Wednesday, February 25, 2015


As physically handicapped that I am now I still get around and plenty on the Internet. I am gradually getting some help and my dream remains to see one of my best blogs go independent. I reserve the "junk" blogs for me. Patience.

"When a well packaged web of untruths has been sold to the masses over generations,
truth may seem preposterous and the writer of truth, a raving lunatic."

Jason Wulf of Swing Maui used to come closer than any other communication from Maui for the reader/dancers of this blog. But of course, most people are used to flyers and that kind of communication. This is not a Web site, this is a blog site and I would like to make it Social Media if I can. It will take time.

We are beginning to exchange views on the Island of Oahu and many good blogs with many good points. I would like to see it spread to the Neighbor Islands. We, the Social Dancers of Hawaii have needed that, to make the proper decisions that will benefit all of us.

Many are picking up on the "comfortable" basic for the American Rumba that is neither Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire. Also many are picking up on the "Bronze" division (beginners) that should have at least 30 basic movements that would allow most people to dance well with that limitation.

You wanna get good, go into the Silver division with another good 30 basic movements and you have it made in the shade. The Gold could be strictly for exhibition and competition dancers. There is plenty room there. There are close to 700 documented steps (patterns) in Salsa alone for an example.

"You Are The Sun, Hawaii" by Loyal Garner

Foreign Signs translated - almost to the English:

In a Budapest Zoo; Please do not feed the animals. If you have suitable food, give it to guard on duty.

On a menu in Swiss Restaurant; Our wines leave you nothing to hope for.

In an East African newspaper; A new swimming pool is rapidly taking shape since the contractors have thrown in the bulk of their workers.

from Maurice

Dance Hawaii
Week of February 23rd, 2015 to March 1st, 2015
Maurice T Morita, president
Cell phone #: 808-225-0326
Email address:
mailing address: 808 Ahua st. #82, Honolulu, Hi. 96819

Friday nights
Koko head Recreation center
in Hawaii Kai community room

Cost: $20.00 for one dance class per person
/$40.00 for two dance classes
Parks & Recreation requirement: minimum 8 students / maximum 16 students

Dates of dance classes, (10 dance classes)
January 30, 2015
February 6, 13, 20, 27, 2015
March 6, 13, 20, 27, 2015
April 10, 2015 (no class on april 3rd-good friday)

"Tengo Mi Cha Cha Cha" by Rene Touzet

Senior Instructors: Sally Forges
Dance Assistants: Maurice Morita & Betty Torricer
6:30 p.m. American social rhumba
7:30 p.m. American social cha cha
8:30 p.m. dance class ends

"We can look back but not too much, we are not going that way."

Most people around dance the American Style which is just fine because most of the dancing we will cover will be American Style or something similar. Waltz is usually our best bet, since Country Style and American are very compatible and can interchange partners very easily. The ladies are just marvelous in following a good lead.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

And there is a local night club that has dancing. They are welcome to give notice in this blog. We try to help the entire social dance environment.

Pub's Side Note: We cannot do what one person tells us to do. But we can certainly hear what many of you say and then we must move accordingly.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Not so good. It is tottering around the mid teens in average hits per day. The Rail Disaster has had a devastating effect on the entire Corridor. But some people are making millions and millions of dollars in profits. So what's wrong with a little profit here and there? Does anyone know how much it costs for those "rubber stamps" on the HART board? Would be funny if it weren't so serious.

From the Creative Researchers And Producers in Honolulu:
“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it,
and eventually everyone will believe it”

West Honolulu led by Kalihi is shaping up to be a good place if you can find a place at least 3 blocks from the Rail Noise. Steel wheels on steel rail, is one of the most horrible sounds in the world. And that is why the Fat Cats are already thinking of some very low cost housing in that section. It will be the new slum area of Honolulu. There are many places in Kalihi that are developing into nice neighborhoods. Those with money want to get as far away from the Rail Catastrophe as possible.

There are still many residents in the non lessons mode, street or club dancing without formal teaching. But these people go to town for that. Specially since some of the Night Clubs are leaving this section. Now Kapolei and the Waianae Coast is looking better all the time. With 100 thousand residents, there are close to 5000 potential social dancers in the area. Another dance club is certain and of course the increase in Night Clubs with a dance floor.

"I'll Be Seeing You" by Jo Stafford

Anyway the West and Second City are going to be coming out of it in spite of the Rail Crisis. More people are getting on the band wagon. Da Rail Mess has got to go.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good Headstart

This blog has very good prospects. The search engines have already gathered material for Kokohead Dancing even though very little is us. Anyway the other search engines are sure to pick up this too. This separate and distinct blog that I have set up without thought of any head start was just lucky.

