Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Club Dancer?

If it is your wish or desire to become a better dancer than you are now, it seems to be the opinion of many on Oahu that one of the most important factors is to be trainable. Not the same as street dancing. To be "trainable" you must be willing to receive information and apply it. You must check your ego at the class door and pick up your stiff upper lip. You must be willing to allow your teacher to critique your dancing, expose your weaknesses and make suggestions.

"Social dancers learned to embrace the dance and to accept the mistakes
they would probably make. And have fun doing it."

After all, that is what you are there for, - to become a better dancer. Their experience and their knowledge may be very extensive. Sometimes there may be very simple suggestions that are easily applied to your dancing. Other times it may take days, and even weeks to break old habits and retrain muscle memory that you have already established. Worth it? If you can have fun while learning then it is certainly worth it.

"Jingle Bells"

To prevent becoming stagnant, or at your current level of dance, you should continue to dance at your regular shindigs for fun somewhere. You know and understand that there will be many things that you wish to improve. Your turn technique, foot positions, connection, timing or even just the way you hold hands with your partner, Our type of dancing is always a work in progress. And we will have a ball every time.

"Social dancers like to dance because life is not a race, but it can keep us
on our toes. We would rather count dance steps than calories and
with each step we may leave our worries behind."