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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bye Bye Bus

Gail D.
Honolulu, HI
Dear Honolulu City Bus,

We have had our ups and downs, and I can't believe that our relationship made it to the year and a half mark! I remember the first time that I saw you- you seemed so willing to be there for me, so willing to help me get where I needed to go, I could sit in comfort and it was these attributes that made you attractive.

"Unrest of spirit is a mark of life; one problem after another presents itself
and in the solving of them we can find our greatest pleasure."

I have to admit, though, that when we first met, I really was not looking for a long-term relationship. I saw us more as a casual fling than something that would have a future. Somehow, you sucked me in and I could sit down, mostly because of a lack of other options for me, and a year and a half later, I can't believe that we had been together for so long.

But lately, I have been tired; tired of you not showing up when you said you would, of getting in just barely to a crowded bus. Of checking my phone only to find out that you'd ditched me completely, and tired of you being unreliable. Your drama recently has made me late to work at least once a month! Sometimes I even wondered if you were cheating on me... I smelled so many of those other people's body odor on you, and I knew what you'd been up to.
 "Take The A Train" - Duke Ellington

Tough as it was, I have to be honest. I met someone new. That someone is my new car, and it is shiny and fast and always there when I need it. I have found the kind of relationship I've been craving, one where we work together, one where there is accountability and caring. My new relationship puts my needs above everyone else's, and I never feel like I am left waiting with no idea of what will come next.

It is so refreshing to find someone dependable and reliable, and I truly feel that this new relationship will take me exactly where I need to go in the future. It's not you or the rail, and I know the rail tragedy will be worse, it's me. My needs were just a little greater than what you could provide, and so, Dear Bus, I had to break up with you. There are plenty of loud, hygiene-retarded fish in the sea, and you may find someone new. Maybe even if you only have standing room only. I wish you the best.
All my love, Gail

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Peripherals

In Cultural Dance, a Peripheral is somewhat like the relationships in Computers.  A device or unit that operates separately from the CPU but is connected to it, as a magnetic disk or tape unit or a printer. The main body of dancing in Hawaii is the cultural dancer with perhaps 60% of the action. The peripherals represent the other forty percent. Yes, these are only guesses and you are right. Your guess is as good as mine.

"The grand essentials of life are something to do, something to love, something to hope for."

During the last decade of the last century when the Ballroom decline began in our Dance World, mainly due to the exactness of the Internationals, the Peripherals began to emerge bigger and stronger.

The Swing Dancers were there first from way back. The more they saw Jive as the supposedly "correct" way to Swing, the more they coalesced into a group that enjoyed many of the different versions of Swinging out there. And they were the big developers of the West Coast Swing. When it comes to Swinging, the top one thousand dancers of this group could, without a doubt, out dance the number one Jive dancer at Blackpool.
"Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)" by Jon Thomas

The Argentine Tango was the next Peripheral to coalesce. No one was going to even hint that their way was "incorrect." Even though, in Argentina and the rest of the world, the process was developing into ever more different styles.

What do they dance in Hawaii? I don't know. They could say something to the rest of us but it has become an elite world. There is no doubt about the top 1000 Argentine dancers around the world in comparison to number one at Blackpool.

How about Line Dancing? Also becoming a peripheral to assert their strength even though portions of it are becoming accepted as part and parcel of the cultural dance scene.

The entire scene seems to be controlled by women. Perhaps it has been the men's fault because it is evident that they need more men. So they are splintering into those that are die hard "Line Dancers" and those that dance line dancing as part of the social dance environment. Their best tool, the Playlist.

"The Old Lamp-Lighter" - Sammy Kaye

Of course, Salsa started out as one of the best and many attempts have been made to include them into the cultural dance environment but they remain aloof. As peripherals they are losing it because of the invasion of the other fads. The latest, bachata, - and zouk is right there waiting. In New York City all the big Salsa clubs have been fading and many have closed. And there are some that are opening again as, God Forbid, "Ballroom." Those people have been known to lead the way.

