shakespeare, the master of  prose:
Cassius, a nobleman, is speaking with his friend, Brutus, and trying to persuade him that, in the best interests of the republic, Julius Caesar must be stopped from becoming monarch of Rome. Brutus is aware of Caesar's intentions, and is torn between his love of his friend Caesar and his duty to the republic. Cassius continues by reminding Brutus that Caesar is just a man, not a god, and that they are equal men to Caesar. They were all born equally free, and so why would they suddenly have to bow to another man?

On another level this phrase has been interpreted to mean that fate is not what drives people to their decisions and actions, but rather the human condition. One of my favorite quotes:

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Competition Dancer

I want to make each blog different from the others wherever and make sure they are not clones. This blog has been defining itself as Down Town and for Competition Dancers, and (for the unique class of the rootzi tootzis.) However,  competition dancing is quite varied so many more could be included.

"Education is a person going from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty."

Break dancing seems so different from all other kinds of dancing that the first question people ask when they see it is: "Where did these kids learn to dance like that?" There is some of it in the Dance Studios on Oahu. And is there some kind of definition for it?

This dance seems to have come out of nowhere and it has many different interpretations, and in Hawaii not much has been done. But in Break dancing crews-groups of dancers who practice and preform together have formed. And some formal crews organized, who not only practice and preformed together, but who also develop their own dance routines.

Some of these crews became very dedicated to their dancing, and since they have nothing better to do, can spend hours a day practicing, developing more and more complex moves, improving their form, and increasing their speed. But the important thing as far as the history of Break dancing is concerned is that Break dancing was particularly well-suited for competition.

"Just Dropped In" ... Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

And not only was the regular Break dance perfect for competition, it appealed to certain young men who were very athletic. But the new-style Breaking was different from the old. Rock Steady and added a lot of acrobatic moves. Breaking now includes not only Floor Rock but Head spins, Back spins, Hand glides, and Windmills.

When 1982 rolled around the Roxy was a well-established New York roller-skating rink. But when the popularity of roller skating began to fade in June of  '82, Pat Fuji turned the Roxy into a dance club on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. The Roxy quickly became the Hip Hop center. It was here that rappers, D.J.'s, and Break dancers would perform and hang out.

If you wanted to discover a Break dancer for your show or video, you would come to the Roxy. Or if you just wanted to watch or learn some new moves, you would come to the Roxy. And the Roxy started to sponsor Break dance contests, which would help the winners get more recognition. In June, 1983, Pat Fuji hired professional Jazz dancer Rosanne Hoare to run the Street Arts Consortium, which was a house Break dancing, rapping, and graffiti art. Rosy was going to officially establish a home for Hip Hop Culture.

While the Street Art Consortium never really happened as envisioned, Rosy did provide a home for Break dancers. She not only provided a place where they could feel at home, but she worked with them as a choreographer, helping to extend their dance possibilities. She also helped many dancers find commercial and performing dance work. Most importantly, Rosy was-and is-always there as a friend whom they can count on. ...

We have some good teachers in West Oahu but you do think as you learn each step movement and it's important to become aware that space is "not just an amorphous mass," we can embrace it and repel it. It should be a welcome friend. Without it, we wouldn't move at all." Lots of Rudolf Laban's movements involve exploring all the possibilities of the surrounding space. We will have more on Laban later. You goin' to learn this overnight? Take your time and enjoy the learning process. You think everybody gonna dance exactly the same? Ha!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Communication, a two way street

I usually don't get many telephone calls, I avoid giving out my phone number because I am hard of hearing. Most people know that, but I can read email so it is very important. However we can have a little trouble there. Scams, spams and hackers and all the rest of the vermin that infest the internet.

"A blog is a space in the internet which an individual person or a group create to share their knowledge, offer opinions and provide service. They may be a combination of two well-known mainstream media outlets: the broadcasting studio and the traditional op-ed column."

I don't include my phone number or email address in the blogs any more.  It is too easy for them to pick up the information with the super robot searchers they have nowadays. Mostly I use my yahoo account because when I get too much spam, I can drop it and get another one.

My Hawaiian tel email is my telephone, email, and Internet conduit and remains and few people know of it. I changed it about six month ago when it got infested. But now I give it freely to my good friends knowing that I will not have trouble there anymore. It is running very nicely now.

I put the yahoo email address on my personal Nanakuli Ridge blog and already I am beginning to get some spam. I just took it off the blog. Any contact to me can be made through any of the comment sections at the end of each blog. I will get back to you with an email address ASAP. Mahalo.

"I'll See You In My Dreams" ... Tony Martin

"Football is not a contact sport it's a collision sport, dancing is a contact sport"

If you read every newsletter in our dancing circles for the last 30 years, you will realize that all teachers, amateur or professionals, teach the same excellent quality, all are exactly the same. All of our dancers are the same excellent quality and the exhibition dancers of course are all the same super excellent quality. And we have expected no less in any write up on our dancing blogs.

