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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Month End Scoop

The total hits for the month are down. Now that I am beginning to know my way around, I think I know what has to be remedied. Understanding is getting easier because I can test, apply it and see the results.

"Never take life seriously, no one ever gets out alive."

First, I diluted the readership by having too many blogs and I rearranged territories. I have since gotten rid of four and I still have seven. Seems to be just about right for the moment. And the politics does not seem to have any influence on the hits.

The bottom blogs are going up very slowly, but it is only me. So I think I can keep several blogs in the 34 average hit per day by myself. With the synergism of one regular additional Guest Author, preferably a teacher of American style of dance, it would guarantee 67 hits which equals 2000 per month and would keep going up to 100 hits per day.

 "The Twist"   ...   Chubby Checker 

The two top blogs having been coming down in hits because I have done most of the blogging. Not good enough, so we need a new Guest Author desperately in both blogs to keep them in the high levels. An information and photo contributor like Tim Cubero for Kapolei Chapter would also do wonders. Otherwise, they can join the rest of the bottom tier.

There are a few other items that are not specially conclusive but I don't have to worry about that so much as having that Guest Author. And since I cannot travel as easily now with the horrible bus situation, I shall just let it coast.

Pub's Side Note: Now that we all got the reason that John White said, "We gotta send all these Flips back to the Philippines." Do you agree with it or don't you agree with it? And does it affect you in a small way, medium way or very much. This is needed to complete our survey. Hey baby, we're  learning how they have been shafting Ben Cayetano. These are real vicious, there ain't anybody that can lie worse than this.

Hawaii Monitor:

Organized Labor Has Different Faces
By Ian Lind

By the time next week’s election is over and all the bills are paid, the Hawaii Carpenters Union and its affiliates will have spent nearly $4 million in an unprecedented effort to elect their chosen candidate for Honolulu mayor, Kirk Caldwell and, perhaps more importantly, blasting his opponent, former Gov. Ben Cayetano.

The Carpenters main campaign vehicle has been the Pacific Resource Partnership, a joint marketing effort with its signatory contractors, which had already spent over $2.8 million as of October 22, most of it in an ongoing stream of relentlessly negative ads pounding on Cayetano with dubious allegations and misleading claims.

An affiliated organization, the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, pumped $700,000 into “Workers for a Better Hawaii,” another political committee working on Caldwell’s behalf, while the Hawaii Carpenters Political Action Fund spent another $156,000 on the campaign effort.

Pub's Side Note: Talk about a dirty political campaign this is the prime example for all to see of what is bad. Push Polling is by definition "dirty tricks." and that is where they spend most of their money. But this is not for the citizens of this community, these are for the select few. If they win, these people stand to make billions and billions of of dollars in profits on the Rail. We may have to tear it down again some day but that is someone else's worry.

San Francisco found out the hard way: Looked like hell, terrible, low ridership, people definitely prefer buses, high maintenance. They finally tore it down. Now, the city looking nice and beautiful again. But somebody sure made some money along the way. That  is the name of their game. Just ask Romney.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Honolulu Civic Beat

But for the trees, our good senator (Inouye,) can't see the forest.

Here are some important facts the senator may have overlooked: According to the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) and state studies the City's rail project is likely to cost $7 - not $5 billion. It is an ugly, elevated heavy rail system that is obsolete. No other city Honolulu's size and population is building such a monstrosity.

It will change the character of our city for worse and will destroy or unearth ancient burial grounds and iwi. In its EIS the City concedes rail will not reduce future traffic congestion below current levels — a statement with which the FTA agreed on page 208 of its Record of Decision. So why does the senator want taxpayers to spend $5.27 billion for an alternative mode of transportation when Honolulu's bus system had been ranked the best in the nation?

Why not improve the bus system with the new electric powered or hybrid buses and run them on dedicated lanes as many other cities are doing? It would be far less costly and could be done within a fraction of the time it will take to build rail.

As for the senator's comment that "there are a lot of things involved in the management of a large city like Honolulu, a city that represents over half (900,000 to be more exact) the population of the whole state", I agree. But he forgets that the people gave me (Ben Cayetano) the privilege of governing the population of the entire state — 1.2 million residents — for eight years during some tough economic times. And the good senator apparently approved of my performance by endorsing me in my 1994 and 1998 elections. Governors don't have the luxury of focusing only on single issues — legislators do.