Then the Latin Division has sparks all over the place on Oahu. And many still think of the dance whereas it is in the music. Rumba-Bolero, in my estimation, is the most beautiful rhythm for the music and the dance. Cha-Cha-Cha the second greatest Latin rhythm ever invented. And of course, Latin Waltz, you can do your Samba footwork and you will be fine. That will certainly give us a base for the coming peripheral, "Latin." Add Brazilian Samba, Hawaiian Tango and a little Swing and you have it made in the Shade.

The Internationals are the most elite and difficult, to be accepted in their groups. Perhaps we can someday get a few Guest Authors to present their view point to the cultural dance public. There are many good people there with the right attitude. And of course the Club Dancers which have a bit of all the above including their own which is just beginning to be defined.

"Such A Night" - Elvis Presley

Most of the dancers in these peripherals will be in the bronze, or beginning levels, though twice the normal size. They will be "learning" the easiest, (about 30), most pleasant moves to their music. Moving to their favorite music in a social atmosphere will be their highest priority. The higher levels will be for OP (other people.)

Pub's Side Note: To see the slide show in Dancing in the Dark. You must double click the icon. Then when the entire photos appear, you must click "slideshow" in the upper left hand side. Used to be easier than this before they got the fancy programmers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sweetheart Ball, HBDA

Received from June Kadomoto of HBDA and good size too.

I will post one into the next Central Valley blog too. Many new reader/dancers in the Waipio, Mililani area that might be interested. If the Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park is not canceled because of the Rail we will have a good dance group. But the Rail is big profits. It's the money, Sonny. There seems to be  a good dance group forming in that area now, but everything is so silent in that sector.

"I'm looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover" by - Russ Morgan

Then I heard that there may be seven community centers in Mililani. Wow! Someone could find out about the use of one for some good old fashion hoe down of dancing. Couple of Saturdays per month. Many people dancing in Waipahu and Pearl City live in this section.

Pub's Side Note: I am slowly getting there. Where people understand I am not making any money on their good looks, talent, fame and fortune.  All I want to do is help. May I help you?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dance Hawaii

Just one month from today on the 23rd of February Anniversary Dance.

I believe President Obama sent his regrets, but the entire cabinet may show up.
I will have to make all efforts to get there right after the dinner, after eight and get a few photos and perhaps a few quotes from key people. If I leave by 10:30 I can make it home by 1:00 AM. And posters are my hobby, I will make another for the Oahu And Beyond blog next week. And if I can get more photos from people that are willing to share with their fellow dancers, a second blog.
Pub's Side Note: I am slowly getting there. Where people are realizing that I am not making money  on their good looks, talent, fame and fortune. All I want to do is help. May I help you? And check out Richie Fun blog in Oahu And Beyond blog on some of the Night Club action, interesting.

Monday, January 21, 2013

American Smooth in the UK

By Larry Winston, Aina Haina
Adapted from an English article in 1999

Ballroom not exciting enough?
When talking to young people learning to dance in England they often hear that they find Ballroom (International) dancing a little boring due to the restrictions it comes with: the permanent body contact being the main one. For that reason they often prefer Latin dances or even go for disco or jazz instead. There is however an easy way to make Ballroom more exciting for people of all ages - it is the way they dance it in America even if it is losing its terminology.

"A dance is a measured pace, as a verse is a measured speech."

What is American Smooth
American Smooth can be best described as a form of ballroom dancing with an enhanced repertoire of easy to perform, yet exciting steps All basic principles and the technique of ballroom dancing still apply, however partners are not required to maintain a continuous body contact.

Lifting the body contact restriction allows the dancers to perform steps such as: lady under arm turns, spins, side by side positions, parallel turns, dips, drops and other variations that would never be allowed in the traditional International Style dancing. Anyone who has ever learned ballroom dancing will find American Smooth very easy to learn, yet refreshing due to its interesting, rich syllabus.