However with the increase in Guest Authors we are going to get some different opinions. We had some very honest opinions in these blogs but they have not been very well appreciated. They just have not been accustomed to such things. Simply unthinkable that anyone of our dancers could be imperfect.

But it is coming in our blogs "Equality of opportunity does not guarantee equality of results." And we do have people judging at every dance of the year, professional or not. Some of it is going to go into the writing for these blogs. Those that want to be excluded will be excluded.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From an old WWII publication

No Regiments nor Names: 
Most were not heroes, they were just ordinary guys. Heroes get medals for "Above and Beyond the call of Duty." These guys were just doing the "Call of Duty."

August 15,1944, on a dusty dirt runway outside of a small village near Rome. I am just a kid, almost nineteen, I had a few beers and I am feeling nice. Now at close to 2 AM, I am on a C-47 airplane roaring down a runway with lights about as visible as flashlights, marking the left and right sides. We finally lift off and we become airborne with a set course for Southern France. The invasion would be starting in about six hours.

I and my fellow paratroopers didn't have to worry about airplane formations so we just tried to sleep. With the uncomfortable seats, all the equipment I was carrying, and the tight parachute harness, I might doze a little but that's all and I could pray a lot.

As we approached the coast of France almost two hours later, I remembered the fear growing inside of me and of praying a little harder. And probably repeating my self, "Dear God." Soon enough the red light came on to indicate that we were nearing our drop zone.

It was still pitch black outside and we were not encountering any anti-aircraft fire. So at that point I started to worry about what might be waiting for us on the ground and the chances of landing in the vicinity of the drop zone. It was time for a little humor and the jumpmaster got up and announced "OK, all you guys with the one way tickets, stand up."  We made our last minute equipment check, hooked up our static lines, faced the rear of the plane and waited excruciating moments for the green light. It may have been about 4:00 am by then.

The green light flashed on and we moved forward, leaving the plane one by one. I remember getting to the door, saw the guy in front of me vanish and then just a big black hole, I made the sign of the cross and went out.  Once out of the plane and the parachute opened, I always got that sense of relief. I checked my canopy, looked around and only glimpsed a couple of other chutes but worried when I realized I couldn't make out any ground features.

Everything looked hazy and my first thought was they dropped us in the Mediterranean. Then I broke through a fog bank and that is what was preventing me from seeing the ground detail. But they had dropped us low enough so that we would not to spend too much time in the air. So suddenly, there was the ground and I had no chance to prepare to land.

I hit like a sack of shit as they use to say in those days. Just got a little banged up, that's all. I quickly got out of my chute and put my equipment together, There I was all by myself in a foreign country, God knows where. But I was just fine so far, now I had to look for the other guys. I pushed the safety off my trigger guard, just in case, but hoped I didn't run into any Jerries.

Pub's Side Note: This happened sixty eight years ago and there is a new movie coming out, Saints and Soldiers, Airborne Creed, covering this action, sounds interesting.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Exhibition Dancing

By Marilyn Haruzaki, Kaimuki

Partner dancing really went into effect during the nineteenth century and by 1900, they had evolved demonstrations of any particularly good dancing couple. They had made the discovery that some dancers were very good at looking good. Many people wanted to see good dancing and many were willing to be seen. Very natural, so don't knock it.

"Blogs are journals often authored by one individual, but our aim is to have several authors.  In the context of dance communication, these are often used to talk with the marketplace and to join the conversation that existing external bloggers may be having."

One of the most celebrated proponents was Maurice Mouvet and Madelaine D'Arville who in 1907 introduced their "Apache Dance" at the "Cafe de Paris" cabaret in Paris. This was done to a slow Waltz using lifts and depicted the jealous relationship between a young thug and his girlfriend. It was impressive show business. Soon, even Irene and Vernon Castle were using lifts in their demonstrations.

Hip Lift, Underarm Lift and The Grand Swing

Aerial Lifts are accepted as part of dancing in Ballet and Lindy, but Lifts are specifically excluded from International Ballroom and Latin American dancing. However other styles of Social Cultural dancing allow lifts to appear in some competitions and are called variously Exhibition, Showdance, Adagio, Cabaret, or Theater Arts dancing. Aerials or Lifts are considered any movements in which the man lifts the lady up in the air.

 Swallow, Rock and Dead Man's Drop.

Beginners usually start with drops such as the Dead Man's Drop and Possum Drop, and hip lifts on the left and right hips, turning to the left or the right, and also the grand swing and underarm lifts. More experienced dancers move up to shoulder lifts, such as the Swallow, Scarf, and Flag. Advanced dancers can lift their partners up onto outstreched arms above the head.

The style has a number of dangers. For the man, it is important to maintain a straight and upright torso, and to compress in the knees to get below the lady's centre of gravity for a lift. Otherwise he is in danger of damaging his spine.

For the lady: being dropped is a problem. It is an advantage for both partners to do weight training to build up arm and shoulder strength. The main thing is to take extra precautions in any of this type of preparations.

