Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Line Dancing on Oahu

Line dancing is most directly descended from the 1970s disco era, when America saw a great variety of new fad dances emerge, including the Electric Slide, which is being danced very enjoyably today in our regular socials. In this same era, country-and-western line dancing emerged. Some claim that line dancing finds its roots in historical folk dances; other say it stemmed from contemporary disco. What matters is what we are doing now in this century.

"Social dancers believe that thanks to dance they have stopped saying they can't
do that and started saying I will be able to do that, just give me a little time."

Whatever its source, popularity and growth of line dancing, it has been inextricably tied to country-and-western music. Since its birth, line dancing began incorporating many musical styles besides country. On the Mainland, Country music began to appear on the pop charts, and line dancing began to cross boundaries of income, race, age, and gender. On Oahu it began to be accepted in social dancing as part of the fun. On Oahu, two "bads" evolved, getting too fancy and not enough interest from the regular men partner dancers.

"Because Of You" by Tony Bennett

Now line dancing is considered an art form of its own, with its own terminology and standardized steps. The Line dancers need a little representation now and then. And perhaps we can give them help in our blogs. Somebody out there may think about it. We don't have the human power to cover everyone. We just have to get the first ones first and everyone should  understand why. At times they have wished to be a little too private and we will respect. They have been a very important factor in our social dance community.

"Some social dancers just love the way most dance music can put them in a trance."