Thursday, November 29, 2012

Competition Dancing

By Stanley Moon, Waimanalo:

Competitive dance has been a popular, widespread activity in which competitors performed dances in any of several permitted dance styles for a century. These were known as contests in the old days and the judges just knew what they liked.  These dances such as acrobatic, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, and tap are still before a common group of judges.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace."

This is in contrast with other activities that involve competition among dancers based on purpose, or specific dance style, such as pom squad, ballroom, sequence, latin, ceremonial, and caberet dance. The strictest in all detail is the International Style of Dance. Judges must be highly qualified and have even evolved a different terminology, Adjudicators. This must be strictly "class."

So that in Hawaii, it is well known that two groups consistently produce the best International dancers on Oahu for competition. By the same token, there are two groups that consistently produce the worst dancers. We are talking "competition dancing." Any of those people, are far better judges than I. On television it is strictly show business.
"I Can Dream, Can't I"   ...   Andrews Sisters

The competitive dance industry largely consists of competition production companies. They are also sometimes called dance competition companies and they conduct regional competitions at stops along their annual, nationwide tours. Mostly for the very young crowd, (under 20.) We are overdue for one in Hawaii. May get one for the new Dance Pavilion at the Patsy Mink Recreation Park in Waipio. There are several professional dance studios that could compete.

Competitive dancers must be physically fit because even short dances can be physically demanding. Also, dancers must continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility. Competitive dancing requires dedication as many months may be spent practicing dance and developing dance routines.

It is not the same as Cultural Dancing on this island. We get better by just dancing today wherever, and we dance tomorrow wherever, and we just keep on dancing and having a ball. Somehow we seem  to be having a little more fun. *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: It is slowly forming all by itself, a new dance force, for Truth, Inclusion and Innovation and made "of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers." Let it roll!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dance Blogging

Interesting observation: It looks like the top blogs on this island are going to be Town Dancer, Oahu And Beyond and the Honolulu Dance Guide, all at well over one hundred average hits per day. That  is each one can generate more than 3000 hits per month. Not only that, but each has the potential of going over 200 hits per day depending on the additional Guest Author. That  is communication. Out here in the middle of the Pacific, it is remarkable.

"I have not failed. I've just found 1,000 ways that won't work."

Of course, my work is cut out for me. Dancing in the Dark, Central Valley, Oahu-West and Nanakuli Ridge are all below the magic 1000 hits per month. One of them may be dropped, and I have no idea which one. It won't be Nanakuli Ridge because that is my private blog, but it will probably be one of the others.
"Yes, I have been invited to an avoidance. An avoidance?
What's that? It's a dance for people who hate each other."

It depends mostly on the Information/Photo contributors and the Guest Author wherever. The blogs that get the information to share with the readers will be ones to stay. However, there is another very important factor, the new dance club.

Ewa Beach is the best one on the market and they have had at least three in the last 20 years that fizzled out. Next is Waikele or Waipio, (virgin territory) then one in the upper Moanalua Corridor, maybe Pearl City. The Waianae Coast shows flickers but nothing for the near future.

Another problem is finding a place to dance. But our blogosphere is getting its chance to evolve as a unit. A good American Style dance teacher for Guest Author, a place to dance and we have it made, in the shade.

Pub's Side Note: Finally found out how to copy a you tube video clip with a nice song to my computer. Then I found out how to put them into a disk. I could get over fifty into a disk, but to test maybe ten and have ten small shows with very good music. Now I have to find someone in the Kapolei Chapter with some good speakers on their computer. I will give it to them to try it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dancing Around

We consider our Cultural dance to be any dance where you hold your partner in your arms, and the man leads and the lady follows. Cultural dance covers, waltz, foxtrot, tango, cha cha, swing, salsa, mambo, merengue, hustle, rumba, bolero, jive, samba. There maybe a few dozen others, many of them that are considered specialties and require special fans.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."

