Saturday, June 25, 2022

Pandemic in Hawaii

Despite no decrease in COVID-19 case numbers the state’s pandemic strategy is shifting from an emergency response to public health management. The Trumpanzees have taken over while many still believe that it is NOT over. The state’s management of the pandemic will treat the novel coronavirus as a conventional illness like the flu for the time being “We do have the tools to limit severe disease and its impact on our community,” Governor Ige said. “We are not planning to impose new mask mandates or vaccination requirements at this point in time. We will continue to evaluate the situation and take actions as required.” Cases are going to go up? Of course.

At Tripler Medical Center. 99% are vaccinated. Every one is required to wear a mask, social distance is respected and hand cleanser is easily available. The Results: Few cases, no deaths. Apparently the state government does not have this information. The cases in Hawaii will go up and Monkeypox is coming in.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Biden Team Doing Great

Joe Biden ran for president on the most ambitious climate platform in history, and so far he’s living up to that promise, in spite of all the interference by the Trumpanzees. Biden had said “When I think about climate change, I think about jobs.” His $2.7 trillion American Jobs Plan is rebuilding a much cleaner U.S. economy. And yes Trumpanzees are spending Big, Big Bucks to stop that.

The Gas companies are making Big, Big profits. The team is proposing billions for the transition to electric vehicles and clean electricity, support for clean manufacturing and more. It is the most ambitious climate plan ever, creating millions of jobs. Trumpanzees are spending millions of dollars to muck it up. And they continue to lie about it. Makes their Dirty Trump Four Year Disaster look even worse. Now that was a Fiasco.



Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Voter suppression

Voter suppression is alive and well across the South. Mississippi strips the right to vote from people convicted of certain felonies for the rest of their lives. An ongoing state investigation into voter suppression was launched in Georgia last year after counties with high populations of Black voters reported extraordinary waits in polling sites and restrictive ID requirements. In Florida, although Amendment 4 restored voting rights for millions of people with felony convictions, a legal battle is still being waged against what amounts to a modern-day poll tax: a requirement that legal financial obligations be paid in full before ballots are cast. And Alabama remains one of the most difficult places in the nation to cast a ballot. To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult for people who were already struggling against voter suppression to get out and cast a ballot. Trumpanzees are getting frantic. They are losing people.

Saturday, June 18, 2022


Most of us were expecting the Monkeypox to arrive in June. The first case of monkeypox in Hawaii was detected on June 1 when an individual was admitted to Tripler Army Medical Center with symptoms. Two most recent cases were reported this week.  With that, all five monkeypox cases reported here have been officially confirmed. The state Department of Health reported earlier this week that all five cases are connected on Oahu but no mention of a cluster. At least one of the neighbor islands will get it before the end of the month.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Mexican in Texas

Americans of Mexican descent are not black so many consider themselves "White." They don't "declare" it they just accept it Not knowing that the "real whites" do not consider them White. In politics the higher you go in Money class the more conservative you get. In Texas they are just learning. People or Money.

Texas has well over 40% of the population as "White." Another classification is the Hispanic Whites, less than 40% of the Texas population. The lower classes are just that and never accepted as white in normal everyday society. With good money, education, living in a good class sector they almost accepted even if they think they are completely.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Votes -Everybody?

Voter Suppression has come into great prominence during the Trump Four Year Disaster. In the U.S. it has been any legal or extralegal measure or strategy whose purpose or practical effect has been to reduce voting, or registering to vote, by any that are not Trumpanzees. The simple fact remains, there more Democrats than Trumpanzees. Generally Democrats accept that men, women, and all races should be eligible to vote.

When the GOP began with Lincoln, it was "For the People." They were human beings. Gradually they began the contamination with MONEY. It has gone into both parties but for some reason, it has permeated more strongly into the GOP with the Trumpanzees. They have the reputation "for the Money." We have a few Rats along with our Fat Cats but nothing like Trumpanzees. And we have the reputation, "for the People.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Insurrection

On January 6, 2021, Trumpanzees stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to prevent the certification of the 2020 presidential election results. While the insurrection was not successful, it certainly represented a dangerous threat to US democracy. And it continues to be an important event to understand and discuss. Unfortunately some political and media narratives offer oversimplified or misleading explanations of what happened.

The House committee has been investigating the events of January 6 and has interviewed over 250 witnesses, and more information will likely continue to emerge about the insurrection and its causes. Understanding the events that occurred on January 6, 2021, requires careful reading, rigorous thinking, and an appreciation for the complex array of causes at work in history and current events. Many of the "peasants" have already been sentenced to jail time and more coming. The big ones are holding on for dear life, with Delay and Deny tactics.