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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Down She Goes

"And Where She Stops, Nobody Knows."

In the last ten days since my fall the total hits on all the blogs have dropped from about 330 average hits per day to about 310. Even with Town Dancer holding up as well as they have. The total hits will go down even more for I am just not in condition to get the information needed.

"I may be guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve,
but usually when I am done, I am done."

Is dancing competitive? I guess we cannot get away from it. Anyone who is sceptical of this should go to anyone of the new studios in Honolulu. They have really come into prominence in the last few months in all the blogs. From my reading of the blogs it is all with good reason and they have become well known throughout the Islands.

Easy to get into the regular official competition coming soon. Talk about competition! People are trying to psych each other out on the dance floor, intentional contacts and screaming support from the audience. Tears, crying, cheers, laughter. The dance floor can be an emotional place.

It is not unusual for dancers to practice up to 15 hours a week and sometimes more. Some literally eat, drink and sleep dancing. Supplementing their dance practice with fitness and cross training to ensure they will be ready to compete. With the new Aloha Star Ball coming up it may be a new world out there. We will all be able to see which groups produce the most consistent winners in the International Style of Dance. Surprised? What do I know? That is the name of their game.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" by Les Paul and Mary Ford.

Anyway, there will be a list of our blog stats posted in Town Dancer on the last day of every month. If any one of the blogs is going to be deleted, everyone will be able to see the reason and no questions need be asked. Advertising? No, we do not have any advertising.

Everyone will also see that a blog such as Town Dancer merely provides the platform. Each Blogger has their own blog and is completely responsible for whatever goes in. Simple enough, and anyone can do this in any of the other blogs. For sure everyone would see it in the hits. Guaranteed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Ground For Me

The ending of the old is a new era for me that is about to start. I have accepted the facts that my physical defects make it imperative the I stop social dancing. Put together with the difficulty developing for the users of Public Transportation clinches it.

And it all came about on Thursday at the VA, I took my blood test just fine, and went down the hall to my waiting module 4. But the results will take a while and I thought I would go to #2 module where they have more magazines. But then at the last minute I went out the door to see the area. Then turned to go down the walk and noticed the wet pavement but paid no attention. My fault.

At that time a got a little of my Vertigo and with the slippery pavement, I went town hitting very badly. Fortunately it happened at the VA. A couple soldiers helped me up and went with me back into the VA. We ended up waiting for my regular Doctor Laura Wong. The nurses were perfect in helping to clean the wounds, take my vitals and make me feel comfortable. Good for my mental outlook.

Doctor Wong came in and analyzed everything nicely and called in a specialist Dr. Cheng for the stitches. The entire procedure was a perfect way to describe this VA facility in Hawaii. I cannot complain. I keep thinking they are magicians but I must be in agreement with everyone else that they just know their business and they intend to help me. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I got this from another blog, so I will take the chance.

New Studio Grand Opening
Debbie Borges Barbosa
invites you to attend the Official Grand Opening Party of her new studio DREAM TO DANCE at 1070 North King Street, 2nd Floor, Honolulu (above the Palama Supermarket).

Monday July 21st from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. There is no charge. There is a parking lot and street parking. There will be Live Music for dancing featuring the Son Caribe, Friends, Food, Prizes and Lots of Fun. This beautiful new studio is well appointed, air conditioned, wooden floor, spacious and has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Come and check it out and see for yourself.
Further information call (808) 372 5574

Of course, several years ago, I was taken to task for "publishing their personal emails" I asked where, when, what? And no answer. I deleted everything of theirs and informed them. They were upset and I never received anything again.

Than a few years back I wanted to help some on coming from Kauai and went through it again. This time I realized it was with malicious intent and forgot about asking anything. I dropped them like a hot potato. So please folks, I want to help but I can be stopped. Meanwhile I have much work ahead of me, I am running out of time and I must be on my way. Mahalo and Good Luck to all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Flower Blooms Anew

Wow, I can pick up so much jazz from the Internet. Much of it I don't understand. I have always been a simple dancer with over eight decades of "experience." But I can see the basic groups and the over lapping of all, naturally.

"And the thing about Romantics is that we never give up."

The "street dancers" are becoming fewer and fewer. Dance lessons have become quite common and most people understand that they can learn to dance faster with lessons than just dancing on the floor. Sounds all right with me.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

From the Internet:
Does dancing require skill?

Well, yes. Look at it this way you can get any member of the public and put them on a rugby field, volleyball court or baseball field and they can play the game. They will play badly compared to those who play regularly but at least they will be able to play a game.