For now the required basics are few. Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Swing and Line dancing at break time are on the solid agenda. Samba and Tango are in process of evolution away from strict syllabus International and American styles and progressing nicely. There are too many movements in the discipline dances that are "exhibition type."

But most disciplines begin the "class" or exhibition kine stuff late in the intermediate class. This after they have only cover a couple dozen moves, having left out an equal amount. The cultural dancer may consider at least 25 as basic movements and at least 20 as intermediate. This for dancing socially. Anything in the advanced is considered for show, exhibition kine.

Most of our dancing is not dictated from up above anywhere. Waltz is danced because in cultural dancing they can enjoy the basic music of waltz. We will not have anything to do with Quick Step or Paso Doble. We can respect those people, they should do as they wish, but we do not have a duty to follow anyone's dictation of what we should dance and how. West Coast Swing is beginning to swing more. Salsa has peaked. Bachata is making inroads and none of it is being dictated from up above wherever that may be.

Pub's Side Note: Ordinary Communication Media - To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, web sites. Yes, they do their job, it jest ain't bloggin'!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Buses, cheap - Rail, Big Big Bucks

We have just touched the benefits of the articulated bus (tandem) and the top brass in the city now is aware that the costs of the rail are ten times greater than the use of articulated buses.

"There is no failure except in no longer trying."

The main benefits of an articulated bus over the double-decker bus are rapid simultaneous boarding and disembarkation through more and larger doors, much larger passenger capacity (120+ versus 80−90), increased stability arising from a lower centre of gravity, smaller frontal area gives less air resistance than double decker buses thus better fuel efficiency, often a smaller turning radius, higher maximum service speed, and improved accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly.

One third of the fleet would cost over 40 million, but it is minor compared with Rail.
These alone would ease the traffic along that corridor and in town too.

An exorbitantly costly rapid transit heavy rail project has been proposed for the small Hawaiian island of Oahu, where the leading metropolis, Honolulu, ranks 53rd in population among U.S. cities, with less than 600,000 people. If the project moves forward it will be the world's only elevated heavy rail in a metro area with a population of under four million. But there are the few that are slated to make billions and billions of dollars in profits.

The Chinese are now introducing the bi-articulated (two tandems.) These buses very
carefully placed would enhance the traffic for the entire island, one third the fleet
 would be about 60 million. The freeway? Where is everybody? Together that
would be about 100 million. An awful long ways from the billions and
billions of dollars that the rail would cost.

Why? It is not for the people, it's da money, honey. And they have paid millions to our representatives in the legislature who know little or nothing about the rail. But they do know where the money is coming from in "donations." As they say over at PRP, very simply, "they can be bought."

Not only that but the Chinese are not stupid. They have proven data that the buses are five times more effective in the transportation of human beings than rail. Not to mention that the rail cost ten times as much. They are now experimenting with the Tri-Articulated bus. (three tandems.) Is the Quad-Articulated far behind? They are leading the way for the rest of the dummies world.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dis n Dat

This industrial park would fit very nicely in the Ewa plain but the rail
people voted against it. 1000 people could work here and live near here.
"I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

Went to a club in town and through some mistake by the disc jockey, he played a rumba that included the intro. Beautiful, hadn't done that in years. "Shall we dance? and the lady agreed and we walked onto the dance floor while the intro was going. We swayed back and forth enjoying the beautiful music and when the main theme came on we were ready. I waited for the accent and broke on the rock step and she followed, it was a beautiful gratifying dance.

"Peg O' My Heart"   ...   Buddy Clark

And it's gotta stop! What good reason do we have to do this insane thing of moving to music? In some modern civilizations many people learn to overcome these awful tendencies. You have seen perfectly educated people, with earphones, frantically trying to keep from moving to the music coming into their ears. Perhaps organizations could set up "Dancers Anonymous." Or perhaps we could make some new laws. The rich could pay the Supreme Court to make Dancing illegal. Or we could do more to accept religions that prohibit such nonsense. This natural instinct in humans must be abolished.
"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every person has plenty;
not on your past misfortunes, of which all people have some."

