Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yes, We Dance

By Larry Sawaguchi, Liliha:
Most of the reader/dancers of these blogs are becoming aware that there are quite a few different dances being danced on Oahu. Many of which meld and merge into each other. The only one that has a distinct dividing line is the International Style of Dance. They are "strictly ballroom" and they have "adjudicators" that are trained to judge very exactly. They sincerely believe that they dance "correctly" and anyone that is not dancing their way is dancing - well just dancing. All dances have about 100 movements that partake in moving to music.

"It is not a tragedy to have only one talent. The tragedy is not using it."

Does anyone pretend to know them all? Of course not. After all, if you have a different dance it must be danced differently. But we should know that standing a woman on her head is not dancing. Flipping the lady over your shoulder is not dancing. Those are tricks, and there are a million of them out there. For exhibitions they are very nice and let us clap in appreciation. But after that, let us dance our way ("as if no one is watching") for the pure enjoyment of moving to music.  Most of us will try to learn as many of the one hundred basic moves as we can, those that can be led easily and followed easily.

"Till I Waltz Again With You" ... Theresa Brewer

Then we go for the music, be it live or canned. But the music is first, then we will move to the music in the basic movements and enjoy it to the fullest in that fashion. We are the real social dancers. The others are whatever they wish to call themselves, no hu hu. Most can already see that in blogs, there is direct and more current communication. It leaves an opening for comments in each blog and is receptive to more formal answers and opinions in the blog itself.  This learning process for all of us has been slow. We are just not accustomed to it. Social dance is more than just the dance for dance. The music, the people and the atmosphere, all lend themselves.

"For the Social Dancer, the dance maybe a prayer for the future, a remembrance
of the past and a joyful exclamation of thanks for the present.”