Pic on Left: The monstrosity when finished in San Francisco. Not enough riders,
high maintenance cost and looked terrible. Pic on Right: After they tore it down.
Beautiful city again, buses running just fine. 

Pub's Side Note: This why they lie and they lie about Ben Cayetano in the Push Polling, which is illegal in some states. But PRP is willing to spend millions, lying in order to make the billions and billions of dollars in profits. Linda Lingle says it will bankrupt the state. The Neighbor Island do not know it but they will be asked to pay too. So how you like them potatoes?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What is an industrial park?

An industrial park is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development.  The "lightweight" version, on the Waianae Coast would be two story shopping centers to provide office space. Most designers are still thinking last century (one story.)

 "Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research"

Industrial parks are usually located on the edges of, or outside the main residential area of a city, and normally provided with good transportation access. We should slow down in bedroom community building.

This idea of setting land aside through this type of zoning is based on several concepts. For the residents on the Waianae Coast, "Coulda been home in 20 minutes." instead of spending hours every day going to town and paying $500 per month for parking. Or riding the bus, which nowadays is the most terrible thing that can happen to you. Auwe!

 “Don’t Dream, It’s Over”   ...   Crowded House

To be able to attract new business in one location, we must be able to concentrate dedicated infrastructure in a delimited area to reduce the per-business expense of that infrastructure. Such infrastructure includes roadways, high-power electric supplies (often including three-phase power), high-end communications cables, large-volume water supplies.

We could set aside for industrial uses in Makaha, Waianae, Maili, and Nanakuli and try to reduce the environmental and social impact of the industrial uses. Each with 100 units, industrial and office could provide employment to maybe 9000 people, which is a lot of people off the freeways to town.

This is at present an urban island, so don't give me any of that (keep the country, country) crap. But you must also realize that this is not a city of 20 million people. Know the difference. The future of Oahu is not Honolulu, but the Waianae Coast, the North  Shore and the Windward side and all those people that "Coulda been home in 20 minutes." And what about the Central Valley?

Pub's Side Note: PRP spending millions in Push Polling which is all lying about Ben Cayetano and many believe without any proof whatsover. Auwe!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lies and more lies from John

Pacific Resource Partnership's John White is Hypocritical

and I am here to set the record straight. You keep seeing the smear campaign commercials created by John White of PRP Hawaii that mis-state the facts about campaign contributions. What he says are outright lies and this guy is a total hypocrite.

Civil Beat just reported that John White illegally took money out of his own campaign in his city council race and is being investigated. The irony is, this guy is smearing our former governor and even my father for the same things he has been doing since migrating to Hawaii from Arkansas.

"Cold Cold Heart"   ...   Hank Williams

He ended up as Chief of Staff for Mazie Hirono and is smearing Ben Cayetano for receiving illegal campaign contributions. The truth is, Mazie Hirono accepted $98,000 in illegal contributions and he endorsed her – but he hasn’t said a word about that.

When he ran for city council, he solicited and accepted contributions from the same people who contributed to Hirono and Cayetano. This is not the way we like politics in Hawaii with smears and lies and no aloha. PRP should fire him and restore their integrity.

Pub's Side Note: He has sure messed up Mazie's campaign. She doesn't look very good associated wid da kine. And it still illegal to do Push Polling in Hawaii, even though PRP is paying a mainland group, 100 thousands of dollars.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dance Teachers on Oahu

By Jacqueline Kwong, Liliha

Most all of us agree that we have been very fortunate to get such good amateur teachers of dance on this Island. Some have been teaching for over 30 years. Many have not attended special schools for professionals, but people with life experience make the best teachers. They  have the wisdom, the compassion, and the experience to understand many different types of students.

"There are two major products to come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX.
We don’t believe this to be a coincidence."
Teaching ballroom isn't just about knowing dance patterns- there is so much more that makes a good Dance Instructor. Our teachers develop the confidence and professionalism quickly, and easily go from being a good teacher to a GREAT one, and gain the skills needed to skyrocket their reputations.