"(I Wanna) Love My Life Away" -  Gene Pitney
The music used for American Smooth, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot is basically the same as that used for Ballroom (International) as it is known in Europe, with the exception of quickstep, which is not danced in the American Smooth style. The closest dance you have is the Peabody. In other words, in England, you can surprise your friends by dancing a totally new choreography to almost any ballroom dance music.

Dancesport UK had invited Mr Anderson Moore, himself a former Fred Astaire Rising Star Champion to come to London to train the first generation of American Smooth dance teachers. By the beginning of the century, many schools around the country started to offer classes in American style Ballroom too. Consequently the competitions will follow suit. American Style is also invading Europe. It has it's competition side but it is mainly a social dance.

Pub's Side Note: We all need information about the line dancing groups and our Dance Studios. We need input (information) from the studios of small items and perhaps even a photo. This should give the rest of the readers the everyday news of the existence of the Studios. Specially now that the hits on this blog keep going up. Very few Web sites can come even close this.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gold Plated No Less

These beautiful Gold Plated cars by Lamborgini are really nice. As soon as the Rail is confirmed, there will be standing order for two of these.

The cost is about $550.000 each, but a couple of our good wheeler dealers (you know da kine) will get a couple for only one Mil. There is easy money elsewhere besides the rail. They saved 100 thou right on this deal alone. Good thing the entire state can afford these kind of people.

These are the same people that were able to stop the beautiful industrial park in the Ewa Plain. 2000 possible employees, 2000 less cars going to town, 2000 less cars in Honolulu traffic and 2000 less cars going home. The residents in the vicinity? "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." But da rail gotta go through, it's the bread, Fred.

Pub's Side Note: Corruption in the big cities on the mainland happens fairly often. Eventually the people realize what is happening and throw the rascals out. They are just in the process of taking over Honolulu. Caldwell, PRP, Boylan and company were able to tear down the reputation of one of our most honest politicians, with lies. We may be able to do something and stop this administration with all their helpmates. We must get more people interested. Careful with those that are pro rail, they have been had.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Stats Astound

Anybody that doesn't have a counter is not interested in any statistics that are drawn up daily all over the internet. But I am very interested even if not of all of them. One that I look into now and then is the hits that we get from outside the US and furnished by Blogger along with a lot of other stuff. The following is the top ten from a part of Town Dancer blog of the last week.

Entry Pageviews for the week

United States 520
France 84
Philippines 70
United Kingdom 60
Russia 41
Germany 34
Ukraine 31
India 28
Italy 28
Poland 18

Where in the hell is the Philippines?

The Ukraine and Poland are very surprising and the fact that nothing from Latin America is in the top ten.

"The day will eventually come, your wealth, fame and temporal power will
shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.
Your grudges, resentments, frustrations, and jealousies will finally disappear."

More people on the Waianae Coast and Kapolei are getting interested in the self driving auto and it would beat the rail or bus easily. Tests have passed the first part. Like getting into your car in the garage and letting it know you want to go to the office in downtown Honolulu.

You will be seated in your recliner in the auto with your coffee and newspaper, you can phone at your leisure or with the TV on. The car will cruise along at the speed of the surrounding traffic and when it gets on the freeway, it will never go past the 50 mile car's speed limit.

When you get to your office, you still have to drive it into the parking space. However they are working on the new addition. You can leave the car where it is convenient for you and the car will then find a parking space by itself. In the evening you can also call it to pick you up, you get in and "Home, James."

No humbug of traffic going to a rail station, lines and paying for a monthly parking permit and going through all the rest of that crap.

"A Tree In The Meadow" - Margaret Whiting
With one third of the fleet in Articulated buses, Honolulu "coulda been a contendah"
and one tenth the cost of rail. Yes, I know, it's the dough, Flo

Waianae speak, Airs: Mistakes, "Dat shortstop has made two airs
already and dis only the turd inning."
We are getting good commentary on the use of Frank's Blogs by 808 Dance Magic. Terrific way to communicate with the reader/dancers and getting well known throughout the Islands. They are way ahead of the other dance clubs in town. They are communicating. Good for them, good for the blogs and most important, good for the reader/dancers. A win-win situation.
Pub's Side Note: "Of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers" All the dancers?
Of course not, they do not all want to be involved and we must respect.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Da Moosic

What's there to know about it? "I know what I like and I know what I don't like." There is some truth to it. But many people just don't go far enough.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

I always like to divide everything into three parts. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." (Wasn't that was a nice movie) So we have the divisions graded from the usual zero to 10. In this case, 0 would be for music that is nothing, but there is always something there so we can skip that. And we know there is no ten because none of it perfect.

