Sunday, April 15, 2018

Aiea Anniversary

Nice day and I got ready early. I have fumble itis and took my camera hoping I could get someone to get some photos for the blog. Also paper to get a few opinions and make it social media. I had made arrangements with the Handi Van on Friday and they got me there a little after six. The program said 6:30 but the dancers were there already jumping to that terrific music of Dj Bert Burgess.

The welcoming people were courteous but had me a little confused with the lottery ticket. Turned out nice. And I went around saying hello to my friends, many of which I have not seen in a long time. Paid my respects to Bert and Deanie and asked for help in getting some photos for the blog. Deanie recommended Vickie Hiramoto and she turned out to be one of the best photographers we have ever had. I thank her and I am sure that everyone else thanks her too. I have enough photos to make another blog in Platinum Horseshoe  

"Aiea family, good fun, let's dance." ~ Glen Hiramoto

The evening evolves into our type of social which must have dancing but it also has something else. "us." We are not clones and we all have our individual opinions. No hu hu, we can have some understanding, on and off the dance floor. It is so evident in the crowd tonight. Exhibition type dancers? Nothing wrong with that. Social type dancing? Why not? And these people are all friends. That is Aiea Ballroom Dance Association and we are fortunate to dance in this environment.

"Great, great people at Aiea Ballroom Dance" ~ Joyce Sakamoto

At near eight the food run began and I waited to get my piece. My pocket watch which had seemed alright was running slow. When I checked the official time, it was 9:05. My Handi Van had come at 8:30 and left without me. Cannot blame them. Walked to the bus stop, almost a mile. Got one bus going to town and then waited an hour to get the 42 bus to Pearlridge. Got home about midnight. My fault? Yes. But I am happy that I have enough photos for another blog.- Platinum Horseshoe.

"Exciting 63rd Anniversary for Aiea Ballroom, good music and friendly people."
~ Amadeo

Got another very good opinion but no name.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz