Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We never learned to dance

By Thomas Takizawa, Waialai Iki

"Ask any experienced dancer and they will tell you that dancing does not consist
of simply repeating a bunch of patterns learned in class."

A quote from apparently a very knowledgeable and experienced dancer on the Internet, a real "rootzi tootzi."

I read this recently and I got to thinking, that perhaps what we have been doing and enjoying immensely has been terribly wrong and maybe even illegal. I am beginning to be convinced that we have been applying the word "dancer" to most of us in error. Dancers are emerging as something else. We are movers to music and we would like to enjoy that movement, our way. But other people seem to have the authority to make rules for us to move some other way.

Waltz, just step, step, step, left, right, left. I lead the lady by going forward and then we go backward, we turn left and we turn right. All the time, the music actually leads the way. I may move my shoulder a little different, now and then, no one cares. I may vary the pressure on the one count and no one is even mildly interested. I have been doing these "repetitive" motions for over six decades in sheer joy just enjoying the music.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

That is certainly different from the "rootzi tootzis" I have been coming across lately. Those that believe that they are dancing "correctly" because they have the authority to define  "correct." I have been in this world too long to be that easily persuaded. And I am just coming across long time American Style dance teachers that think International is the real class of dance. Auwe!

But they may have finally convinced me that I am not a dancer, I just move to my favorite music in the simplest way possible to enjoy the music with my partner to the max. There may be a more correct terminology for our type moving. And there seems to be more volumes of books, in full or almost full explanations of their dance theories. They are hellavah lot more complicated than anything I have ever done in the last 70 years. I always had difficulty in understanding one tenth of what I have read. They lose me somewhere along the way.

"Save The Last Dance For Me." by Michael Buble

We can consider ourselves fortunate that there are so many people in "our" developing dance world that will never read those volumes and will continue to move to their favorite music in the most enjoyable fashion. We just have to find the places where we can do that without encroaching on "rootzi tootzi' theories. ****

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where are we?

Surfing the Internet and looking over the dancing I can see that "Ballroom Dancing" has come a long ways from the loose unity that we once had. The Internationals have gradually insisted that they dance the "correct" way and they have also "inherited" the rights to the terminology "Ballroom" as applied to them. They have needed large dance floors (ballrooms) and they have insisted that they are different from the rest of us. And it has taken us a while to concur. I do not believe we should disagree with their delusions, and we should all understand that "they" have made the decisions.

"Truth, like the juice of the poppy, in small quantities, calms people; in larger, heats
and irritates them, and is attended by fatal consequences in its excess."

At the same time another revolution was occurring, the Night Club dancers that prefer to dance to live music. They profess to the American Style in their basics and yet they will use the same brush on all non-club dancers, whether they are American Style or Internationals. They have something else, they drink alcholic beverages and frown on people that don't. They can dance on small dance floors and naturally they insist they are different from us. And it has taken quite awhile for the rest of us to realize that we concur. I do not believe we should disagree with their conclusions and everyone understands that "they" have made the decisions.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

So if we have not defined ourselves, both of those groups have been doing a pretty good job of defining us, even if they have never realized that there are twice as many of us than the "bodadem" put together. The "top classes" have always underestimated the masses and history repeats itself.

So we are pretty unique type social dancers. Our Dance Floors? We dance in the Streets, Malls, Gas Stations, School Cafeterias, District Parks and Community Centers. And we partake of some of the best Pot Lucks in the World.

We may soon be going to night clubs where they have a big enough floor and allow our kind of dancing. If they get snooty, we can leave quietly and never darken their doors again. But for sure we will find the good ones and recommend them to others. We will find places where we can meet and enjoy an evening of our kind of dining and dancing. We will become more cohesive as a group, now that others have laid a good foundation for us to define our kuleana. Whatevah, it is shaping up pretty nicely and we will get biggah and bettah. American Style is moving!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dits and Dats

Yes, I have heard and I agree that each of the local clubs could have a Blogging person in one or more of the blogs available on the Island. That person would probably give the clubs good write ups but if muzzled and remade into a mouthpiece, the whole thing would be counter productive.

"This above all; to thine own self be true - and as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

They could learn fast and when promoting a blog post they could learn to ask a question or explain what’s coming next, instead of just knowing it all. Establishing give and take with the readers will make it a real blog and we would have blogging. We are a long ways from it at the moment.

I am making some contact with Twitter. I dropped Twitter several years back because I could not see anything. Now I am getting more followers, like Hawaii Free Press. Naturally, I gotta follow them right back. And one that came in that same way was Ballroom in Dance. Never saw much good but I followed back. Just noticed today, "If you are a really good dancer" Wow, that threw me and dropped them immediately. Very few of our readers are rootzi tootzis.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Martin

This Micro-Blog is the best place to start. Only need is learn how to get in, write a
couple of sentences, publish and get out. After that comes the Gingerbread.

Everyone is aware of the pyramid of dancers and if you are at or near the top, good for you. However the bulk of our readers remain the bottom half which is a hellava lot bigger than the top half of the pyramid. And that is the place where we are going to get a good Guest Author.