“This world was never about Truth or Lies. There are only hard facts.
Despite that, some who exist in this world mistakenly believe
that only Facts Favorable To Them are truths. They know
no other way to live.  Do you know all the Facts?”

Apparently there is already a dance studio there and they can post anything they wish in our Kokohead blog. These people in this area have had very good teachers and they do dance very well. We wish to disperse information to our fellow reader/dancers that they would enjoy. We could gradually get enough Information Contributors to get Kokohead blog published three or four times a week. After that, it would be relatively easy to get a few Guest Authors.

Then I could appoint a couple of Administrators and resign as Administrator. They could take it over, get more Guest Authors and run up the hits in the hundreds average per day, They would establish their own Social Media and independence, making their own rules. The best part is that there is no one that covers that section like we do, so it is all virgin territory. With time I will resign completely, I will have my hands full with the remaining blogs.

"Morning Dew" by Loyal Garner

Pub's Side Note: To our reader/dancers, please consider yourselves, now and henceforth, and no matter what anyone ever asks of you, free to do any damned thing you want as long as it doesn't hurt someone else unnecessarily.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


My computer just got too slow and too much virus junk so I had little choice. I use only Microsoft Defender, and it does just about the same as the others. They all let something through and if they are able to stop them they will always leave something behind goofing up the works. I reinstalled the original Operating System after carefully saving all my data. Then it takes a good five hours to get everything up to date again and wait a good day for everything to settle down.

"Music, Music, Music" by Theresa Brewer

"To most people, the beginning of the years is not a time or a season but a state of mind. To cherish peace
and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, to start to live a better life not only for our own benefit but for
others too. If we think on these things, there will develop the right thinking and over us will shine
many stars sending their gleam of hope to the world."

"Sentimental Journey" by Les Brown

I must begin to attend some dances around town, even though I cannot dance. I could take a couple cameras and with five or six pics from each one and a few items of interest to quote, it could evolve into a nice blog. I went to Makua Alii and did not stay long but no photos at all. I ran out of battery, my mistake.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Anyway, I haven't felt too good so I am glad I took a couple days off of this daily blogging. The hits are  just holding on for dear life. But the solution is clearly in the Two Centers and the Guest Authors. Platinum Horseshoe, Blogging Hawaii and/or Dancing Nights is the one that will overtake Town Dancer and we can all prepare for the independence.

Pub's Side Note:
"Member satisfaction does not have to be a goal.  It's the by product of a well run dance club." 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Latin Waltz

So, what is Latin Waltz? Not many people know what this is exactly. Who invented it? I've never seen a class on it, but it's has been a classic folk dance for over one hundred years ago mainly outside the Caribbean, mostly in Mexico and Central America.

"Perfection may not be attainable, but in chasing it,
we may catch excellence."

This is going to look really obvious once we get started. Basically, it's a hesitation waltz danced to Latin music and you can dance American Style very nicely to it. There is a ton of great Latin-American and Spanish music written in 3/4 time.

Some of it with a fairly fast tempo more like a Viennese Waltz and danced with a chasse, similar to dancing Samba, which keeps the progression to a minimum. The results are two different Waltzes and danced according to the tempo.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

This particular fast form of waltz is ideal not only for Latin music, but for any fast music in 3/4 time. Many of us have had fairly hideous experiences trying to dance Viennese Waltz socially. And we all know that not much is played by our terrific Djs.

Our local dance floors have been small and crowded, and dancers who have learned Viennese Waltz in the American style often stop short, right in the line of dance, to do one of the open figures that American style is known for.

Many dancers sit these out altogether. Also, unfortunately, many dancers who attempt Viennese Waltz do not have the speed or strength to dance continuously nor the floorcraft to make way for those who do. Latin Waltz is a legitimate way to dance to fast waltz music without becoming a hazard on the dance floor and without exceeding your own abilities.

"The Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page

This is also your chance to get in first with a style that could really catch on. Unfortunately it will not happen until we get the first Latin Dance Club. Our local dance floors are slowly getting bigger, but there are more and more social dancers. Which I think is awesome. Let's break in a new approach to fast waltz that's ideal for the social dance floor. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Very Slowly

But as slow is it is going, it is moving up in hits. Let's be patient. I am making a few contacts and most over there already have their own Web sites and Micros and think they do not need blogging. No can blame, not many know about blogging.

"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop."

Most people seem to accept East Honolulu as a bedroom community and are more than willing to work and play in town. They can really conceive of themselves as City People, they live in Honolulu. However, there seems to be a growing perception among many that they can live, work, play (and dance) in their own kuleana.