The two ladies met up with their local priest and complained about their two female parrots who blurted out some pretty nasty things and embarrassed them. The priest replied "I have two male parrots that I have taught to pray with the rosary and they know a lot about the bible. Bring your parrots over and my parrots will teach them a little religion."

That afternoon the ladies brought the two female parrots and they were put in the cage with the male parrots. The first thing they said was "Hi, we are prostitutes, you wanna have some fun?"

The older of the two male parrots looked over and told the younger. "You can put the rosaries away, son, our prayers have been answered."

Luis Miguel back in his younger days. He did not have to pay his current squeeze for playing the part, but he gave her a small token of his appreciation, a $2000 necklace. The song is still one of the most beautiful Latin songs in existence. I  remember it from fifty years back. You can sway to the intro and then you will hear the theme begin with all the little noises required, you have that Latin sound and you move.

Pub's Side Note: Hope you have a fast internet, and some good speakers or earphones. Otherwise, it would be better to skip it. Mahalo.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teaching Dance

The truth is that anybody can teach anybody to dance. And people can learn from others. But! There is a difference in results by different people and that is what counts. There are many ramifications of this. There are many studios on the mainland that now require a Degree in Dance to be a teacher. We have on this Island many good teachers of the International Style of Dance that do not have that degree.

"We can always find something to be thankful for, and there may be reasons why we ought to be thankful for even those dispensations which appear dark and frowning."

However we have excellent "dancers" teaching and some mediocre "dancers" teaching. The results are different, yes. And the best dancers are not always the best teachers and likewise the best teachers are not always the best dancers. Everyone seems to agree with this.

On the island of Oahu where the Rootzi Tootzis developed the term "junk dancer," they very much believe in the competition concept and have very conveniently overlooked some of the results of the teaching. Two groups have consistently produced the best International Style dancers on this Island. And by the same token, there are two groups that have consistently produced the worst International Style dancers on this Island. You people are better judges than I, you figure it out.

Cultural dance is quite different, in that it is the art of expressing music and emotion in movement. Learning traditional social dance will ensure that you can perform in a regular dance floor of a social dance. Your role is cut out for you. It's a challenge, but it can transform any person's life for the best with the minimum of formal teaching and you can have a ball while learning.

Most of us remain in a class by ourselves, just enjoying moving to music,
but it should be our kind of music.
"Y Volvere"   ...   Los Bunkers

The following song is not the simple central american jungle version, early 70s. This is Managua, a band, big city, big audience, different presentation, more syncopation. But I like it  too. I am testing these for the blogs.

Dimly lit, but if you can get to heart of the music, you can dance your heart out. Then I still have to find out if you can choose from the others that are available. Then if your computer (the grey) can keep ahead of the playing. (the red)

Pub's Side Note: There may still be chance to stop the rail, and keep the city, city.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Blogs Are Moving

No big swings in total average hits anymore. They go up slowly, maybe 20 or 30 points then come down slowly 10 to 20 points. Then swing up again 20 or 30 and down again 10 to 20 points. The net result, of course, is that we are gaining reader/dancers every day and I see no signs of the point of diminishing returns - yet.

"Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference."

The "Good People" in the side bar of this blog are coming along fine. And since we have so many good people it can last forever. One of these days I can have somebody in charge of this and they can take care of it.

Then we also have "Good Teachers." We just have never set it up. I was thinking of Oahu And Beyond and start with the Good Teachers of the America Style of Dance. Since it is the most common among social dancers. Perhaps I can find some good teachers to help me on this. Later on if they wish they can add International style teachers too.

"Stormy Weather"   ...   Lena Horne

The information and photo contributors make a difference. The "up" period lasts longer and the down phase is shorter. This is affected even more when a Guest Author makes his posts, Wow.