Town Dancers is staying at about 80 average hits per day. Blogging Hawaii is about 60 and the next two are Ewa Bus Stop and Oahu West at about 30. One Guest Author that can blog once per week about the dance scene would make the difference on anyone of the blogs. We must be patient.

There has to be some dancers in the East, No?

BREAKING: PPP just released the first public poll showing Democrat Ed FitzGerald leading radical Republican Governor John Kasich 38-35. The message of this poll is clear: We can win Ohio if we go all-out now. Public Policy Polling was the first to find four years ago that Kasich could win, and now they’ve got him losing. That’s because Kasich has spent his first term defunding Planned Parenthood, shifting the tax burden to middle-class families and eliminating in-person voting days to suppress Democratic votes.

The only way to stop voter suppression tactics is to elect Democrats. By defeating Kasich, we’ll send a message to radical, right-wing governors and legislatures that this kind of radicalism is unacceptable. We have the momentum – help us build a campaign now to win Ohio. it’s said that as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. This is our chance to deal a blow to all the radical, right-wing forces across the country.
Thanks, Mark Giangreco,
Democratic Governors Association

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Law Offices

From a mainland ad: only some names have been changed to protect the guilty.

A Rail can derail. Whether on light rail or a cross-country trip, those unfortunate enough to experience a train accident may come away with serious injuries.

Before you speak with any insurance company after a train accident--even your own insurance company--it pays to speak with XYZ Law Offices of Honolulu, Hawaii.

If the Rail accident took place anywhere on Oahu, we are happy to become involved. Our concern is that you know the full extent of your injuries so that you can receive a settlement that is appropriate.

When it comes to assessing injuries after an accident, broken bones, cuts, and scrapes are easy to see and to treat. Injuries to muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons, on the other hand, are undetectable on an x-ray. Please look at our online report about these injuries, and how they are treated following an accident, can have serious ramifications for your future health.

For the past several years, the attorneys of XYZ Law Offices have been fighting to recover the monies that accident victims deserve. Don't let anyone minimize your injuries after an accident. Get the power of XYZ Law Offices to back you up from the start. Call us today.

And you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The nics and nacs

Line Dancing apparently has some big doings but must be pretty busy to send any of it to me. Now that I live in Nanakuli it is not as easy to get to town as it once was. But anyone that is interested in giving their line dancing a little free publicity could send some blurb and maybe a photo or two. yes I know it is very difficult.
Free Orkut and My Space dance Graphics Glitters
So now someone has suggested beginner lessons in Line Dancing for men only. Anybody else think so? Sounds reasonable to me. For sure we lack the enthusiasm for line dancing from men even worse than partner dancing. And more important is that many of the men that I have seen in all the line dance functions are pretty damn good.

Losing my patience in my old age. Deleted Oahu East and changed the name of Makapu'u Point to The Eastside. Simple and I made all the corresponding corrections in all blogs. I am close to catching up on all my rearranging and I will start September off on a smooth functioning Blogosphere.
"Keep Your Hands To Yourself" By Georgia Satellites

Still have trouble taking photos. I may yet learn. I will be concentrating on cheaper cameras like I used to have before. No zoom, action photos, close ups, or video. Just Point And Shoot. I press the wrong button and the camera is off to Hong Kong. And I cannot get the valuable photos (6 to 8 people.)

I will go Friday to the HBDA Ohana and see if I can get some photos and perhaps a couple small write ups from somebody. Just something to share with our fellow dancers.

Hyperbole from the Repub attack dogs: liken political opponents to murderers, rapists,
and "this Muslim guy" or call them "un-American"
Hopefully, the new blog will attract the right people. It is set up like a Web site, mostly posters of our blogosphere and there is a small portion for the write ups. I expect most people will be ex Twitter people, because they have only 140 characters permitted. Most people Twitter 2 or 3 times to get their point across. In our case you really don't have a limit, but we ask that you keep it under 420 characters, which is 3 times Twitter. Later on we can work the graphics in and I look forward to our Micro-Bloggers going into full blogs by picking one of the others in our blogosphere.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


First ten days of this crucial month and I got good enough stats to make the decision. Oahu East will be closed and deleted by the 20th of this month. That will give me enough time to start September on an even keel with the remaining nine blogs.

"A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world
to share your dancing experience."

I had deliberately over diluted the readership to make it come to a head sooner. The entire blogosphere was in a plateau and I had to do something. Of course it didn't help to have the screw ups interfering in the hits and from my reading of the forums, Blogger cannot do anything to stop them.

Also I am still experimenting to try to get the reader/dancers become writer/dancers. Many think there is a big commitment. I just want them to say something and express a different opinion from mine, just so that it is their honest opinion. In blogs, S.O.S. stands for "same old shit" so anything we can do to avoid that is my priority. And "whatever" anyone says is not S.O.S. The new blog may work, I have to try.
"Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight" by the Spaniels

Those of you that are used to Twitter could apply what you learned there. Except for one thing, you have more than 140 characters. And your readers will be more of your kuleana. I hope people will keep them under five hundred, which is about five lines in one blog body width. That should be enough for most. First just email me and I will post it under your name.