"Once In Awhile" by the Chimes

That leaves us with three divisions and each divided into three.

The bottom levels are the kind of the music we are most likely to hear. The billions of tapes that are produced daily. The music in the earphones of millions as they go about their business or that is heard on radios or in Malls. You hear it because it is there but is it really there? When they drop in sales, they are sold at Walmart for a dollar.

The middle levels are songs that have never been really much or have at one time may been consider very nice. They were pushed by the record companies and their advertising media to promote and sell the music and they made millions. When they drop in sales, they are sold in bins at the Kmart for a couple dollars.

"Near You" by the Andrews Sisters

The top levels, some may be worthy of the level. Some may have been there just because of intense promotion and they will eventually fall by the wayside like many of the others. Some (a very few) will emerge as classics. Fortunately many of these classics will be danceable simply because they were nice listening. They will be danced by the Cultural dancers over and over again in sheer joy.

From this top total, there may be only 10 to 20% that can be considered "danceable," and not everyone will automatically know which is which. Most of the time, there is only one way to find out, "dance it." Even then opinions may differ. This has been part of our dance culture for a very long time.

"Share Your Thoughts"

For most people music and dance are an equal partnership and with many it is the music first. In exhibition, theatrical, acrobatic and competition, music is much less important to the dance. The dancing is the important part of the whole. It has to be "heel, toe, toe heel" or maybe its the other way around. The Rootzi Tootzis can dance entire routines "without" any music at all. Simply amazing!

For the Cultural or Traditional dancer, the right music is almost the whole thing, and the movement is just to enhance the pleasure of the music. The dance is definitely of secondary importance. And we define these as the real dancers. The feeling can get to its highest plane with the right music. There is a reason for a "Playlist." It will be coming.

"Al Di La, the famous Italian rumba, that smashed through the Americas of the sixties. We will
be playing it twice during the evening. This is your chance to relive the music and the time."


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blues Dancing

Blues dancing is a family of historical dances that developed alongside and were danced to blues music, or the contemporary dances that are danced in that aesthetic. Amateur Dancer carried an article entitled "Blues and Rhythm and Blues Dancing" in a July/August 1991 issue.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."

Mura Dehn used the term "The Blues" in The Spirit Moves, referencing different dance styles. African-American essayist and novelist Albert Murray used the term "blues-idiom dance" and "blues-idiom dance movement" in his book Stomping the Blues.

History of blues dancing

Early commentators on dance from sub-Saharan Africa consistently commented on the absence of close couple dancing, and such dancing was thought to be immoral in many traditional African societies.

In all the vast riches of sub-Saharan African dance heritage there seems to be no evidence for sustained one-on-one male-female partnering anywhere before the late colonial era, and even then, it was apparently considered in distinctly poor taste.

In the United States the dances of white Americans were being adapted and transformed over time from all over with the large groups of immigrants. As dance evolved, the Afro-American elements became more formal and diluted, the British-European elements more fluid and rhythmic. Dance moves passed down through generations were revised, recombined, and given new flourishes. The cyclical re-emergence of similar elements marks the African-American dance vocabulary.

"Blues In The Night" by Johnny Mercer

During the post Reconstruction period (1875–1900), as Jim Crow Laws were passed in the South, dance steps once linked to ritualistic or religious dancing also acquired a more secular identity. Where by and large, slavery had inhibited the retention of specific African tribal culture, the dances of working-class and lower-class blacks relinquished some of their Euro-American characteristics during this time.

