Saturday, February 25, 2017

New Dance?

By Frank Palomar, Honokai Hale
Yes, we have been get new dances for a thousand years and each is invented by someone new. There were over one thousand new dances in the 1900s. And yet there have been no new movements from the original 100. The Even step (the walking step) was danced 10000 years ago, don't try to tell me you invented it. The Rock step was a little later and the Chasse came in a little after that. These stupid Indians in Mexico were dancing these moves a long, long time ago.

“It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers.”

The presence of people in Latin America is generally thought to date back about 20,000 years. But it may date much farther back than that but not too far back. They have never discovered Neanderthal bones anywhere in the Americas, they were all homo sapiens. The people that settled in Mexico encountered a climate far milder than the current one. In particular, the Valley of Mexico contained several large lakes surrounded by dense forests - Paradise.

"Moliendo Cafe" por Azucar Moreno

Dream on fellow dancers.

Bison, deer and other animals roamed in large numbers. Such conditions encouraged the pursuit of a hunter-gatherer existence for some 12000 years. Mastodons and Saber-toothed Tigers still existed too and they had to be careful. It took a while for these people to learn how plants grow. Then about 10000 years ago, same as most other places world wide, Agriculture was uncovered. Indigenous peoples in western Mexico began to selectively breed maize plants from precursor grasses.

"Adoro" por Graciela Susana

And with it came the first hints of dancing and drums in the Americas, over a thousand years before India. The point in time where people started to dance is very hazy, in fact it is more like a cloud than a point. Indeed, there are some people who believe that man has danced since before homo sapiens, 35000 years ago? Perhaps some rudiments of movement to rhythm, but not really dancing.

"Contigo A La Distancia" por Christina Aguilera

The diet of ancient Mexico included corn (or maize), squashes such as pumpkin and butternut squash, common or pinto beans, tomatoes, peppers, cassava, pineapples, chocolate, along with splashes of meat now and then. At the time of the arrival of the first illegal aliens in 1492, no one in the civilized world had ever eaten a tomato. How about a pineapple?

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Pub's Note: My email account with is no more. They have the old information and I cannot change it because I cannot get in, and I cannot delete the account either. The Complicaters are doing a good job of complicating things. I have three other email accounts, you can use any one of them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Evolving Nicely

For us in our Oahu Blogosphere of Dance, we can see this crazy social media landscape evolving into something very good for all dancers. We could set the pattern for the neighbor islands. There are many eyes on our blogsphere for pure business motives which translates to money. Many businesses in today’s marketplace realize that they need it, but they don’t really completely understand why they need it. Of course for us it is just for fun.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have
done for others and the world, remains and is immortal."

In some instances, it can be difficult to explain to a social dance club or a dance studio that might already be successful. That they may now need to use Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or Facebook to spread their dance message throughout their potential audience. So more are getting on the bandwagon and they seem to have accepted Web sites in getting more members and trying to make a buck from an available public.

"Three Coins In The Fountain" by The Four Aces

Blogs are still a relatively unknown equation. Social Media in our blogging is not a Web site and will never be that. Ours is primarily for social dancing and it will cover the social interaction between all the parties involved in our kind of dancing. Some of you can already see it, the advertising humbug has changed to flowered communication. It will take time for our kind to evolve, we will get the right people involved and one of our blogs will become independent this year.

"La Comparsita" by Julio Iglesias

Robot Cars are coming to Hawaii in spite of the Present Rail Party. Robot cars can eliminate distracted drivers. You will be able to text while “driving” and do lots of other stuff like, using your computer, sleeping, watch a movie, play video games or whatevah. It will eliminate drunk driving, since you’re not actually driving. The impaired driving and the associated costs would disappear. And better yet, blind people could now “drive.” The Rail Disaster will be obsolete.

"Social dancers, dance with their hearts not their minds."

Friday, February 17, 2017

Let's Face It.

Facing up to Facebook from Consumer Reports.

