Monday, June 18, 2018

An Agonizing Reappraisal

With a good level of average hits per day, this blog is moving ahead of all the other blogs and making ready for the independence.  Of course no one knows what independence in this context means. It merely means that I would no longer be in it and there will be three or four Guest Bloggers running it and making their own rules. Hopefully all under sixty so that they can have a say so for a long while. The different blogs have provided a kind of synergism in attracting more readers. The secret is to find the Information and Photo Contributors willing to share with their fellow dancers. They are crucial and will eventually be "the Ones."

"Social dancers may feel that dance music is an emotional journey. It's how well
it can make people feel something that they do not feel all the time."

The entire blogosphere is shaping up but it doesn't look that good. I can see a few changes that I have to make but it isn't much. I am not planning on deleting any of the blogs yet but I am looking at Latin Rhythms very seriously. Most Latin in the disciplines and social clubs are part and parcel of the entire dance program. No real difference. But Latin music and dance is a different thing and if they cannot see it there is no use for Latin Rhythms blog. Meanwhile there are many dancers, teachers, and clubs that I will be trying to help with my blogging. But many will feel that they could ignore me, which is their choice, - No Hu Hu, Then after the fact, - I have the absolute right to ignore them. Easy to understand? I wish to play by the same rules and I do not have to talk stink about anyone.

 "Jump" by Van Halen

While it is natural to follow a teacher who you admire and take classes with, there are also many different dancers to interact with, different teachers to learn from and different styles to explore. If we have the music to bind us, the ideal is that a social dancer can dance with any other social dancer and communicate through the music. And there are two groups that consistently produce the best International Dancers on this Island. And there are also two groups that consistently produce the worst International Dancers on this Island. We are talking competition and since we are not competent to judge, you must do the judging.

"If you think positively: Sound becomes music and movement becomes dance. Smile becomes laughter, mind becomes meditation, and life becomes a celebration."

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I cannot get around very easily any more but I try to get dance information to share with the readers. Of course much of the information is known already by the aficionados. So my contribution may just add to what they have already. And the Palladium is still the center of Ballroom Dancing in Hawaii. Most of the dancing there is very well covered and they do not need any assistance from this blog. No hu hu, just understanding. These places for dance information are Dance Fever Oahu and Frank's two blogs which do an excellent job for the entire dance community.

"Social dancers know that when a dance becomes universal it is real and honest. It
transcends every difference that we have and reminds us we are one human family."

Meanwhile there is an awful lot of dancing outside of the Palladium. I don't hear of dancing in Malls and Gas Stations anymore but that is OK. Many of the social clubs have classes in school cafeterias as they always have. There are also some in Community Centers and District Parks. Nothing wrong with that. Friends, social interaction, music and learning dance steps make a very interesting evening. And of course there are the dance studios.

"Physical" by Olivia Newton-John

Then in Honolulu, you can dance socially any night of the week somewhere. Most places do their best business on Thursday through Sunday. and the rest of the days are special. Then you have your specialty dances which may or may not be in a night club. Of the specialties, Bachata and Salsa are the biggest groups in Night Clubs and the others are Country Dancing in Waikiki and other specialties such as Line Dancing and Argentine Tango. And all them could have something here to enhance their business.

"Truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it,
but, in the end, there it is."

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Not Too Bad

There is work to be done and I now I am pretty certain that Town Dancer and Platinum Horseshoe will remain at the head of the pack. Either one may go independent soon. Most of my statistic indicators hint at the point of diminishing returns for all of my blogs, and the entire enchilada is down because of SOS. The blogs all need that additional steady Guest Author with the photos of our different reader/dancers. And be the example for the others to follow. The variety is crucial for all the blogs.

"Many social dancers feel it, that when they dance,
they can enjoy the luxury of being themselves.” 

Of course I have bitten off a little more than I can chew, but I kept on hoping to get the Guest Authors necessary in Town Dancer to take it over. Then I could reduce my time on Town Dancer and I can really concentrate on getting the rest of them up. Maybe two administrators, and half a dozen Guest Authors and each one contribute once or twice per month. Wow, the readership would hit over 200 average hits per day and it would be all over this Island solid. For sure I would have the opportunity to resign in peace.

"Riders In The Sky" - Vaughn Monroe

Meanwhile, Latin Rhythms will remain at the bottom of the totem pole for a while. Kauai is just beginning to recognize us, Maui has a few people there that may be willing. And then there is the Big Island and I suspect there is a lot more dancing information than what has been available to me so far. I will have to be more patient. But my main interest remains the Island of Oahu because this entire group of social dancers will set the trend for all the islands.

So it all takes time, but if I could accomplish everything by tomorrow,
what would I do?

Friday, June 1, 2018


The social dancers on Oahu have got to be about the best in the Pacific. And we all accept that most may not have many of the fancy steps of the "great" ones.  They do have the basic skills of leading and following which are a critical part of the language of communication that is needed in the social dance world. Communicating on the dance floor with a total stranger is hot, and leading or following new moves is exciting. Most of our blogs are not for the very advanced dancers.

“Social dancers know that there are things that the heart thinks of,
that only the body understands and that is why we dance.”

For the leaders that develop their own routines with a few variations, there is that feeling of satisfaction and relief that the lady follows perfectly. Actually the follower is usually more astute because she learns to follow so many different routines. The ladies say it is like a roller coaster ride where they don't know what's coming next. but they know it will be fun. The more styles they are exposed to, the more capable they will become and the more people they will be able to dance with enjoyably.

Our social dance is evolving very nicely in this century. Some of the wheels in the dance community may have to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century but we cannot do that. If they do not want it, they shall not have it. But the sign on the door we leave open still says welcome.

"Is it true? That no one notices your tears, no one notices your sadness,
no one notices your pain but they all notice your mistakes."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Back On Track

All my blogs came under attack from the European Union about something. I do not have anything to do with Europe. However, I am very much interested in supporting the social dance scene on Oahu. Finally got this cleared away today. This blog still remains on top in spite of all the doo hickeys that get in the way. Now we just need feedback from our fellow dancers to make this the best blog in the Pacific.

“Social dancers don't breathe just to survive; they breathe to dance and feel alive.”

This blog will just naturally have most readers and bloggers from Honolulu and though most will be social dancers they will appreciate those in the exhibition and competition scenes. The connecting link will always be the beautiful music we are fortunate to hear in our dance shindigs. I also like the acceptance throughout the island of just plain good old style line dancers and getting some men involved too. Nice break in every evenings dance session, no matter where.

“It is difficult, when faced with a situation you cannot control,
to admit you can do nothing.”