Meanwhile, "dances became more upright and less flat-footed. As dance became more associated with sexuality and the free consumption of pleasure, which in the black community still had some communal ties to group dancing, the partnering relationship became more isolated and individualized. The "sport" and the "good-time gal" were people of the moment. Hip shaking and pelvic innuendo were now more of a statement to one's partner than to one's community.

W. C. Handy, who wrote some of the first published blues songs, documented his earliest experience with what may have been blues, and dancers reaction to it, at a dance c. 1905 in Cleveland, Mississippi. At one point Handy was asked to "play some of our native music". Although "baffled" he had his band played "an old-time Southern melody", after which he was asked if a local band could play a few numbers.

That group consisted of "just three pieces, a battered guitar, a mandolin and a worn-out bass" (Handy described the group as "a Mississippi string band") and played "one of those over-and-over again strains that seem to have no very clear beginning and certainly no ending at all .... Actually Indian type music. It was not really annoying or unpleasant. Perhaps "haunting" is a better word for it ... The dancers went wild. Little did they know that their dancing would eventually splinter into dozens of different dances.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photos for the New Year

Kapolei Chapter HBDA is still leading the way, and getting known not only on Oahu but throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Their regular contributions of information and photos is much appreciated by everyone, not only the participants in the photos. It is the dance group most easily recognizable throughout the Islands. And it should be obvious to the reader/dancers of these blogs why they are numbah one in HBDA.

Look into Oahu - West blog and you can see the photos contributed from Willy Dionisio from Kapolei Chapter that convey happiness on a festive New Years Eve HBDA Extravadanza in Waikiki. Hopefully we may get some additional photos for another blog. Anyone can do it but only if they wish. Now, if you can add a few words accompanying each photo, you have a BLOG! And a rather good one.
"Shoo-Shoo Baby' by Andrews Sisters

We don't have many photos from the old year but we are learning and we must set up some kind of guide lines to get more photos for the coming year. I have communicated directly with a few people but I have been ignored. They certainly are entitled to their opinions. But you can see that our blogs will definitely contain some of the best people on this island. Since the hits on all the blogs continue to go up, We will have a new kind of Photo contributor. Those willing to share with their fellow reader/dancers regardless of club affiliation.

"Don't you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence?
There's one marked "Brightness," but it doesn't work."
We have some very good friends and each of them took five thousand pictures last night and they are in Flicker, Photobucket or Picasa. Not only that but they are good friends and have notified me that I can have any of them I want. But I don't really want the heat for picking the wrong photos. And we don't need too many photos.

I have to sleep at least six hours a night, and I have 19 hours of work every day. Can you imagine how much time I have left to go through 20 thousand photos? If anyone of the picture takers picks just three or four of their favorite photos, they may realize what a specialty they have. It is their viewpoint, it is their opinion. And in our blogging, the different opinions are the big value in a blog. Then too, they have to take the heat if they chose the wrong photos.

"Besame Mucho" by Jimmy Dorsey (Bob Eberly & Kitty Kallen on vocals)

S.O.S in blogging stands for the Same Old Shit. Whatever you choose to write or whatever photos you choose to post, it is not S.O.S. It is your opinion, or his opinion, or her opinion and that is the value in blogging. S.O.S may start and keep a blog alive with maybe 30 average hits per day but it is not the same with additional bloggers and their unique opinions.

Town Dancer with Calvin Ota and Richie Fun have run up two hundred average hits per day. Coincidence? I don't think so. One more guest author with pictures will run up the hits to over 300. Can you imagine what you personally can do for any one of the other blogs? The reader/dancers? A win-win situation.

First phase is the Information or Photo Contributor. Once a week, once a month or once a year. Your choice. No registration or entry fees. No monthly meetings or dues. You just do it whenever you damn well please. Are we being a little hard here? Come on, do a little direct sharing through the blogs and we will eventually have Social Media.

Pub's Side Note: Ordinary Communication Media, - To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. They do their job, however, that is definitely not blogging.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Different Strokes for Different Folks.

Our Social Club Dancing has been mostly in schools, but the Palladium led to a big following. Now being taken  over by professionals. Don't blame them, the rent is lower than some schools, community centers and district parks.