The photos coming in from the outside are also coming in better. four to eight people and much better of not "peas in a pod" style. The best ones are going into the slide show and everyone seems to be going for that. The blogs are pretty much the same for now but with time we will have plenty of differences according to the territiory and that is what does it. Overlapping should not be a problem.

"Green Eyes"   ...   Jimmy Dorsey (Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell)

The good Rumba Links are moving OK, but not so good with the folks that do not have fast internet or the speakers for the music. Those with good speakers connected to their computers or good earphones (about $60 bucks) will get some terrific sounds. Anyone that has Firefox as a browser should be able to download either the full video or just the music.

Then we must polish the ethnic Holidays according to the people in our kuleana. We always have had Chinese New Year, but now we need a holiday for the Japanese and the Filipinos. We can include others later. I don't know but the guest authors that are coming will have something to say.

Pub's Side Note: It is slowly forming, all by itself, a new dance force, for Truth, Inclusion and Innovation and made "of the dancers, by the dancers and for the dancers." And the key is in the Guest Authors. Let the good times roll!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Pau Hana Dance

From Makaha to the Salt Lake, there are very slight rumbles on the Pau Hana dance. Many say "it is a very good idea, now let us go on to some thing more important." So it is something which may be a non thing for now. And then there are some that have no idea what we mean.

"Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement."

Right now, in Pearl City, Waipio or Pearlridge, there is a place just waiting to be transformed and used every Wednesday evening for a Pau Hana Dance. What's Dat? A dance that starts right after work and take the place of an ordinary happy hour, just handled much differently.

First, because dancers are not drunks you can't make it on the bar. So you must have a small cover. If you can get 80 people at $5, you have 400 dollars to start your kitty. With the drinks at reasonable rates, and an extra juice bar. Food snacks that you can eat with chopsticks and you've got it. You hire Da Spin Doctor for the music and it is all easy as pie.

People will dance and drink, (300ft2 dance floor) they will also dance and eat and they will also dance and socialize, every thing pau by nine and everybody goes home with light traffic. They will have had over a three hour break in the middle of the week. They get home early enough to get some sleep and wake up refreshed for the short week ahead. Can anybody ask for anything more?

Pub's Side Note: Those guys that are going to make billions and billions on the rail have been a little quiet lately. They must be celebrating, the billions and billions of dollars that will be coming in from now on. They have already hired the ones that have to shovel the money into the safes. Good thing the people in the entire state have got the money for these people. It's gonna cost big bucks.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Recreational Dancer

By Robert Taniguchi, Kalama Valley

Most every thing in life is divided into convenient, small, medium and large. Dancing is no different. We have beginners, intermediates and advanced in every discipline. These blogs have been going over the basics for beginners and most dancers can have a very enjoyable time in that category. It is very important and we find some nice things to learn in dance.

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

After we have acquired a few years of experience we find that we have allowed our teachers to take us to a more fun level of dance. This is the time when through repetition we begin to make what is unfamiliar into part of our own. The body does not interpret right or wrong, just familiarity.

Our attentivenes and cooperative learning constantly must be supported by time on the dance floor having fun. You learn to make changes on your own, hopefully for the better. Continue to be open to suggestions. Keep your goals short term, somewhat challenging but definitely obtainable. Things that can become building blocks for dancing and aid your confidence.
"That Lucky Old Sun"   ...   Frankie Laine

I take ocassional lessons at a social dance club and I pick them very carefully. Most are interested in teaching steps and patterns and that is what I need. There is enough to learn about dancing in three lifetimes without subjecting your self to being delayed by a controlled learning curve.

I will accept that I will never dance in exhibition or competition dancing. I just seek where my errors and weaknesses are both physically and mentally and try to eliminate them. No big hurry I just get better every day and you do too. As I grow older, I hear it more often, a lady will tell me, "You dance very nicely." That mellow glow can last for several days.  *  *  *  *

Publ's Side Note: Buses are in worst shape, need more buses, but more cars will be used. Parking in town going to $500/month. I am glad you can afford it.


