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Friday, February 6, 2015

What Hoppened?

I cleaned out the scam spam robots that were running up useless hits, rearranged and opened new blogs and gave the entire blogsphere an overhaul. Results are nine blogs and definitely an over diluted readership. The entire enchilada is way down but starting up again slowly. And there are more changes due depending on the "hit parade."

"Real Leaders have no need to lead - They may be content to point the way."

Dancing has been rolling along very nicely in town in most ramifications. There are other very nice dance blogs with different views and different presentations. Should be just fine for all of us, they are getting dance information that is not available to us. We can all avoid the "rubber stamps." And that is my prime aim in our blogosphere. So the most indicated solution is the information contributor.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

The blogs are all increasing in hits except that it is very slow. They show little signs of the Law of Diminishing Returns. However there is always a plateau for any blog when I change the name. I don't know many factions in blogging but learning this enchilada has been fun. And another thing that I suspect is that this will not be the first blog that will go independent. It will be Platinum Horseshoe or Dancing Nights, they will get the Guest Authors necessary.

Blogger's Law #38D: Some errors will go unnoticed until a day after publication.

Pub's Side Note: I have forgotten to thank the VA for all they are doing for me during my health difficulties.
It sometimes seems as though they are doing too much and I don't really deserve it. Though the prognosis
is not that good from what I have experienced with these people, I feel that I will dance again and
my appreciation has no bounds.

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