"The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running
up and down the field and never score."

Public Dancing, where the locations are provided by the State or County are potentially the greatest area of expansion simply because as of now it is not allowable by an awful lot of locations specially the Community Centers. Breaking into the Community Centers and District Parks would be a big advance for the dance environment.

"For the First Time" by Kenny Loggins

Studio Dancing has always been there, because it includes people that can afford higher prices in taking classes. The intent of the studios is commendable, the dancers wish to be better dancers and the studios wish to help and produce better dancers. And as in competition thinking some studios are better than others and we cannot decide for you. The dancers have been making those decisions all along.

"When I Fall In Love" by Celine Dion

Nightclub Dancing because it is a fun thing but they differentiate between the "dancers" and those that move to the music. We are all in process of defining where we are at. For in nightclubs we must pay. On Oahu it is still in progress of being resolved. The promoters must be able to afford to run it, but it can no longer be covered by the Bar Tab, It must be paid for in the cover and the drinks, including non-alcoholic drinks and it must be worth it to the dancers.

"Morality is the theory that every human act is either right or wrong,
and that 99% of them are wrong."

Pub's Side Note: The entire enchilada is gradually taking form. All the blogs are having an influence on this development. With everybody pushing a little here and there, it will evolve all by itself.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

We need bloggers

The year is starting with so much good stuff in the works. Those new to blogging have often been told to focus on one very niche topic. That has commonly been considered the way to gain credibility, readers, links, and ultimately traffic, assuming the blog itself isn't a source of income. But is keeping it narrow really the best way to go?

I see dance being used as communication between body and soul,
to express what is too deep to find for words. ~Ruth St. Denis

That is what I tried to do in the beginning. I started with what I consider Social Ballroom dancing only. Somehow I learned to accept the Rootzi Tootzi influence with exhibition and competition dancing. Still it was pretty vertical. Then Frank first introduced Line Dancing in the Dancing in the Dark blog and I figured, why not?

From there I began to go more into the night club and studio circuit. Less than a year later Frank introduced Country Dancing. It just struck me as quite all right. Now that he has his own blogs he is even more horizontal and his blogs are holding their own very well and the interest is there for the reader/dancers.

"Show Me Heaven" by Maria McKee

For some, vertical content is good enough. Another way to go would be to cover as much ground as you possibly can. Throw a wide net out there and see what you catch. Once you see what you've caught, maybe you can catch more in the same area. The thinking is that the more ground you cover, the more people you are potentially exposing your work to. It's going horizontal, rather than vertical.

From the scads of hints, emails and other notices that I get, Horizontal Content seems to be the coming thing for 2013. In our blogosphere I figure the Cultural dancer first and foremost. Then the others that are related to this content. If we can get only one guest author in each of our blogs, it will help to define that blog and the readership will go up.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Chinese

Referring to comments in the Oahu And Beyond blog:

"Stick to dancing, Pepe. You're not so good on buses. The Bus already owns 90
articulated buses out of 577. Current purchases of normal-sized buses are to
replace older vehicles of the same sort. The Chinese just opened Guangjou-Beijing
highspeed rail recently. They will use what they think right."

Next the commenter admits the Chinese will use what they think right. I agree. The rail is for long distances, and the Chinese are no dummies. They are well aware of the difference in short (commute) and long distances in regards to transportation.  Not in Honolulu Ivory Towers. The distance from Guangjou to Beijing is over 1400 miles. Dumb Dodos. The distance from Honolulu to Kure Atoll out in the North Pacific is 1380 miles. Is there anybody out there picking up on this action?

300 of these very carefully placed and each one having 70 cars missing from the
road right in front of them because the drivers are "sitting" in the bus. Much less
traffic on all the streets and highways. So who needs the rail? Yeah, right.