Rumba in West Oahu

They are sure dancing some good Rumba in the West. The only thing that has messed up the American Rumba is the square step basic "invented" by Arthur Murray, with a slow, quick, quick.
He sued Fred Astaire for using the same basic and he won. What do the courts know about dancing? So Fred Astaire changed the timing to quick, quick,slow which was closer to the real thing. Break on the two count and rock. In most dance studios on the mainland the Rock step is introduced as an "alternative basic."

"A person may fall many times, but they will not be a failure
until they say that someone pushed them."
In West Oahu, they use mainly the Arthur Murray, slow, quick, quick. But many are gradually moving over to the rock step followed by a slow. The ladies that are versed in International follow this easily. All the other movements in the American go as smoothly as ever. And the dancers in the West are really moving it.

Fred Astaire studios use theirs to this very day and since they run most of the competitions those are the rules. Naturally. That division of the American Style of dance has cost them a lot of dancers that came under the solid, one rule of the International Style of dance.


Of course the club dancer is not required to dance Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire or International Style. All he is required to do is move in the most natural way to the music. But if he is influenced by Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire and the International Style of dance, fine. From there, he can lead, and the lady can follow and they can dance up a storm.

So in Rumba, some studios will teach the rock step as an alternate basic. And you inceasingly have Club Dancers using the rock step and slow as basic and breaking on the accent whether it is on the one or the two. Everything else is the same.

Pub's Side Note: You can skip the music if you don't have the speakers or phones for it. And if you have Firefox for a browser, you can download the entire video or just the music.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

San Diego Bus Transportation

The population of San Diego is just little more than the entire state of Hawaii. And like most cities, throughout the United States, the idea is to get people off the streets and highways and onto Public Transportation. But they realized that cannot pass a law for this. They must make riding in Public Transportation a pleasant and acceptable journey. Once that is accepted, what follows is natural. "Why buck all that traffic in my car when I can ride the bus in comfort and I can get the bus right around the corner."

"In a world flagrant with the failures of civilization,
what is there particularly immortal about our own?"

They still have trolleys (their only rail) in San Diego, seem like mini trains, some are perhaps three cars long and seem to be riding in the middle of the street. Not good. That too will pass. A modern Chinese bus with over 100 passengers each would be much more comfortable and efficient. Wherever you would go on these buses, you could be sure there are almost one hundred cars missing on the street right in front of the bus. The drivers are sitting in the bus. There no record of anyone every wanting to ride in "cattle car" a la Honolulu.

 Chinese buses, seating over 100 passengers. With increased "leg room."
21st century thinking. Not in Honolulu, here it is the big big bucks in profits.

The Rail came up briefly in San Diego but everyone seemed to know that getting to a Rail is a difficult proposition for most people.  Fortunately the administrators of the city were able to see the pitfalls in a rail system in a city of that size and they were not conned.

Important Notice in San Diego:
The Sabre Springs/Peñasquitos Transit Center will be closing for about one year beginning in late January or early February 2013. The closure is necessary to construct a multi-level parking garage and enhanced transit center for the new I-15 Bus Rapid Transit project. Additional details (specific closure date and Park & Ride alternatives) will be posted in early January.

These administrators intend to make it comfortable and to treat people like human beings. These are 21st century thinkers for this size city. Honolulu ivory tower thinking is different and "cattle" cars are a disgrace to the entire community. Somebody has to do something to alleviate all these suffering users of Honolulu Transportation. Remember when they were among the best?

Pub's Side Note: The Dow Jones, closing Industrial Average is published every Friday. The last three numbers are used for the Laptop Lottery in Nanakuli Ridge and Oahu - West blogs.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modern Dance

By Franklin Lum, Turtle Bay.

By World War II, American dance had evolved in several directions. But the spirit of the early modern dance pioneers lived on in the work of Jose Limon, whom many consider the greatest performer in the history of modern dance.

"Learning to walk sets you free.  Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all:
to express with your whole self the person you are."