They learn how to develop the qualities and habits of top performing instructors, how to relate to their students on and off the dance floor, and how to streamline their social operations. The big social clubs have had services to support dancers, teachers at every stage of their development. Many have tried to get their programs raising the standards of professional excellence throughout all facets of the dancing environment.

"That's All Right"   ...   Elvis Presley

Simply put…to learn, accept and recognize that “promotion is great” Because it is simply about striving to give others what they want and need. How nice is that?! And that there need not be any pressure, or trying to convince anyone of anything, or fear of losing the influence – for you or your dance club.

Therefore a simple, honest, blogging conversation can result in a win-win situation where everyone is happy, no one feels taken advantage of, and everyone gets what they want.  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: One of these blogs will by January, have a Teacher of the month in the side bar of the blog. The problem is who first, and who chooses the next ones. I would like to start with the recently retired ones. These should be nice long standing couples, teachers of dance that should be recognized by our entire dance community. Let's keep the politics to a minimum.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dime, The Rumba

Dime, is a beautiful Rumba that sounds like money when it is read, but I point out that in Spanish it means, "Tell me." (I have done something wrong?) It is pronounced "Thee Meh" and he doesn't say she left him but it is implied. And it arrived in Bluefields about a month before my planned escape in 1975. I hated losing it, beautiful rumba beat, Indian style, seashells, animal horns, flutes in background.

 "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.
I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." ~Mother Teresa

I left on the Red Diamond Four, a small commercial boat going to Brownsville, Texas. Right behind the Hurricane because the captain had waited too long. Up the coast of Nicaragua, the big waves were coming at us. The small boat would go almost straight up a wave and then down the other side and the propeller would shake the boat when out of the water. Tough.

Rounding the corner into the Gulf of Honduras the waves were coming side ways, and I had a terrible time trying to sleep on a wall then hang on to keep on my bunk when it goes the other way. My shipmates told me it could get rougher. I wasn't meant to be a sailor. Tough.

"Dime"   ...   Morris Albert

Coming around Cancun, Mexico, the sea was smooth as glass. The captain had told me we would never catch up to the Hurricane. Out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, with the boat going full blast on auto pilot, it seemed like we were lost, I could see nothing in any direction. Where is everybody?  We got to Brownsville safely and only took about six days.

Got a job washing dishes then became assistant cook and still making my plans. A few weeks later I heard what sounded like Dime. It was, but now it was in English and the name was Feelings. It was still a beautiful fox trot. I played it whenever I got to a Jukebox. I then lost it again in my travels to get to L.A.

Came to Hawaii and I may have heard it once or twice, just not popular here. Then this week, I came across the original on You Tube and I found a way to copy it to my computer, however it comes with the video. Now I have to find out how to copy the music only. Anybody out there know?

"La Distancia"   ...   Roberto Carlos

The composer a Brazilian guitarist and singer, Mauricio Alberto Kasselman, (who's father was Jewish) recommended changing his name to Morris Albert. The original lyrics were in Portuguese but Dime went throughout the world and the lyrics were changed for each area. Stuck with his new name he didn't do as good as he thought, Now 37 years later, he still alive and there is video of him singing "Feelings" in English. I will find one where he sings it in Spanish.

So we all get old.
Anybody want a copy of the video and the music can have it, just supply me with a flash drive and I will copy it and give it back to you. Then you can do whatever you wish to do with it.  I am still trying to find a way to copy only the music. You will be able to play it only on a computer. The guitar is a little faint in the beginning but it emerges like a harp. The music is the same whatever computer you use, the interpretation is in the outlet. Hopefully you have good speakers or earphones, it is all are up to you. And you can get it yourself direct from You Tube.

Pub's Side Note:  "When Mitt Romney's search for a vice president was continuing,
one of Mitt Romney's problems was that he's never hired an American for a job before,
so this was all new to him." –Jay Leno

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Team Blogging

In 2006, Nuts About Southwest rolled out with a handful of regular contributors, and over time that number grew. It was difficult in the beginning because of what most thought might be a heavy commitment.

 "The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up."