If you are like some 150 million Americans, you share the details of your life on Facebook, assuming that you and other users are its main customers and that it's accountable to you. But Bruce Schneier, chief security technology officer at security firm BT Global Service, says you're not Facebook's customer. "You are Facebook's product that they sell to their customers," he says, referring to the network advertisers.

"Social dancers always dream and shoot higher than they know they
can do. They don't bother to be better than their contemporaries
or predecessors, they just try to be better than themselves.

With "Find us on Facebook" tags popping up in malls, on popular TV shows and elsewhere, Facebook has a lot of product to sell. And with no comparable alternative service, (except for our type of social blogging which gives you more space) consumers are left as fodder for Facebook's advertisers and app developers. "You are on Facebook because everyone else is." Schneier says. "You can say 'I don't like Facebook, I'm going to Live Journal,' and suddenly many of you feel you're alone."

"If I Didn't Care" by the Ink Spots.

In these blogs I want to make contact with the social dancers in the Hawaiian Islands. My Blogger blogs are my main source to communicate with the reader/dancers. And my favorite Micro blog is Twitter because it makes you cut it short, though I must admit, it is a little too short. But the controls on getting more followers are very nice and following more is even easier. The hits on my main blogs are going up and that why I want to make the first blog independent. We may not make any money but we can certainly enjoy helping.

"Once In A While" by the Chimes

Electric cars and the concept of renewable energy for daily transportation is coming to Oahu. The Rail Disaster has a lot of people thinking. Most residents realize that the Rail Crisis is already turning into one big mess and going to cost Billions and Billions of dollars more. Many more people will be driving on the freeways and the big advantage is that when you are in grid lock, the gas engines are running but an electric is not.  Nice to be driving without producing air pollution and not be adding carbon emissions to the air. Hawaii’s electric grid will someday be mostly renewable power (wind, solar, geothermal), We are going to charge our cars at home using renewable home sources such as solar.

"Laugh your heart out - dance in the rain - cherish the moments -
ignore the pain - live, love and learn - forgive and forget -
life is too short - to live with regrets."

Monday, February 13, 2017

Frank and Lani Sierra

Amazing what I learn to do on Blogger. I had ready posted Town Dancer for today. But I wanted to get what I just received in my email from Frank into a blog. I just reverted to draft and posted this one instead. That is very nice. In my old age, I can still learn.

"Excellence is not a destination, it is a journey that never ends.


The hits on Frank's blogs will not stop but they will slow down. Frank and Lani may, at some point, find that they want to say something to the dancers on this island.  They have carte blanche and can post anything they wish on any of our blogs for the benefit of our reader/dancers. Perhaps they can even help in making our best blog into an independent from the originator.

"We only live once, but if we do it half way right
and somewhat happy - once is enough"

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It is a wonderful year

It has taken a while but I am getting rid of the scam, spam robot hits on our blogs, very slowly. They were just meaningless hits and from what I read it is just better to ignore them. Town Dancer seems to be stabilizing at over 50 average hits per day still in solid second place behind Platinum Horseshoe. And it still holds true - because I am limited physically, the Two Centers will make the difference in our blogs.

"If a child can sing before it speaks, and can dance almost before
it walks, we should understand that music and dance
is in our hearts from the very beginning."

My home office set up is evolving very nicely and it has become the most important center in my little one bedroom apartment, with two full computer set ups. Eating, sleeping and the bathroom are just necessary side items. In my final days, I want to have everything as easy as possible and do my work to my satisfaction. My "office" is evolving close to perfect. This has been a long time coming, I have been here for over a year.

"Let's Face The Music And Dance" by Nat King Cole

I am glad that most of us are social dancers, so we must constantly seek venues where they play our kind of music and the dancers on the dance floor are our kind of dancers. The members of the rootzi tootzi divisions already have plenty of places where they can dance with their own kind. And they will feel much better about it. Fortunately, as social dancers, the places we seek require much less dance floor. One third the size of the Palladium would be the greatest invention on Oahu in this century. These places are developing in the Western part of Oahu and we're going to dance.

