Thursday, March 1, 2018

Second Place

After two decades of being in first place with more average hits per day than any other blog, the day is coming for Town Dancer. Sometime in the next month Platinum Horseshoe will become number one. Maile Yagi is the foremost information contributor and with dance information to share we get readers. Of course, many groups have a different outlook. They believe that the blogs are benefiting enormously on their talent, good looks, fame and good fortune. Something wrong there?

"Social dancers celebrate themselves when they dance and sing softly
to themselves. They are the song, the poem, the soil and a gem.
The can be the ocean and the voyage."

Eventually most of our "clients" will realize that they are getting the cheapest public relations in dancing circles with just a little kokua. The subject matter can vary and it will include your own unique point of view which is of real value. It will take some time before the groups realize that they coulda been a contendah! Next to the items of information are the candid photos of our dance scenes. And our friends in them of course.

"Til I Waltz Again With You" by Theresa Brewer

The Best in the West
The most important thing is that each blog will develop its own agenda, Watch what Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club is doing then do your own thing the way you want it. And the good thing is that no one on this island knows enough about blogs to make any iron tight predictions. I have been in it for two decades and what do I know?

"Social dancers just love it, when the lyrics to the song they are dancing,
totally apply to their current situation."