Friday, August 17, 2018


Now that we are on the way down, the stats are still saying something and I must go with them. Even before my fall, Facebook was getting 50 million photos per day. Some people think it is better in Facebook than a blog. In this month Facebook is getting 3 billion videos per day. The blogs themselves have changed, so as to show me that we were approaching the point of diminishing returns with only one blogger. The intent will be on getting Town Dancer independent since it will be our best. It cannot be all of sudden, it should be done gradually as the Guest Bloggers become more knowledgeable on doing their own thing.

"Social dancers know that it helps to remember when we forget that
any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all.”

We are all very slowly learning on this island. Many of us dancers on Oahu may be ignorant of blogging but we are not stupid. With a cohesive network, there is no limit to the growth and development of individuals and the whole dancing enchilada on this island, it is coming about very slowly.

"The Promise of a New Day" by Paula Abdul (1991)

Blogger's Law #22: When you need to knock on wood, is when you realize
that the world is composed of aluminum and vinyl."