Sunday, June 28, 2015

Let it roll

Now all I have to do is blog for a while. It will take a couple months to know which way this blogosphere is going. But it must go its own way. I can help but just a little. It will still be wide open to comments, and Two Centers. I don't have to repeat myself. Platinum Horseshoe is doing all right and with the right people, wow! The rest are up for grabs and anyone can do it.

"Every day we are gifted with a glorious sunrise and a glorious sunset,
life is happening, we are alive -  and yet we want more."

The dancers are pretty much Town Dancers. They belong to clubs in town and they dance in town. So the comments will be directed to these people. I see very few comments in all the dance blogs of this island. This will come about slowly when they find out what blogging is all about.

The Tango is developing quite well in town. There seems to be more groups and for some reason or another they do not quite accept the fact that it is Lain dance. Many do not know that there are ten different Tangos danced in Argentina and that ain't Europe.

In the rest of Latin America it is about the same for Argentine, International and American. The Finns developed the Finnish Tango which became so popular in Norway and Sweden that eventually went thru the Baltic countries over to Poland, Germany and Denmark. It is now known as the Nordic Tango.

In its heyday, China developed a Tango derived from the Argentine Tango and gradually was acquired by Korea and Japan into their own tangos. We have the Filipino Tango which is fusing very nicely with the American Tango on Oahu and may eventually evolve into a Hawaiian Tango

And there are several others developing on the mainland. The most famous for now is the Foxtantino which fusing the Fox Trot with the Tango. Personally I would have a "social tango" that we could dance easily with each other on the regular social dance floor. Call it what you want but make it all basic, very basic moves just so you can enjoy moving to the Tango music.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finally Equals

Or pretty close to it and it was easy. At the same time I am finding out a lot of facts uncovered in my spreadsheet data. Seven Guest Authors that could blog once a week would send the hits up through the roof. I have just let all of them go (Guest Authors and Blogs) as they wanted to go, Yesterday was the first time that Blogging Hawaii passed Town Dancer is average hits per day. Now I can match them and blog each with the same amount of days omitted.

"The first step towards our success will be taken when we refuse to be a captive
of the environment in which we find ourselves in."

Platinum Horseshoe and Moanalua Corridor will be part of this top group because either one of them could be a good number one with a good steady Two Center and a good steady Guest Author. The rest will remain in the possibles and with the same criteria.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Comments are still needed at the end of each blog, but there the reader/dancers have not been accustomed to talking back. The Two Centers couldl be willing to email information and/or photos will determine which of the blogs will stay.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise." by Les Paul and Mary Ford

The reader/dancers are sure to respond with hits where there is information to be had. I have found that the biggest myth about modern blog tactics is that you need a huge list of followers to achieve your goals. I do not believe that to be true.

Most of what we need is information and photos to share with our friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow dancers. Every one is accustomed to advertising "before" the fact. Very nice and we consider that information. Whereas the most important part is the public relations "after the fact" in our dance groups and let everyone know what happened at the shindig, photos and information.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

In my experience, most dance web and blog sites are selling their club or organization as a social service. Although there is a small obstacle, it does not seem to be that many dancers are computer literate enough to surf the dance web and blog sites. However many seem to be learning very well. Once they become aware of the pot holes in the internet and learn to avoid them, then they can get a lot from just surfing the net and getting the best information on dancing and of where to enjoy your dancing. 
"They don't require proof, so if their minds are already made up,
do not confuse them with facts."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bright Lights on Broadway

There were over 100 thousand albums published in the last decade. With an average of 10 songs each, that is over one million songs in the last decade. We can say safely that less than ten percent will be memorable, which is still over 100 thousand songs.

"When we look to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."

No one that puts on their earphones when they get up in the morning and take them off in the evening to go to sleep can hear that many songs. And hearing music in that fashion just isn't "da reel teeng,". why? Think it over. Music is to be appreciated and too much is, well, too much.

"How High The Moon" by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Anyway we received a postcard from Doug Kesler with this nice poster of
the Extravadanza Of The Year in Just One More Month.

You will have time to dine and dance to good music, enjoy the terrific
entertainment but also time to digest the splendor of it all with
your friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow dancers.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The USB (thumb) Drives

Our reader/dancers are really picking up on our actions and how they will evolve for everyone. Latelty had been the introduction of our USB drives as a promotional item for this blog and actually all the other blogs too. I went to Makua Alii Dance last night and many of the people are still not sure what a USB drives is good for. What's wrong with that? We don't know everything but we can sure learn.

"Never forget the people who made you who you are today, good or bad."

In the old days, I would go to some office and need a couple pages of information. They could copy on their copy machines and I could take the copies. At home, I could then put them in my scanner and I could get the information into my computer and I could work it from there. Not necessary for me any longer and I have donated my scanner to my next door neighbor, the City Of Joy, a church organization.

":Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Lately I had carried on my key chain a USB drive. Wherever I went and needed information, I could stick it into their computer and download the information direct to my USB drive. At home I could merely transfer it over into my computer for further work. Just beautiful. Since I cannot get around much anymore I do not carry the USB drive.

 "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

I am currently getting my favorite song videos into my promotional USB drives and now I must find a way to give them away to those that have the good speakers or earphones for their computers. The first one will have two Latin bolero/rumbas from Mexico City so that you can see and hear what the upper crust listen to in Latin Music. They are free and anyone can have one, except that they have to find our how to get them. Like I said, FREE. And I don't fool around.

Then I am experimenting with the Memory card that is used in cameras. Same as a USB drive, can save digital data, and I have just received email from Calvin that he is able to see the video I sent him on a memory card. Good head start. I am working on it because, I cannot get around much anymore but I can use snail mail, and send several memory cards in one regular envelop to some people.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Closing - Opening

The way of business in the Islands - I heard that Boston Basil's on the Big Island closed.  They seemed to have a nice crowd, employees and customers. I have been accustomed to getting ordinary, run of the mill flyers from everyone. But Olga Salvatorre and the Kona people really seem to know what real hype is about. For me not only did the posters look nice and lend beautiful color to our blog and were very informative and easy to copy and post it just like that.

"I Remember You" by Don Ho

If they can read this I hope they can send us more posters. Our reader/dancers appreciated it. Of course, we are also going to have a good dancing night club opening in the Kapolei area one of these days. People will come from all over the Western part of this Island. The residents of the West will no longer have to buck that heavy traffic on the freeway to town. Live, work and play in our own kuleana is the motto of Second City and applies to the entire West because of the Rail Catastrophe, that will be a real humbug for everyone.

"We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves."

"I Believe" by Frankie Laine

Town Dancer blog hits are dropping and Blogging Hawaii is going up. It will probably be just one Guest Author that is able to blog two or three times per month to do it. Then this may be the blog to make it to independence from me. In effect the Bloggers will have a blog of their own within the blog and the bloggers will share the hits which are sure to increase. They can blog whenever and whatever they damn well please. And there is no registration, no annual or monthly meetings, or dues. With a couple of Two Centers to help with the information, they can keep the reader/dancers well informed.

 How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world