Sunday, March 11, 2018


The Night Club is not quite there in many places. Why aren’t there so many millennials patronizing night life venues nowadays? We know that millennials aren’t frequenting nightclubs often, but why? What are their reasons? Surveys have set out to find the answers. Millennials who were not regular nightclub attenders were asked for their reasons for not attending and they found millennials can go elsewhere to discover and listen to new music. And that they can’t have a decent conversation with people at nightclubs. Then there is the music for the particular dance crowd.

"Social dancers, hope that every dance they do reveals something
of themselves or some wonderful thing a human can be.” 

Bachata and Salsa have established their customers with the type of  music offered and do quite well. There are no Tango or Swing night clubs but they are there in the big cities on the mainland. And that leaves us with social dance music which includes a large part of Latin. Older more experienced millennials will gravitate towards this.Younger ones will remain in the more athletic type dancing such as hip hop and popping. They are all dancers in that they move to the music with their own interpretations.

"Aloha No Kalakaua byAmy Hanaiallii

Technology has played a tremendous role in how we source our entertainment and choose to communicate, which is a major change from the past. Generation X was highly depended on nightclubs to dictate what was worth listening to, hear new releases, and dance to those catchy beats. With advancements in technology and music streams at their very fingertips, the more experienced millennials discover the Oldies but Goodies. This music is the one they prefer to dance to and it provides much value for socialization.

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone,
but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”