Today, the core blogging Team consists of 30 bloggers from across a wide range of locations and disciplines who post regularly, and they are backed by an army of other infrequent bloggers from the Employee ranks and Customers.

Seven years in the blogging world is like, well, 40 years in the airline industry. Many of their pioneer bloggers have moved on into different jobs or have retired, and they are honored as Alumni Bloggers. Like the Original Employees, these Original Bloggers paved the way for the success of Nuts About Southwest, and they are true social media pioneers.

"Rock Around The Clock"   ...   Bill Haley & His Comets

Team blogs are quite useful when small groups of people wish to contribute to a single blog. In Hawaii, dancing Studios all have Web sites so they do not feel they need Blog sites. With us it has been basically, one person initially creating the blog, then adding other people to it as information and photo contributors. Later on only when the members are ready, they are invited as Guest Authors.

Team members can either be administrators or not. Administrators do not have to do anything but they can edit all posts (not just their own), add and remove team members (and grant admin access), and modify the blog's settings and template. I don't expect any of our blogs to ever have more than ten bloggers. If each blogs only three times a month you have a blog a day. The hits will go through the ceiling and I am talking about 1000 average hits per day coming in from all around the Pacific Rim.

Non-admins can only create and edit their own posts. However, they pretty much have the complete choice of  what to write about and journalism is not necessary. What ever you need you will learn as you go along. When I first posted something that disagreed with the Rootzi Tootzi agenda, they flipped their collective lids. Most of us try to be easier on everybody but we can disagree and we have come to accept it.

Pub's Side Note:  "Mitt Romney is claiming he’s going to create 12 million jobs in his first term. But he hasn’t said yet if he’ll create them in China or India.”

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Has Peaked

The dance and entertainment scene has just about peaked in our blogosphere for the amount of writers we have. If we could double the writers, we would triple the hits. That is called synergism, I have purposely increased the number of blogs in our blogosphere and effectively diluted the readership, but the total hits are still going up even if very slowly.

“Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining ‘blog’ may be a fool’s errand.”

In fact the total hits fluctuate and are currently in their lower stages. Very few people realize it but as much as I have increased the entire blogosphere with more blogs, we are still not able to cover all dancing fun events on Oahu. We don't have the information and photo contributors. Very important.

Most of our information contributors are willing to do it just one time and make no commitments. The thing is that for all of our information contributors there is no commitment. I am looking for "regular" information and photo contributors that would do it on a regular basis, and the decision of when would be completely up to them.

"I Only Have Eyes For You" Flamingos

So that again we have the three different levels, good, bad and indifferent. Some contact us frequently with personal emails and notices for our readers, nice people. We get some goodies and they could be more frequent and with more information. Kapolei Chapter HBDA people are numbah One. I look forward to getting one from Pearlridge Chapter or Aliamanu Chapter. Would be perfect for news from HBDA to our reader/dancers.

The second kind send us some few routine flyer kind of emails (some very difficult to report from) and of course the last which make it plain that they don't need us. (the easy ones, we can just drop them.)

Pub's Side Note:  "Paul Ryan released his tax returns for the last two years, and it turns out he and his wife had a combined income of less than half a million for last year. To which Mitt Romney said, 'See, I do reach out to poor people."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Sites, Web Sites

by Bernie Mitchell in Social Media.

OK, hands up I am a blog fanatic and think everyone should be writing about what they do. When I am talking to groups at events and in our workshops I always get asked about the difference between a blog and website.

"If the odds are a million to one against something occurring, chances are 50-50 it will."

The main purpose of a website is to produce a transaction. Think of Amazon, you really are only meant to go there and buy, nothing wrong with that, it is an eCommerce site and people know that.

We don’t race there to catch up with Mary and her news, if a website is not purposeful and focused, it does not fulfill its mission to produce a sale or whatever you seek in a social Website.

"How High The Moon" ... Les Paul and Mary Ford

A blog is a conversation, where you can have a dialogue with prospects and clients. Through a blog you can demonstrate your expertise or ask questions, blogs are social in the sense that people will spread a blog via other social platforms and they drive conversation. And it is up to date.