They all will have to pay for the Rail Mess, but they cannot be forced to use it like many in West Oahu. Price of eggs and milk to $7? Lucky you. Think of the section all the way to Makapuu Point. Covers a lot of ground and a lot of good people.

"Band of Gold" by Freda Payne

One "odder" nice thing is that most of the people dance American Style of Dance. They can dance in any social situation in Town, including Night Clubs with each other and without any discomfort. And those that dance country find the entire thing easy to accept. Very possible that there will be a new social dance club in the area and perhaps even a Night Club.

Pub's Side Note: Three of the most powerful tools for marketing a dance organization's services and products is through their Newsletters, Web and Blog sites. The benefits are many and it is the least expensive PR. They keep the organization's Name out in front of potential and current members, the media and Ballroom Dance Professionals.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Snew?

Town Dancer, being number one in average daily page views, was a natural to have become the first independent as soon as we would get a couple steady Information Contributors. However, it does not look like part of the plans, the reader/dancers make the decisions even if they don't know it. With the probability of getting additional Information Contributors and Guest Authors also interested in the "upper crust" of dancing, they would have done very well. But that may be in the future. I personally guarantee it and we must be patient. Later, much later.

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing --
that's why we recommend it daily."

Blogging Hawaii, Platinum Horseshoe and Dancing Nights are the ones going into contention for the social scene. A few more steady information contributors and/or Guest Authors and we will have these blogs moving with plenty of hits to enable us to know we are communicating. Then it is only finding the one with the most average hits per day and they can go independent. That is what I want to see.

Do you want to look like you could dance with the stars? Or do you want to just put a little extra fun in your life? If so, do not hesitate to contact any of the many social clubs on Oahu. With plenty of locations on Oahu, we make it easy for Hawaii residents to get extra pep in their step. From ballroom to Latin dancing, most of our instructors make it easy for you to walk in and dance out!

Pub's Side Note: So Rome was not built in a day. I will continue to try to help wherever I can. However, there are some who think I am receiving too much from their "good looks, talent, fame and good fortune." It is their decision and I will respect. Meanwhile, I have to find those I can help and I do not have too much time. I have work to do and I must be on my way. Good luck to all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Party Time

Wow, dance parties all over the place. Unfortunately mostly in Town. Nothing in the outskirts. Oh, well, we must be patient. The Rail Disaster is having a bad effect on the entire West Oahu and everyone is scrambling to find ways to avoid it. A place to work nearby is of the utmost importance. There will be no stopping second city.

"If Plan A doesn't work, Stay Cool, the alphabet contains 25 other letters."

The dancers don't say much even in the Micros like Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. We need their information in our blogs. The Two Center is still important with us. Just a photo of the gang and a few comments would do wonders. Share with your friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow dancers. Rolando Sanchez hitting Facebook pretty good.

Pub's Side Note: Perhaps someone can email us some photos of the occasion. The reader/dancers would eat that right up. Most of what we get is communication to our reader/dancers. Technically advertising is out. Posters lend color to our blogs, which will in time evolve into Social Media. Take your time.

"Rumba Motion is the same as Cuban Motion, and it gets lost the faster the rhythms."

Some News.

Direct from Gareth Au: Hey All,

Come on down to the St Louis Alumni Clubhouse on Thursday February 12 from 7-10:PM and party with "Hawaii's Hottest Oldies Band" WASABI!!

At least we can liven this blog up. Not getting much action in this territory. But we will sooner or later. Patience.

"The Green Grass Of Home" by Melveen Leed

If nothing moves we could include Kalihi as part of the Corridor to get some information moving about dancing. Then there is still the possibility of a night club in the old Salt Lake shopping center. Would be perfect. Plenty of parking space in the evening. Somebody, do something. The dancing fans await.

Pub's Side Note: Social media in dancing is not about technology, it is about pschology. The tools are always changing but the concepts -- the engagement, transparency, sharing and entertainment?? They are all still there and they still work, let's use'em.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Not Much Here

There isn't much but it still looks good:

Set beneath the towering green slopes of the Koolau Mountains, the Windward side offers a scenic alternative to Waikiki, with its dramatic ocean views, quiet beaches and off-the-beaten-path attractions. And I tried to go that far but it was no go.

"Control as much of your destiny as you can, or someone else will."

Take a short drive from Waikiki and Honolulu over the mountainous Pali Highway. Be sure to stop at the historic Nuuanu Pali Lookout for breathtaking views. You’ll notice immediately how much this side of the island is wetter and greener than the Leeward Coast.
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon and Garfunkel

In the shadow of these 2,000-foot Koolau mountain peaks, the Windward side features a laid-back atmosphere perfect for ocean lovers. Whether you’re kayaking off of Kailua Beach or body surfing in the waves of Waimanalo Beach, Kailua is a place to relax and enjoy the sea. However, it is very possible that the people would rather keep it more private.