No, not martial arts!
Limon was born in Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa. His family, displaced by the Mexican Revolution, moved to the United States when he was seven years old.  As a young man, Limon enrolled in art school in New York but later dropped out, complaining that it was not his style.

He immediately began to study dance with Charles Weidman and Doris Humphrey. From 1930 to 1940, Limon danced in concert works and Broadway shows, beginning with Irving Berlin’s As Thousands Cheer in 1932.

During those years he also began to choreograph his own works. Many of Limon’s dances, such as Danzas Mexicanas (1939), had Mexican or Spanish themes. After serving in World War II, Limon formed his own company and enjoyed great success both in the United States and abroad. Today he is remembered for his commanding stage presence and for the seemingly effortless use of his body to communicate subtle ideas and emotions.

"Till The End Of Time"   ...   Perry Como

From Wikipedia.
When Limon danced he showed his true feelings, a great passion, intensity, and mainly spontaneity. “ Limon’s choreography embodies the impulse and drive of his dancing, but it is clear that the Apollonian mind was there informing his thought and giving shape to his creation.

He had great skill in developing and varying movement from a supreme economy of thematic material. His works based on theme and variation are so harmoniously conceived that it is hard to imagine any gesture, motion or choreographic element not being essential to the whole.

He was a genius choreographer who understood and played with the music perfectly. He combined his phrases with counterpoint “adding dimension to the music” Not all the choreographers were able to combine so gracefully, music with dance during the 20th century like him.

Pub's Side Note: It has been agreed again, there are two groups on Oahu who consistently, year after year produce the best International dancers on this Island. Competitions? you got'em.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tempo, Timing and Rhythm

By Russell Kawamoto, Village Park

A complete working knowledge of music structure is unnecessary in order for the average beginner dancer to begin to understand the essentials. In fact, many competitors will readily admit they have only a limited knowledge of the music. For anyone studying to perform  or compete, having this knowledge would certainly be an edge. Of course loving the music first gives you the biggest edge.

"I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants."

Tempo should be the easiest for the beginner to recognize. The music sounds too fast or too slow or just right. You don't have to go by any stop watches though it may be handy. Less than 40 beats per minute, Fox Trot, over 40 beats  per minute Quickstep. You want  to use a stop watch, go ahead. Most will find it easy to tell a Slow Waltz from a Viennese Waltz.

The Latin dances are usually  the easiest. A Bolero is slower than a Rumba, but I have never seen anyone use a stop watch. Important, yes, but in recreational dancing the DJs usually do a good job and the tempi is very nicely danceable
 "Chattanooga Choo Choo"   ...   Glenn Miller (Tex Beneke)

Timing begins to get more technical. All dance music is divided into, and made up of, a series of spaced, reoccurring beats grouped into small clusters, called Bars. The regulation of occurrence, pace, or coordination to achieve a desired effect, as in dance music, Knowing how many beats per Bar are being played, is knowing its time. and this hints at what the dance is. Slow Waltz is written in 3 beats to the bar and your dance patterns are fitted to each bar. Slow Fox Trot and  Quickstep are 4 beats to the bar. Most Tangos are in 2 beat to the Bar, but a few are written in four. Most dancers have a good idea, and just use the natural moves to the music they like and it can be quite easy.

 "Take The "A" Train"   ...   Duke Ellington

Rhythm is often confused with Time and sometimes mistaken for Tempo. Simply put, Rhythm is the regular repetition of accented beats within the music. The rhythm is tied in with the music the dancer is dancing  to. They can feel the ONE, two, three in the Waltz and feel free to move within its parameters. They can feel the One, two, three, Four in the Rumba and feel free to move to that rhythm.

Most beginners that wish to learn to dance already have most of the requirements. They begin by knowing the type of music rhythm they want to dance to. They find that their body discovers the rhythm on its own and starts moving naturally to the music.