The big missed opportunity is when your website is really just “your brochure put on a web page” – if it only says “we do this” “contact us here” - you are missing the point. There is no call to action to “buy something” or "try something" as in the website example and there is no invite to a conversation as in the blog example.

I strongly advocate blogs as the linchpin of social media, when you run a blog, especially as your main site, you are investing in your home on the web, not the “social platform de jour”. Sites like MYspace were all the rage a few years ago and then Facebook thundered past, in 2012 everyone is diving onto Pinterest and I am sure something else will be along soon!

For now I will stick to blogging.  *   *   *   *

Pub's Side Note: The party of the rich is a little behind but they are prepared to buy their way up. Those people got money and it is not to provide jobs for the unemployed. We are talking "bottom line" here, people don't count.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Chasse

Fortunately most of our readers are well acquainted with the chassé. Perhaps somewhat limited in that in most dances they are taught only one way, the usual for the dance.

"On our dance floors, strangers are just friends waiting to happen"

Chassé is a dance step used in many dances in many variants, all of them being triple-step patterns of a gliding character. The steps going basically step-together-step and the first moving foot stays ahead. It was developed throughout the world sometime after the "Rock" step.

The word itself came from ballet terminology in more modern times. There are a huge variety of chassé steps and in many dances. Somehow it is always taught as part of a dance, rarely as a basic movement of many dances.

"Spanish Eyes"   ...   Placido Domingo

The direction may be forward, backward, sideways, diagonal or even curving. Sizes of steps may also vary. This also concerns the second, "together", step. The moving foot may land right beside the standing foot or leave some space, or even barely move from its previous position.

Timing may vary. Typical timings in the social dances are QQS (1/4, 1/4, 1/2) and SaS ("slow-and-slow", 3/8, 1/8, 1/2). And of course the footwork may vary and mostly decided by the leader. Samba has the most difficulty because it was redesigned by the dance instructor industry to include several different basics. Brazilian Samba is somewhat different than International or American Samba, it includes only two basics. But what the hell do Brazilians know about dancing Samba?

In line dancing the term chassé is used for a triple step sequence to the side. For instance, if the chassé is to be done to the right, the right foot steps right, the left foot is placed next to the right, with the weight being tranferred to the left foot so that the right foot can complete the chassé by stepping to the right. The call is usually: "step, together, step". The step is often called the side(ways) shuffle, as the shuffle is also a "step, together, step", but is done either forwards or backwards.
"Sobre Las Olas" (Over The Waves) composed in Mexico and translated in the US.

Mexican Waltz, the basic step is the left foot forward, the right foot comes up to the side of the left foot and then the left stays in place. However there is more of the Samba chassé in use nowadays, and probably the easiest for beginners. Most are pretty slow, but if it is fast it may even look like a Viennese Waltz.

Fast, medium, slow. all apply and many rhythms, the chassé is one of most versatile step movements in dancing. Fortunately, no one has a patent on it. Hooray!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Social, Recreational, Cultural Dancing

By Ross Shimabukuro, Manoa

What is da kine? Well, it is not just moving to music anyway you feel like it. You have a partner and there have to be some obligations, rules and some goals. In most cases you both accept that you want to look good.

"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research."

With a little experience you learn that some people have that natural charisma and presence that is unavoidable. Somehow they manage to woo and seduce an audience (or onlooking dancers) and it seems effortless.

You're dancing, having fun, enjoying your partner and  getting some exercise. If you are not in front of an audience, it doesn't matter that much what you look like as long as you are enjoying yourself. However if you have higher aspirations and would like to look good, it will take more than just moving to music.

"My Cup Runneth Over"   ...   Max Bygraves

So for most of us it becomes hard work to acquire good technique to make our dancing stand out as something special. Many ballroom dancers could benefit from the basic training common to jazz and ballet. Avoid LAGS and do what you can to improve your posture. Get frank opinions from your good friends. Tall men have a tendency to hunch over when dancing with short women. Your friends will tell you if they think they are helping.

No one becomes a great dancer overnight but if you integrate the right basics with the rhythm you will naturally get better. Remember your partner is not a basketball. Many men seem to palm their partners like a basketball. Their fingers are spread wide. You must learn to lead, in the beginning it may be a little loud but with time it will only require a whisper.