"Social dancers have to know for themselves, what they are capable of."

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dance Blogging 101

Step by Step.
First step: You must be interested in the subject matter and ours is Dancing. However our blogs are developing differently from others and each other. Town Dancer has been more into Honolulu blogging. Whereas Platinum Horseshoe is covering West Oahu which includes the North Shore. We have seven blogs and you will soon learn to see all the specialties of each and everyone will pick the ones they like best.

"Social dancers don't believe that they have to be better than anyone else. They just believe that they can be better today than they were yesterday."

Second Step: Easiest is to just comment in the comments section at the end of each blog. Just write a few words and your name. Any one can use a Pen Name if they wish, but it should not change every day. Any reader after you can read it along with the contents of the blog. And you can do this anytime you feel like it, no other commitments of any kind. And, at your discretion, you can easily move up to information contributor.

"Beautiful, Beautiful Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

Third Step: Becoming a regular Two Center or information contributor willing to share your 2 cents in news, photos and views with your fellow readers/dancers on a larger scale. You can email to any Guest Author that can publish it and you will see it as well as any one else in the Internet. You can send anything, whatever and whenever you wish, and you have no commitments at any time - once a week, once a month, whatevah you decide. And you may decide you want to be a Guest Author.

"Katchi Katchi Music Makawao" by Willie K

Fourth Step: Guest Author requires the most important decision on the part of the bloggers. It would be almost entirely their decision. I send their name and email to Blogger and they send the invitation. The password is between them and Blogger. They can then open, write, post photos, delete, save, publish and close the blog. All this without saying "boo" to anyone. In effect they will have their own blog within the blog, with ready made readers. Now you will have a commitment but only with your readers.

"I'll Remember You" by Don Ho

All of these decisions are made by the potential Blogger. We do not want to sell you anything. It is up to you and you can Blog whatever and whenever you damn well please. In our blogging dance world we come into contact with many people and groups. Those that are nice to us, make it easy for us to be nice to them. And of course, those that choose to ignore us, make it easy for us to ignore them. No hu hu, understandable, and furthermore it doesn't take any extra effort on our part. So we can all be happy and I can continue to help wherever I can.

This year, dancers on Oahu have discovered the best vitamin
to make everyone a good dancer and a good person.  B1

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gung Hee Fat Choy

As we start February lst of the new year many things are looking good and some not so good. Most of Oahu regrets that Frank and Lani Sierra are retiring from blogging. But it is true that all good things come to an end. Frank and Lani did not come into our dance world yesterday or last week. They have been in it for more years than many of us.

"Most dancers on Oahu are aware that it may be hard to forget
some people who gave us so much to remember."

Their experience has been very valuable for all of us dancers on Oahu and they have been more than willing to share. What ever opinions they wrote, people listened for they had years of experience to back them up. Then they have passed on their talent to their sons, who from what I hear are doing great. It is also a fact that Frank was one of the prime movers of dance blogs in Hawaii and I first learned my blogging from Frank over twenty years ago. How about that?

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

But life goes on, and the American style of ballroom dancing is coming back in the style which they will be accustomed to. Way back many moons ago, International and American were very different. They developed in different environments, and for different reasons. But each year they grow a little closer and most dancers simply will accept the differences.

 "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

But there are stronger cries of "Why are we doing this? What is it about American style that makes it so unique and worthwhile?" For one thing it has become more of the beginners choice in social dancing which includes night clubs. And in our social dance clubs many of us are dancing more Bachata and Salsa. This may be forbidden in other dance cultures. Anyway, our dancing evolves according to the dancers and not to any of the Rootzi Tootzi class makers of rules and regulations.

Pub's Note: To Frank and Lani, anytime you wish to say something for the reader/dancers of Oahu, you have "carte blanche" on any of our blogs.