You can watch others and that helps, whether in a dance club, at a dance studio, or in a movie. Listen for the drumbeat, and notice how the dancers' bodies mimic the rhythm of the drum. Practice at home moving different parts of your body to the the music  Notice that you can follow the beat with any part of your body, or even several parts at once.

Listen to the drum beating in the music as you move, and let your feet follow the rhythm just as your hands, toes, and other body parts did before. Practice using other parts of your body to add more expression as you continue the basic dance step. You've already learned the dance rhythm---the more you practice, the more you'll be able to do it without even thinking about it.

Before you know it you will be adding new moves to the music of your choice and you will realize you have become a cultural dancer.  *  *  *  *

Pub's Side Note: Automobile sales are going up, naturally. Riding the present "cattle" cars is for the birds and with a forced rail in ten years, not much choice anymore.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Lost (plural)

Every user of the disaster referred to as public transportation on Oahu knows that we do not need rail. But we do need buses, desperately and right now. The present administration of Honolulu does not have a clue. They have been paid to have eyes only for a useless rail that may be in use ten years from now, and the people be damned.

 So many users were waiting for this in vain.

Everyone was invited to an island wide Town Hall Meeting in Ewa Beach regarding The Bus cuts. As the months ticked by, the "public" (cattle?) who use our (once famous and world renowned) The Bus system, realized that it is crumbling to the stress of a failed public transportation system thanks to The Bus cuts. And the buck shall not be passed.

"Dollars and Sense do not always travel together."

Mayor Carlisle refused to assist the public by opening Bill 14 to allow emergency funding for unanticipated circumstances. The Mayor and his administration, Department of Transportation (DTS) Director Wayne Yoshioka, and Oahu Transit Services Director Roger Morton all received invitations to come and address the community regarding The Bus cuts and all declined.

New Chinese bus seating more than 100 passengers, with "extra leg room."
They are 21st century people, not treating passengers like cattle, (Honolulu.)

The office of Councilman Berg "One good man" requested they send a subordinate in their place to represent them but they also declined to send a single person from their offices to speak to the public about The Bus cuts. How about that? Instead the Town Hall Meeting focused on bringing light and documentation to the concerns, effects and testimony of the citizens affected by The Bus cuts.

We must fight on and replace some with Persons that are for the people not for the big bucks. And we can replace the "cattle" cars, with Public Transportation worthy of all our citizens who are human beings. The liars will eventually be revealed and Caldwell has to take the blame.

Pub's Side Note: None of our representatives on the Waianae Coast have a clue to this either. We must continue to get together and give the users of Public Transportation what they need and not what the ivory towers think they need. And right now, at this very moment, the people need buses desperately. Ain't nobody in our city government worried about that?

Just Wait!

All we can do now is wait and hope that those lying Polls were not believed and the truth shall set us free.

"How High The Moon"   ...   Les Paul and Mary Ford

Richie is doing a good job in keeping the dance scene alive and interesting for us. He has a good blog in Town Dancer and another in Oahu And Beyond. Check them out and get the latest scoop. I hope all the people involved in these dancing scenes appreciate his efforts. We need more like him. Not clones just their own honest opinions. That is what makes a blog, and it becomes social media.

"My Way"   ...   Frank Sinatra

 A drummer, tired from being ridiculed by his peers, decides to learn how to play some "real" musical instruments. He goes to a music store, walks in, approaches the store clerk, and says "I'll take that red trumpet over there and that accordion."
The store clerk looks at him a bit funny, and replies "OK, you can have the fire extinguisher but the radiator's got to stay".

"Cathy's Clown"   ...   Everly Brothers

by John Prichett
And The Star Advertiser in now learning, they got on the wrong side of the rail and leaned too far. So they are losing more than that. They are consistently wrong in their polls that end up favoring their viewpoints.

Other news publications are coming to the forefront. Honolulu Weekly, Midweek, Honolulu Civic Beat and Hawaii Reporter. These new publications are giving us Da Reel Teeng, not that warmed over crap they think we deserve. Bye Bye newspaper.