Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Blogs Need Feedback

"Game changing innovations are few and far between. They are usually simple
concepts to describe but when they arrive it takes time to fully realize their
importance and impact. Television was a game-changer, mobile phones
were game-changers, Web and Blog sites are also game changers."

Of course, there are many small groups that find their fun in the Micros, such as Facebook and Twitter because they have possible contacts with the entire world. Maybe a reader in Nigeria, or Finland. Don't knock it, if they are having fun, that is the name of the game. However our readers are over 90% residents of the Island of Oahu which amounts to less the 40 thousand dancers. But we have real value in our blogs for they enable us to communicate with each other on a much broader scale than word of mouth.

"With A Song In My Heart" by Frankie Laine

Received from Maile Yagi
We are just finding out about a possible night club in Waianae. Then Kapolei is looking good. If either of them can get a dance floor of over 400 square feet, they got it made in the shade. Let us know and we will write it up. The North Shore has already made several attempts. They know that the difference between a Lounge and a Night Club is a "dance floor." However for us old time dancers, a ten by ten is not a "dance floor."

"Social dancers may think that the dance is poetry born out of the
sheer joy of moving to one's favorite music."

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