In Latin America and Europe buses are taking over and rail is out. This seems to be a lot of what's happening in the current promotion of "Bus Rapid Transit" – "BRT" on the mainland. Spearheaded by the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA), whose "BRT" marketing website has carried the resounding slogan "Think Rail, Use Buses". "That's the quickest way to describe Bus Rapid Transit" says the FTA. "BRT combines the quality of rail transit and the flexibility of buses."

Eventually you are going to need the Bi-Articulated bus (two tandem) proving very successful in China, Latin America and Europe. In the Pacific the "wheels" may be somewhat deficient in their knowledge of world wide transportation. How about the Tri-Articulated bus, Ha!
But some promoters have been going even further – transforming buses into railcars in their promotional and marketing hype, much like ancient alchemists transformed lead into gold ... In their imaginations. Some bus vendors have really pushed the envelope. The transit products vendor MATRA, for example, promotes its optically-guided CIVIS bus as "the rubber-tired tramway" and claims, "CIVIS combines comfort and regularity of a street car and the operating simplicity of a bus."

No, not for Oahu, Chinese tests for the "Quad" are for destinations of 500 miles.
Many in Hawaii know that distance makes the difference, but not in the Ivory Towers.
In China, it is proving five times more effective than rail at one tenth the cost.
"The Chinese will use what they think is right." Yeah, man!

Some journalists also have gotten on the "bus is rail" bandwagon – claiming that, in "BRT" systems, "buses operate like trains on rubber tires." Similarly, syndicated columnist Neal Peirce has started promoting "BRT" services as "surface subways". But, while Peirce supports transit and undoubtedly means well, his effort at terminology obfuscation is rather reminiscent of some Road Warriors who like to anoint the private automobile as "personal rapid transit".

Pub's Side Note: Now the Commenter may see it pretty clear that I know a little more about buses than he thought. You want more? I got it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Present Bus Disaster Continues

Received in the comments section of Oahu And Beyond:

"Stick to dancing, Pepe. You're not so good on buses. The Bus already owns 90
articulated buses out of 577. Current purchases of normal-sized buses are to
replace older vehicles of the same sort. The Chinese just opened Guangjou-Beijing
highspeed rail recently. They will use what they think right."
This is typical of Ivory Tower thinking in Honolulu. The statement is made of having 90 articulated buses and they have decided that it is enough. Argument over. Whereas the users of public transportation and the bus drivers all know it is quite a different world out there. We need "190" articulated buses. Then there would be no need for rail. Ivory Towers have their minds made up, one cannot confuse them with the results.

No one but the users of the buses and the bus drivers know what a few of these would do for the people on #40 bus line. No money for the buses but billions and billions for the rail. Auwe!

Less cars on the freeways, and less cars in town. There would be 60 to 70 cars right in front of each bus missing. The drivers would be "sitting" in the bus, comfortable. Not "standing" up. Yes, I  know, it is not in the terminology of the Ivory Towers. "They" actually wonder why they ever put seats in a bus! The #2 "cattle car" Bus Driver, "Sorry folks, take the next bus." Auwe!

Three months ago, it was so pleasant to ride the "C" articulated bus to town, many on the Waianae coast would ride it instead of taking the car. Not anymore. The intent throughout the world has been in getting people off their cars and onto public transportation. But not in Honolulu. He, He. He. Things have changed for the worst drastically and the people in the Ivory Towers are blissfully unaware of it.

The Bi-Articulated bus (two tandems), no one has seen one of these on this Island but
with new people (with know how) just may install a few to test. Now all over Latin America
and Europe.  Five times more efficient at one tenth the cost of rail.

Right now, it is less buses and much more crowding. Old ladies riding the "C" bus standing up all the way to town. That's criminal! The #93 was a stroke of genius but it is working perfect, much too good. That will end, we all know it. I can get the #93 at 3:00 PM at the Alapai transit center and be home in Nanakuli before 4:00 PM. The rail ain't gonna beat that in a million years. No bus station, it lets me off right around the corner where I always got off. The Rail People will screw that up pretty soon.

"For Truth, Inclusion and Innovation"

Next: We will cover the brilliant Chinese. I agree with the above opinion on the Chinese. We may have a happy new year after all.