Sunday, February 25, 2018


I really thought we were not due for the Law of Diminishing Returns so soon. But from the looks of the numbers for this year, it is pretty definite that we have arrived at a plateau. I am certain now that the lack of feedback is the reason. My numbers from a couple of months back pointed to somewhere this year and it may be here now.  All my love of numbers, experience and confidence for numbers have left me ill equipped to understand that some human motivations cannot be quantified or predicted.

Some social dancers say, 'Write about dancing? Dancing is not
something to write about, dancing is to dance.”

Specially that so many friends and acquaintances are perfectly capable of making their own decisions. Of course, the net result is that it makes for a more interesting readership when we get feedback from other sources. I have been too lax at getting more information contributors on dancing, They in turn are not quite sure of blogging and have been reluctant to share whatever they have. So we have our work cut out for all of us. Meanwhile you have Dance Fever Oahu and Frank's Blogs covering town and they have much dance information not available to us.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

We need at least one Line dance source and perhaps another ballroom dance source from West Oahu to establish the fact. Clones are not needed and there is a wealth of ideas in our Guest Bloggers. For us on this Island it is Town Dancer and Platinum Horseshoe. Town Dancer has many of the readers established by Calvin a couple years back. This coupled with Search Engine hits and and some scam, spam robot hits have it first place. However feedback is the solution for all our blogs and Platinum Horseshoe shows promise because of the kokua from Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club.

"Painting and architecture are a part of space. But only the dance
lives at once in both space and time."

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dance Blogging on Oahu

Definite after all these years and now with six blogs, the rules have evolved all by themselves. In our blog the most definite item is the SOS. (same old shit.) This is the viewpoint of the same person month after month which is fine except that we live in a much larger dance world on Oahu. So the comment space at the end of every one of blogs is an invitation from anyone who is not SOS. Very valuable but we get so very few.

“Social dancers like to watch other social dancers that are totally aware of themselves and dance their way in a manner that is decided by their hearts.

Our next category is the "Two Center," the information contributor willing to share their 2 cents, a little more with our fellow dancers by email. Perhaps a full paragraph or maybe more. A photo or two would be icing on the cake. The hits on the blog would certainly go up, specially if it is from teachers or officers of the various dance groups on Oahu. Then we could definitely plan on the next step, getting them in as a Guest Blogger of the Blog of their choice.

 "Haleiwa Hula" by Amy Hanaialii

Anyone in our dance community can volunteer to be Guest Blogger. Send me their email, which I send to Blogger. They in turn send you the invitation and the password is between you and Blogger. Once in, you can open the blog, write whatever, post graphics, delete if you wish or publish it all without saying Boo to anyone. You have in effect your own blog within our blog and you can post whenever and whatever you like. With more Guest Bloggers we do not have SOS anymore. And the hits will go through the roof. Simple?

“Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.”

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Hit Parade

In the coming year the dance blogs in Hawaii are going to get strategic about social media. Some Dance Clubs are becoming aware of counters. My criteria has been based on average hits per day. If a blog stays in single digit average per day hits I delete it. Most dance blog and web sites simply delete the counter and no one will ever know that they are just beating their gums. Of course just getting it into double digits is not enough. Now you must look for the material necessary to get the average hits per day in the 20s.

“The social dancers asked, to let them fly and show them how to dance on the wind.”

I do not know for sure but I do have some data with six blogs running. Five comments will give me one more average hit per day, and it matters little what they have to say. The readers can read that there is contact and I get less than that per month, One contribution of one or two paragraphs will get me one more average hit per day, and it is more certain if it closer to dancing. And the most valuable of all is the Guest Blogger and they are worth many hits per month. Our primary territory is Oahu with some expansion to the neighbor islands. Nationwide we are not.

"Jukebox Saturday Night" by Glenn Miller
(Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke & the Modernaires)

All of these fellow dancers will be looking for ways to help us move it throughout the dance environment that engage a far larger number of dancers.The existing blog sites are probably the easiest to utilize for most dance organizations. The complete page set up;is already there, together with existing hits. It would just be a matter of getting one of their members in as a guest blogger and learn the ropes. And with two of their people as guest bloggers, they could double the hits of whatever blog they choose. The only problem is for the guest bloggers to avoid being a rubber stamp of the club, for then they lose their effectiveness.

"Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good,
enjoy it because it will not last forever."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


As the Editor-in-Chief of my best blog site, I don't have much time left and I am hope to leave it to the right people this year. It has been my responsibility to publish accurate content that I thought would be beneficial for our readers. I have set and managed my audience’s expectations and crafted what I thought was the best experiences for them. When I first created a content-driven blog site, the platform may have been just an outlet for my own views. But I have found it that it has helped to educate readers who are interested in learning about our area of dance expertise on Oahu.

"Social dancers may feel that when they dance, they can forget everything else
and just feel happy moving to the music."