Pub's Side Note: I admit, I have at my disposal, over 100 thousand photos available in Flicker, Photoshop, Facebook etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.  I just don't have the time. But the one most valuable of all, is "your" favorite, with a few friends, in a dancing environment, with full names, the occasion and the location. I post one of these and the hits go through the ceiling. All you gotta do is be willing to share.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The hits:

Ten years ago it was pretty easy. A hit counter counted every time some one tuned into your blog. This included "bounce" of course. "Bounce" is usually considered when people through some error by themselves or the search engine got on the wrong blog. They went out immediately but it still counted as a hit.

Then they devised the page views. Each page counts and that includes the photos. Now the hits went up and they had some method to exclude the bounce. But now they realize it is not quite right. The people that have very pertinent content don't get the hits that a person with little content but 50 photos.

They are now working on a time method of racking up hits. The longer the time the more points. Sounds a little more fair. However it is still not the perfect way. Has to do for the time being and for the time being we are able to make relative comparisons. This even if it is not definite when they are close in points. It can be very definite if we have 100 average hits per day in one blog and 10 hits per day in another. And perhaps the blog owner can do something about the one that is lagging behind - or drop it.

Then you have the "crawlers" and "spiders" set up by the search engines and wheels intent on making money. They can rack up robot hits on your blogs that mean nothing but you will be curious. I wanted to know (from my Blogger Stats) who was tuning in. All they wanted was an opportunity to show me how to make millions and it would only cost me $49.95 a month. I have a bunch of them leaving me just now. 

"Stairway Of Love" ... Alma Cogen

Some have hidden counters that the public cannot see and they keep them hidden for a reason. At one time all the Web sites in Hawaii had counters, now no more. They, of course, should do as they please.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Da Blogosphere, the blog

This is an old rehashed blog for the second time around that has known other times. The latest was the Moanalua Corridor which has deleted and it takes Blogger ninety days to drop it. I revived it just in time and changed the name. In terms of hits, it remains at the bottom of the pile. We have to work at it and it should gradually acquire its own reader/dancers along with its own information contributors.

"Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising
one's level of aspiration and expectation."

Da Blogosphere should review the entire blogosphere containing our blogs and will be including other dance blogs and/or dance Web sites later but only if they wish. As per usual, in everything we try, we do not exclude anyone. They exclude themselves and then we just respect their wishes. We have an awful lot of ground to cover but the entire enchilada is forming all by itself.

"I'll See You In My Dreams" ... Tony Martin

So anyone can contribute information and/or photos to be included in this blog or any of "our" blogs any time. Probably better to pick one of the other blogs and from there phase over into Guest Author. And eventually all of our blogs will be social media and independent (from me.)

Da Blogosphere is our only blog with two side bars because I want to include a poster for each one that accepts being in with us and we need the room. As per usual, no registration, no annual or monthly meeting and no dues of any kind. Yes, I know, we are too strict. We welcome any new organization that want to come aboard same as we welcome information contributors and Guest Authors.

Pub's Side Note: Bloggers Law on Dancing Shoes, Number 33B:

If you like them, they won't have them in your size. - If you like them and they are in your size, they won't fit anyway. - If you like them and they fit, you can't afford them. - If you like them and they fit and you can afford them, they fall apart at the first dance.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What is Social Media?

Our entire blogosphere is at another plateau, hovering in the 400 average hits per day range, but it is still uneasy. The entire enchilada is in a period of transition.

"If I have a hundred ideas and only one of them turns right, I am satisfied."

The almost deletion of Central Valley blog, the take over of the old Moanalua Corridor blog territory by Oahu - West and the new blog to recap all the blogs, Da Blogosphere, really slows everything up.

This write up should have gone in that blog but it doesn't have that many readers - - yet. No, the price has not gone up. It is still the same, nothing, zero, zip, nada. I had a guy ask me how much I made on these blogs. Ha!

"Stranger In Paradise" ... Tony Martin

Of course, the majority of our possible steady readers are still not certain what blogging or social media is all about, and let's not blame anyone. Social Media is not what we have been accustomed to for forty, fifty years. Social Media is a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media - "to whom it may concern."

Traditonal media delivers content but does not faciliate readers/dancers to participate in the creation or development of the content. Social media has shot to the forefront of people's attention throughout the world because the participation may be fun. Of course, we will not push, so that many in our dance invironment will take a while to fully understand. We must be patient and the hits on our blogosphere reflect this, going up slowly every month.

"Music, Music, Music" ... Theresa Brewer

Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Social media gives you what TV never could - a chance to be engaged and engage others. And yet, many of the old timers still say, "It's too much work."

They are well aware of a possible commitment and even if not true, they are not positive. That of course, is their privilege, with the results being that blogging is increasingly going to the younger by default. In everything we do, we do not exclude anyone, they exclude themselves.

And we accept, that should be clear enough. Thanks to social media, it's easy to share our ideas, photos, videos, likes and dislikes, with our own dance world as far as it will go - and find out what the reader/dancers think of them. You can find friends, business contacts and become part of our entire dance community for the benefit of all. And it is all up to you. HA!

Pub's Side Note: Through these blogs read the most informed cultural dancers in the Pacific.