So we will do the best we can as far as Kokohead. The Internet is looking good already. Much in there but not much of us, - yet. We will be there. Anybody from Kokohead and vicinity wanting to get on, fine. We welcome all. Let's Dance.

Friday, February 6, 2015

What Hoppened?

I cleaned out the scam spam robots that were running up useless hits, rearranged and opened new blogs and gave the entire blogsphere an overhaul. Results are nine blogs and definitely an over diluted readership. The entire enchilada is way down but starting up again slowly. And there are more changes due depending on the "hit parade."

"Real Leaders have no need to lead - They may be content to point the way."

Dancing has been rolling along very nicely in town in most ramifications. There are other very nice dance blogs with different views and different presentations. Should be just fine for all of us, they are getting dance information that is not available to us. We can all avoid the "rubber stamps." And that is my prime aim in our blogosphere. So the most indicated solution is the information contributor.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

The blogs are all increasing in hits except that it is very slow. They show little signs of the Law of Diminishing Returns. However there is always a plateau for any blog when I change the name. I don't know many factions in blogging but learning this enchilada has been fun. And another thing that I suspect is that this will not be the first blog that will go independent. It will be Platinum Horseshoe or Dancing Nights, they will get the Guest Authors necessary.

Blogger's Law #38D: Some errors will go unnoticed until a day after publication.

Pub's Side Note: I have forgotten to thank the VA for all they are doing for me during my health difficulties.
It sometimes seems as though they are doing too much and I don't really deserve it. Though the prognosis
is not that good from what I have experienced with these people, I feel that I will dance again and
my appreciation has no bounds.

Remains at the bottom

But we can expect that. We get no news from any other dancing placed in the vicinity and the only only one we have is Dance Hawaii and they have very little. I don't even know if they are willing to share a few photos now and then with their friends, relatives, neighbors and fellow dancers.

At the moment we have Gareth Au willing to share from his Facebook.
And our readers are eating it right up.

The Famous King Pins

The King Pins will be returning to The Elks Lodge (near the fountain at Kapiolani Park) on Friday, February 13, from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The King Pins have an Elks Club sponsor so friends of the King Pins may attend.

When you check in at the front desk, please sign in under the King Pins. The Elks Lodge has a large dance floor, great food and cocktails. Come join us for a night of rock 'n roll!

Of course, like all the other blogs, the Two Centers (the Information Contributors) are important simply because they contribute photos and/or social commentary interesting for the reader/dancers. It is is not SOS. (same old shit.) The difference in opinions in the Two Centers and the Guest Authors is what makes social media and the hits go through the roof. Meaning that someone is reading.

Primary could be our coverage of the dance clubs and their classes. The socials usually have the best write ups and photos. Then there are the Professional Studios and they can also contribute information and photos to share with the reader/dancers. With enough information and photos from several groups, we can have several good blogs per month and develop a good readership.

"Sweet Someone" by Don Ho

It this blog cannot do that, we can skip the Night Club action too and the hits will not be there. I will really not have much choice in the matter. Fortunately, the delete button on this computer is still working perfectly. It is all yours out there and no one else is going to make the decision.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Over But Not Out Yet

We have had fun from this blog and it was going great guns at one time. However we must accept the ultimate decision and that is made by the reader/dancers. And they usually base their decisions on pertinent information of their personal dance scene. The Rail Disaster has had a pretty bad effect all around. And no one is accepting property tax increases very nicely.

"In the course of events we have not been given a good blog or a bad blog. It was up to all of us to make it a good blog or a bad blog."

We needed news from Pearl City and readers have been informed that there is nothing there. We also needed news from Pearlridge and Aiea, but we have also been informed, that there is nothing there either. Well, what are you going to do?  Platinum Horseshoe may include some happening is this sector so we don't run a special blog here.

All the possible Information Contributors seem to live only in the lower part of Moanalua Corridor and a good steady one would certainly save this blog. And perhaps all the action will remain in the lower part of the Moanalua Corridor. Maybe other dance classes in Salt Lake or Foster Village. And a new Dance Club would clinch the blog perfectly. So at least for a while the Moanalua stays. Time will tell.

Platinum Horseshoe is definitely heading for a top rung and covers the section, Makaha down around Kalealoa and Ewa Beach and up through the central valley to the North Shore. Sea Country will cover only the Coast Kalealoa Harbor and up to Makaha. We are waiting for the dance club in this sector and we are ready, willing and able to help. As with the other blogs, the Guest Author will help determine direction and stability to any blog of their choosing.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

Pub's Side Note: Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They are not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you cannot do is ignore them, because they change things.