Wednesday, August 29, 2018


What is dance blogging?

Most simply, dance blogging is a place online where anyone can write blog posts of the dance scene and publish them for a specific audience. In our case it is the partner dancing on the Island of Oahu. Somebody may have missed us in Pakistan or Nigeria? No hu hu. The dancers on Oahu are our audience. The platform is a content management system that allows the bloggers to keep the blog posts organized for both the blogger and the readers. If a blog is a cake, the icing is the design which beautifully covers the cake (the content.)

“Social dancers believe that if you hear a different drummer, don’t march - dance!”

The cake stand is your blogging platform that holds it all up. Specifically, a blog platform is a database that holds all of your post text, images, and blog pages organized. Depending on the platform, you can also organize your posts further with tags, categories, and/or labels, but this is for experts. Hopefully, the readers of this blog will have a better idea of what a blogging platform can do for you.

"Take A Bow" by Madonna (1995)

Much of our dance information is plain old advertising and repeated too much can be grating. But initially it is always communication specially if is short, sweet and to the point. Videos are making a big impression on Facebook. They peaked at 3 Billion videos submitted daily to Facebook. Our dance blogs are quite different than other social media, they must invite "outside" opinions. That is the real gist of our dance blogging, a presentation of the many different opinions that are out there, and like noses, everyone has got one.

“The mind that is once enlightened cannot again become dark.”