If you get really good at it, Exhibitions, Competitions? Why not? Go for it! Happy Dancing. *  *  *  *

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Compete?

By Lisa-Anice Sutphen, Oakland, California

The fear of making mistakes, the fear of the crowd's attention, and yes, the fear of the judges' marks all combine into this statement, "I don't want to make a fool of myself." OK, here's a question for you. Why do you dance?

"Vanity is the delusion that someone is paying attention."

For the exercise, for the social attention and to enjoy yourself? I'll buy that, they are my reasons too. Let's go further ... You are starting for the first time. You enter a group class and learn some basic steps. There's some bumping and wrestling around during partner changes, but you have a good time plus you are not at home on the couch with a beer. So you go back.

As you go through this process, you see others in these classes who are pickier, more formal, and even a bit "snooty" about what they are doing. But they also seem to have an easier time with the steps. You bump and wrestle while changing partners, and feel a little clutch in your heart when some other student tries to critique you. Are you enjoying yourself? Yes, but you are a bit frustrated at what seems to be your lack of ability on your part. Wrong! (oops, did that hurt?)

"Stranger In Paradise"   ...   The Four Aces

Frustration is what happens when you can recognize the next level, and that is the first step in the learning process. You are actually improving when you ask yourself, "What's missing?" Dancing in some one's arms is an aesthetic process. You are cultivating your dancing in order to improve your enjoyment. So you can have more fun, get more social attention and stay off that couch!

Remember when you went social dancing for the first time? Very scary, scary, scary. Stops and starts, bumps and wrestling, missteps. Sort of like group classes, except that no one is doing the same thing. So you keep trying, learn a little floorcraft and how not to get so distracted by the other goofs out there on the dance floor so you can enjoy your dancing, regardless of the circumstances. Pretty soon you are moving confidently about, avoiding the stopped couples, skirting traffic, getting compliments.

More classes but they don't seem to answer all your questions. So some big shot dancer is teaching a seminar. Wow! Nobody ever mentioned that before. But you still feel that old bump and wrestle, and you wonder what your problem is. Am I repeating myself? Yes, I am!

You learned to social dance better so you could enjoy yourself, regardless of the circumstances. So as you got better, you achieved more social recognition. And of course, you are not on that couch. Guess what? That is why people compete.

They've increased their knowledge by taking lessons to address their very personal problems with the bump and wrestle. They have tested that knowledge on the social dance floor and now they up the ante on the competition floor to enjoy themselves, regardless of the circumstances. And they gain social recognition.

Not because of the judge's marks, that only tells them how well they retained their knowledge. No, they got recognition from everybody for being brave enough to go into competition in the first place. For trying to enjoy themselves, regardless of the circumstances. That sounds like a good metaphor for life itself. Keep Dancing.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This blog is no longer the top. Why?

Anyway, we have an awful lot of reader/dancers on this blog. So there will be some help for the new lower ones on the block.  The latest is "The Waianae Coast." Yes, I know, most people don't think it is even on this island. Then there is Dancer - West which is up and coming although slowly. They are all for dancing and it is going to take some time.

 "The meek shall inherit the earth—they are too weak to refuse.
of course Romney just changed it to "The rich shall inherit the earth."

I will not outlive the coming changes, so we need people that are wanting to share their dancing knowledge with their fellow dancers. You do not have to be the max as long as you have had some time to form an opinion. That is the gold mine, the opinions on the blogs.

Honolulu Dance Guide is now in the number one spot, and there is a reason. People on this island are sick of exhibition and competition dancing, for themselves. Terrific for a show at a dance but not for the rest of us. We just dance for the fun and enjoyment of it. All right with you?

"Here In My Heart"   ...   Al Martino

Now we have the work at hand to establish a good Bronze division for our dancing, which should include at least 25 different basic step patterns. The Silver should contain an equal amount and there should not be a Gold. That is for Exhibition and Competition Dancers, they are different dancers and They Know It. With over 500 documented steps in every dance, let us not disagree with them.

They are good and we all know it but it is their kuliana, not ours. So all we can do is dance what "WE" want to. Can we have a little fun without somebody giving us a bunch of rules?