As time has gone on, I have built an information base, a readership and our readers have realized that they too have a unique opinion. I have an opportunity to offer our readers a new experience to share that opinion with our fellow dancers. I want to expand the type of content that I publish by bringing in other voices to our digital publication and let them eventually take over. Enter the Guest Blogger, anybody and whenever they wish, just should be your independent opinion.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

In a nutshell the Guest Bloggers have no commitments. They can blog whenever and whatever they want. It must be entirely up to them. When they wish to be a Guest Blogger, all they have to do is email me your email address and your chosen Blog name. I send it to Blogger, and the password is between you and them only. Then it is your blog within this blog with ready made readers. There will be more Guest Bloggers and when the hits go high enough we can all decide the best time for me to to resign from this blog. It will be all yours and you can make your own rules.

“Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.
But I repeat myself.” ― Mark Twain

Friday, February 9, 2018

American and International

By Jan Nagasaki, Kalealoa
You can generally trace many open American style foxtrot figures to things that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers did in various choreographic sequences in their movies. And because of their movies there was probably more influence of American style on English style than vice versa. It wasn't until the 1950s that English style really started catching on internationally because the British Empire still had influence. It came to be called International style. Between then and now, there has probably been more influence of International style on American than vice versa, but it's been influence on an established style, not a derivation.

“Dancers believe that in a time of deceit telling the truth may be a revolutionary act.”

Most British "documentation" had been heavily political in character. It was not simply descriptive, but also prescriptive, largely and primarily in the interests of the English dance teachers involved. They established a power base formed by having organized the first extensive dance competition system which they exported around the British Empire and much of the rest of the world. They then created, a "Viennese" Waltz with virtually no steps in it, over the strong objections of the Viennese masters and a Slow "English" Waltz with an extensive syllabus.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

They created "Jive," based on an American dance, and wonder why Americans don't conform to their "descriptions." They created Tango, which is quite different from the Argentine version it was based on. America was unusual in that it had its own active dance "documenters" who did more or less the same thing in the U.S. that the English did in England. Except that the Arthur Murray and the Fred Astaire schools differed somewhat in their interpretations of the American Style. With that clash, the U.S. became much less influential in the dance world and the style didn't spread very much. The English simply enforced their standards more broadly, they mostly decided who won the "International" competitions, after all.

"We can't always choose the music that life plays for us,
but we can choose how we dance to it."

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Year

So far the social dance situation on Oahu seems to be improving and many of us are curious as to where the new dance club will be coming from. I expect it from Kapolei, the Wainane Coast or the North Shore. There is some interest and small groups in house parties. Patience.

“I dance through life, living my bliss, steeped in joy.” ~ A Social Dancer

Meanwhile we had a nice weekend throughout the island. I was fortunate to be invited to Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club on Friday. Terrific social at the Wahiawa Recreation Center. I took my camera even though my hands are not working, but I pass it around. So many nice people there willing to take pictures of their good friends. Of course they are willing to share them with their fellow dancers in the blog. I had some left over for this blog. Others email me the photos and I blog'em.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges


Some clubs think in terms of Papparazzi, they believe we are benefiting too much from their good looks, talent, fame and good fortune. We are definitely not that, we intend to help not hinder. Once we get the point across we will be all right. Meanwhile, no hu hu and we will respectfully keep our distance and be patient for when they are ready.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

Of course, the maximum prize for these blogs is the Guest Bloggers. Those persons would have their own almost completely independent blog within this blog and have the advantage of already made readers. I can coach by email very easily. And the results will be the increase in  average hits per day. With enough Guest Bloggers, we could make plans for my resignation and the Guest Bloggers could have an independent Blog and they could set up their own rules.

“Social dancers believe that the job of our feet is walking,
but their hobby is dancing.”

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Latin Competitions

Latin people looking in on The Latin Competitions
By Brandis Riba, New Jersey

Latin people all agree that the Paso Doble is supposed to be intense but it is not really Latin. What they see at the competitions is grotesque facial contortions that border on hilarity. What they also see is overpowering jazz and disco elements choreographed to (sometimes Latin music) and called Latin dancing. Many find the women’s costumes distasteful and even shameful to their culture.

“Social dancers know that they can be creative only if they love life enough
that they want to enhance its beauty, they want to bring a little
more music to it, a little more dance to it.” 

As I dodge a few hurling tomatoes and crawl back to my desk, let me tell you what my Argentine and Uruguayan friends have taught me about the tango and their relationships with the competitions. Thanks to Argentine shows that have roared through the U.S. and Europe, the world now knows that the authentic tango is a completely different dance than what is displayed at the competitions. They are simply not the real thing. The proper recognition is coming, be patient.

"Cuesta Bajo" por Carlos Gardel

The history is fascinating, and it has to do with the original Milonga coming from the ancient Inca civilizations. Extending from Peru north to Ecuador, south to Chile and across the mountains into Brazil and Argentina. Argentine depressions and dictatorships that would cut her off from the rest of the world for decades. The Americans made their own Tango and the British made their own Tango. That leaves us in the process, which tango are we going learn to enjoy moving to the music in the most satisfying way?

"La Comparsita" by Placido Domingo