Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The West Is Moving

This blog is still leading the way and Platinum Horseshoe blog is doing it's best to help get reader/dancers. All the blogs are getting more solid in hits daily but the law of diminishing returns is there. Our type of blogs need feedback from the reader/dancers, stronger feedback in the comments at the end of every blog is first. Then of course, the real meat and potatoes are the Two Centers. We are getting some good ones from Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and from Dance Appeal Studio. And nice that  lately we have run across some discussions on Tango. Wha' Dat?

"Social dancers find that in moving to their favorite music, it is in the performance
of a dedicated set of acts, from which comes the shape of achievement,
a sense of one's being, a satisfaction of spirit, that is social."

The ancient Indian Milonga was, is and could remain as a constant beat without any accent at all. And it was from several ancient Cat dances in the Southern part of South America. Nowadays if it has a syncopation either at the beginning or at the end of a measure, it should be quite permissible. However, the quick, quick, slow and the more often syncopation during the song is definitely Tango. And some very beautiful music has evolved throughout the years. Not many people in our dancing world understand this because in Tango on Oahu, it is the steps and moves and not the music that much. The lyrics? Wow!

"La Comparsita" by Carlos Gardel

The dance that the real Tango dancers are interested in has a much, much different view point.We have of course, the American Tango which was modified quite a bit by the dance teachers in the US from the Argentine Tango. What the hell do those savages in Argentina know about dancing? Then along came the British and they established the International style of dance and they invented what they considered to be da reel teeng. It was not really that bad at all. The Finnish developed their own, also based on the Argentine but more closely allied to music. It is spreading now throughout Europe as the Nordic Tango, in this century and considered closer to da reel teeng.

“Sometimes social dancers just want to stop and dance and celebrate
mortality. Stop and dance to feed your spirit.”