You simply can not do the same for dancing. You can not pick somebody off the street and ask them to compete in say Quickstep or Jive. It is not a case of dancing badly. They simply would not be able to do this form of dancing on a regulation dance floor. Sounds all right with me.

But there is another very definite middle ground where most of us dance. We may have had some lessons and experience and we dance. Some of us may have even done group exhibitions in the social dance clubs. This group has slight differences in their dancing and is still in the process of redefining itself as the biggest group in all of Oahu. All the rest can be considered the Peripherals simply because we outnumber all of them put together.

"Young At Heart"
by Frank Sinatra

Then there is an analysis of dancing by University Researchers:

By using cutting-edge motion-capture technology, we have been able to precisely break down and analyse specific motion patterns in male dancing that seem to influence women’s perceptions of dance quality. We find that the variability and amplitude of movements in the central body regions (head, neck and trunk) and speed of the right knee movements are especially important in signalling dance quality. A ‘good’ dancer thus displays larger and more variable movements in relation to bending and twisting movements of their head.

This can probably be understood by International Dancers but it is beyond me. Mahalo.

Nice to know that I have the Stats down pretty pat. So that whoever is out there, I hope, is willing and able to contribute their 2 cents for the betterment of their friends, neighbors and fellow dancers. And let's keep on dancing.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Centers

We are still not getting enough steady regular Two Centers or Guest Authors. If any of you are going by Mainland instructions I certainly don't blame anyone. Our people are not inclined to so much commitment.

"To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on
that path requires courage. The bridge the merges the two is called commitment."

The first suggestion is, to Set Clear Guidelines. And we don't have any of that. I tried (in error) in the beginning but I know now that Two Centers and Guest Authors will offer to the reader/dancers their own unique opinions and something that is not SOS and they will publish whatever they damn well please and that is it. I accept and everyone else does too.

The second is, Set A Submission Deadline. Heh, heh. Our Two Centers and Guest Authors will contribute whenever and whatever they damn well please and everyone accepts. The Two Centers have a Guest Author to make the write ups and as Guest Authors wish to do it. But as Guest Author they can get in, publish, get out all on their own. In effect they have their own blog within a blog. A good example are Calvin, Debra and Rich. Simple? And a very good reason why Town Dancer is leading the pack, way out in front.

Third and fourth are Delegate and Schedule in bulk. We are completely out of that. In fact I am not sure what they mean. Forget it. The closest we get are when we have enough Information Contributors and the hits are over 200 average hits per day, the blog can go independent from me. Town Dancer is almost there.

Fifth is Communicate. And I hold back there, specially in the beginning because I want them to be as free and easy with their unique opinions as possible which will be refreshing after so much SOS. I don't believe they will require any specifics.

"MalagueƱa" by Placido Domingo

Sixth: Use editorial and group blog plugins. I don't even know what they are talking about. But there you have it. And without any of that crap, there are quite a few of you that would make terrific Two Centers. After you have done a little publishing, you can decide when you are ready to be a Guest Author, and do your own blogging, your decision.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Yes, we gott'em. And just lately, in the last month, we got three with "Copyright" written plainly on them so that we could respect. That we will.

"Life is not a matter of milestones, it is a matter of moments."

A few years back, I thought I was helping a dance group on Maui, then all of a sudden they accused me of publishing their personal emails. How about that? Most of us that write, respect it when anyone tells us it is off the record.

I repeatedly asked, where? When? And no answer, so I deleted everything that I had printed for them. They were very disturbed with that and I have never heard from them again. Then about six months later I received an email from another island stating that I had published a copyrighted item. I think that if found guilty, they can hang you up by the thumbs. I just wrote back, "It has been deleted." And no more trouble.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

About a year later there was something about Kauai dancing and I was eager to help of course, but I got the notice accusing me of publishing personal emails. This was again, so I knew better than to ask, Where? When? It was just being done with malicious intent. I dropped them, I must be on my way to find where I can help.

So for all Guest Authors, and possible Two Centers, be careful. The overwhelming amount of our words are well meant and for the good of all. And anyone out there that would not like to be included in our social media, can let us know, and we will respect.

Calvin and Hobbes dancing the new Palama Stomp

I got an email from Debby and I think this part is permissible.

Hello Dancers,
In addition to the flier information, please note that for the evening there will be lots of surplus parking across the street at Ferguson's. Yumi Hi will be gracing the aerial "dance floor" with her acrobatic talents!
Son Caribe is known for their Latin dance music but Eddie and Cynthia will be including Top 40 for a variety including swing! Dance music before and after the band will be Ballroom, Swing and Latin!
Come and enjoy. Carlos and I look forward to seeing you!