You get enough of them going and I can get Blogger to send you an invitation. You can then get in, when you wish, write what you want, post a photo and whatever, publish, close it and get out without saying boo to anyone.

Even later you may choose to be a Guest Author in another blog of your choosing and lay out some bigger blogs. It will be the same way, and you can blog whatever and whenever you wish. For sure, every Guest Author is a potential hit magnet and that will benefit everyone in our ever growing circle of dance.
"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania' by Guy Mitchell

Three of the most powerful tools for marketing a dance organization's services and products is through their Newsletters, Web and Blog sites. The benefits are many. They keep the organization's Name out in front of potential and current members, the media and Ballroom Dance Professionals. The least expensive of those three is ?


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mambo Still Arouind

Some dancers on this Island are lucky that there are still very good teachers of Mambo here. From what I heard, there were some lucky ones at the last IBDI hoedown. Frank and Lani Sierra are no beginners. They know the ins and outs of just about every dance out there. And they were teaching some of the best and basic movements in Latin Dancing.

"One critical consideration when launching a blog is what you are going to call it."

Salsa came after Mambo, and some people think that Salsa invented all their moves. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Most of those movements were in the original Rumba that had been relegated back to the sticks in the 1800s when the new Rumba Bolero evolved. In the forties, the old rumba was jazzed up and evolved into the Mambo and it contained most of the movements from the original Rumba.

Anyone can take most of the moves that they learned in Mambo and dance it to a good Rumba tune with a good Clave beat. Just dance it Rumba style and you will have one of the most pleasant Rumbas you have ever danced. The original Rumba basic with a Rock Step. Try it you will be amazed and realize that it is the music first. Then you move to it for Da Max in enjoyment and you will be grateful that you learned those moves.

Yes, I know, we are over diluted already, but it will make it easier to delete one Sept 30th.

HBDA in teaching it the present quarter so the dancers on the entire island have access to the finer points of dancing the Mambo. And of course, since the Cha Cha Cha evolved from the Mambo, most moves are interchangeable and can be danced in either dance.

Pub's Side Note; The new one will be a "Bitter" (better than Twitter.) Also may be known as the "Big Tweet."

Sunday, August 4, 2013


The Stats for August are starting to look good. The usual erratic beginning results but the total average hits of the blogs went up. The top blogs are emerging.
"Yes, I will live forever, or die trying."
Town Dancer is still leading the way but has dropped to 81 average hits per day. I have cut my blogging back a little so I expect it to come down to the 70s. Of course, on additional steady Two-Center or a Guest Author will send it back up into the stratosphere. And this Blog remains our standard.
"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack

Blogging Hawaii, has not been doing too good since they lost Calvin, Da Spin Doctor and Richie but I have stepped it up a notch in gimmicks and it is looking a little better. I must continue to use my Twitter and Google Plus to promote all of them. They of course, will still get the spiders and crawlers from the search engines and those hits don't really count. The need that I saw was more communication outside of Oahu. The neighbor islanders still cannot see it that way. Tough.

Ewa Bus Stop was originally set up to help all those who were objecting to the Rail Crisis. And with a little dance information now and then, the hits have remain in third place behind Blogging Hawaii.

Oahu West has also remained fairly constant, out in front with the others, just behind Ewa Bus Stop and for the same reasons. One steady Two-Center or a Guest Author would separate it from the other leading contenders. And the contributed information and/or photos from their particular kuleana remains of prime importance to all our reader/dancers.

"Who Wills, Can. - Who Tries, Does. - Who Loves, Lives."

The rest are struggling below the magic 34 average hit barrier (1000 hits for 30 day month.) Sea Country and Dancing in the Dark (in the upper teens) are catching up to Central Valley (in the mid 20s.) And lucky some people in the corridor are beginning to understand social media. We must be patient

And I am looking for the day when more reader/dancers of these blogs become more understanding of social media. We get more Guest Authors and I can resign from one of the blogs that will become independent and they can make their own rules. I can then dedicate myself to the others until I get the next one independent.

Looking over the terrain, the month of August looks pretty hopeful. This calls for another Rum and Coke.

Q: Why don't dogs make good dancers?
A: Because they have two left feet!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Accidents do happen

Got a picture of a close one, somewhere in Europe. It seems like it was just a test and lucky no one was killed. But they are seriously thinking of cancelling the whole works.

When it happens in Honolulu, and it will, there will be a lot of killed and injured, for it will fall on a lot of people. In town it will be even more terrible. But the Big Buck$ in profits are there. It'$ the dough, Moe and the public be damned.

San Francisco with the Rail Fiasco and after they tore it down. What a relief for the users of public transportation. "And I coulda got the bus right around the corner where I always did." Not in Honolulu where they invented the "Cattle Cars," and Rail Stations, auwe!  And the Ivory Towers haven't a clue.
Industrial Park similar for the Ewa Plain but voted down by the Rail Party. It's the Loot, Klute. 4000 less cars on the freeways to and from Honolulu. 4000 less cars in Honolulu Traffic. "And I coulda got home in 20 minutes." But the Big, Big Buck$ in Rail Profit$. Wow!