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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Latest Poop

Due to the recent happenings in my physical abilities there will be a slow down in all our blogging. Town Dancer will in all likely hood remain on top as far as hits go. Dancing Nights is really moving now that Richie Fun is blogging. One more Guest Author for them and I can see independence. The hits will be there and they will not need me anymore.

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting”

Of course, the Two Centers still remain of utmost importance for they are willing to share what is going on in our music and dance scene. I can no longer go out and about and take photos. The Two Centers are the ones that will do it and of course the hits will go thru the roof.

"It All Depends On You" by Dinah Shore

I live in Nanakuli (Paradise) and I must transfer to town to be more accessible to Tripler where I seem to be going more often. That is very hard to do in government housing. But when the choo choo train gets in it will be an all day trip from Nanakuli. Rapid Transit was never a misnomer. It was a deliberate lie by the Present Rail Party. Look what they did to Cayetano. And look what they did to the Freeway people a couple weeks back. Disgraceful. It was all the time, the bread, Fred. It is still the dough, Flo.

"Some of your most treasured heirlooms will be your sweet memories
of Dinner/Dancing with your fellow dancers." 

Pub's Side Note: There some in the dance community that do not wish to be into blogging for whatever the reason. We should and will have respect for them and try to avoid bothering. If they do not want it they shall not have it. But the sign on the door we leave open still says welcome.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tottering Along

So many nice dancers welcomed the New Year among their many friends from many chapters and dance clubs with good food and cheer and have enough left over for a few drinks. Now that spring has sprung some are finding it tough going. The Rail Disaster is not going to make it any easier. The Present Rail Party is intent on making their millions and millions of dollars in profits. Not too many complaints yet on the Tax Raises on Property but there will be.

“Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen;
but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want."

Meanwhile dance fusion continues on the "street beat" and though slow going there never was a stopping it. For now the best case of fusion is using the Mambo basic as Rumba dance basic. A Rock Step and a slow step, looks and feels natural as hell. And what is more it will not be a fad, it is too basic and was danced maybe two or three hundred years back, maybe not exactly but somewhat. Yes, something like the International.

Left turn, right turn, easy as pie. Cross body lead and Underarm turn just as natural as ever. What is changed is the basic step. Arthur Murray's big mistake. Used in over one hundred Caribbean dances. Beguine, Calypso, Rumba, Salsa, Mambo, Son, Montuno etc. etc.

"Y Volvere" by Lucero

If adopted by the Fred Astaire group and the Arthur Murray group, dancers will probably be dancing it two or three hundred years in the future too, in sheer joy of moving to the most beautiful Latin music in existence. Then there is some fusion already of the Filipino Tango into the American Tango. It will evolve to be something beautiful and comfortable. You ain't seen nuttin' yet. And Argentine Tango also on the rise. Someone mentioned a Night Club in Kalealoa featuring Argentine Tango and Tango Valse. Watzzat?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Just Cruising

Town Dancer staying comfortably in front of the other blogs, even though many are already gaining hits through my promotion in the microblogs such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Facebook. And I am looking into Tumblr as soon as my dry eyes improve.

"Don't go around thinking the world owes you something.
The world owes you nothing, it was here first."

Microsoft has, as they say in politics, "high negatives". That is, a substantial percentage of people very much dislike Microsoft. They used to be too pushy. They have learned their lesson and slowing down on that scam. Now the highest negatives is Adobe Flash Player. At one time Adobe used to be one of the most respected names in the Computer world. Talk about junk comedowns, dis is dem. Their old "simplifier" programmers have been replaced with the new "circus barker" school of complicator.

“Hey There” By Rosemary Clooney

Now they are even interfering with You Tube. You Tube has always made the effort to make it easy for the user. Whereas people have gone to considerable efforts to avoid buying or using Microsoft products as alternative products, now they are doing the same with Adobe. Boycott them!

"Some Enchanted Evening" by Enzio Pinza

There seems to be evidence that we are getting back some of the dancers that we had lost in the last couple decades. And of course, getting new ones. The night clubs have been doing a good job of creating the fun atmosphere and the kids have done the rest, most starting from the "street dancer" group of just moving to music. The entire enchilada looking good.

It has been explained to me. On the bus: The signs in the front section of the bus are in plain sight and in plain language. "Seats for the elderly and the handicapped." I just found out. It is not that these kids can't read the writing on the walls. They cannot read!