Sunday, May 31, 2015

Looking Up

There are sparks of dance in Niu Valley and Waimanalo. I hope one of them rubs off on this blog. A Good Two Center is what we need to share dance information with our reader/dancers. This blog still shows signs of making it.

"A complete life depends on what It was lived for"

While still the most popular social media network – Facebook is starting to lose its cool factor. If you search for “facebook losing its cool” on google, you’ll see thousands of entries. It has become too commercial and it benefits the big guys. And even though they’re approaching a billion users, the uptake has slowed down considerably.

You can also notice how loose the “active users” stats are. Just because there are so many users – there is only a small fraction that is actually active. They get 350 million photos per day. That is every day. They missed the one you didn't send yesterday. Ha! Locally, you can communicate better with your email.

"Shores Of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

Enchanted Lake looks pretty good too. However they just may be too rich for dancing foolishness. Since we lost Facebook, we got on Linkedin and Word Press and the hits still going up. We must be patient. Something will come around. Comments and a good Two Center will move this blog ahead very nicely.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Music Research on USB

Most social dancers dance to the music and the music is first. For some the movements in the dance are what count and the music though not immaterial is not first. For me the music is first and most interesting. I cannot get around much anymore so I am hoping to get Calvin and Richie to help me distribute these USB drives and maybe they can help find the proper recipients.

"Good-byes are just the start to Hellos. In short, leave the past in the past and say hello to a new beginning."

When I was in Nicaragua, most of our music was local Indian music and almost forty years later I came across a beauty, "Y Volvere" on the Internet. I copied and got it to Calvin, who in turn informed me of some thing similar in Carlos Santana. Sounded interesting and I began my research.

There are five separate videos for the song "Y Volvere" (I will return.) all on a USB thumb drive.

The first one I found (black & white) was the original composed and sung by Alain Barriere in French. Born in 1935, he wrote "Importe Moi" in 1968 and the music was nice. He was happy go lucky and made a nice living just by singing, writing his songs and being appreciated by his growing audience. It was wine, women and song but he finally married at the age of 40 in 1975.

The second version is by Carlos Santana and he plays it in his usual style, when he was the rage. Terrific guitar naturally, a lot of the main tune but also around it, over it, under it and his own sounds. Long enough though almost ten minutes.

Then in the 70s, (Third versions, black & white) the song got to South America and specially to a bunch of Indians from Chile. They had taken the name of their band from the bible, the Black Angels, In Spanish, Los Angeles Negros. Big Mistake in the US where no one was interest in latin music from the blacks in L. A. Germain de la Fuente, wrote the words in Spanish, was the leader, arranger and lead singer of the band. He spiced up the music and it was a smash hit through out South America. They eventually went all the way up to the US.

I found another video (black & white) of another Chilean group "Los Bunkers" (Fourth Version) and they had their own thing which was also very good, except that they had to have their hair in the their face. And they went all the way up to Mexico with it. This video I got was in Managua somewhere, dates and places very difficult to get.

The fifth version two decades later in Mexico, a younger group picks up on this classic with Lucero and Mariachis. People tell her she looks more beautiful without the hat. I must be prejudiced, I think she looks just as beautiful with the hat on. Real Indian style and a big success in Mexico, really turns the song into a real classic that will remain for at least another hundred years.

I have all videos on a USB promotional thumb drive from Town Dancer. If you want it, you should have good speakers on your computer or good earphones. The music comes out the same everywhere but with cheap speakers you get cheap sounds. Sorry. Send name and address and you can have it, I will mail it to you.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Going Great

Web sites and Blog sites are there but what do they do? The fact remains that until and unless we spend some time marketing our content not many are going to read it. This is one of those topics that most of us in the dance environment do not know much about. And many don't care.

"Do not wait; the time will never be just right. Start where
you are, work with whatever you have, and better tools
will be found as you go along."

And it hurts even more when we have spent hours trying to come up with a wonderful topic and created that perfect blog post we think will engage our readers but no one seems to notice its there. And it happens specially to single club Web sites and single blogger Blog sites where neither one is very well known to begin with.

It is hard convincing content marketing strategy to dance clubs and night clubs who do not understand the concept of creating content and distributing it freely to their potential members. More so is convincing them the concept of promoting that content so that more people can access that content easily, the pertinent dance information and the photos.

However, for a complete and a successful inbound marketing strategy, promoting the content through social media networks is an important part that should not be missed out on. Even though there is no set formula for a wild social media success, there are still a few steps that work and if taken properly would ensure our content gets the limelight it deserves. Each social media platform works differently and it is imperative to understand those differences to utilize these platforms to the fullest.

"Shave Ice" by Loyal Garner

Check out the recent Dancing Nights blog by Richie Fun with his good Two Center, Marie. That is "blogging" for the dancers. It is communication that works.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We Advance

Rarely does a restaurant delivery guy hope to make his career delivering food. Rarely does a sales clerk hope to remain a sales clerk. Rarely does the entry-level manual laborer hope to stay in that job forever. In our dancing circles, high-level dancers tend to attract high-level praise. Bronze level dancers often feel invisible; an unseen, unnoticed, unappreciated cog in the machine. But they are committed to get better.

 "Our sun may set this afternoon, but it will be sure to rise again tomorrow."

And that's a shame, because every dancer -- and every person -- deserves to be treated with respect. In our dance circles we don't have "Ala Wai dancers," or "Junk dancers. Every level of dancing is important and should be allowed to be enjoyed. Every dancer is important. So pick someone at your club. Or pick someone outside your dance community, and let them know that they are doing just fine.

"Shores of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

"Suerte [Whenever, wherever]" by Shakira

Doesn't matter. Just don't just offer a throwaway, "Good." Say "Good" and mean it. Or any sincere compliment will do. Or ask a question that shows respect for what that person does. For that moment, make sure the other person knows you see and appreciate them as a person, not just as a lost low level dancer.

We are going to be real social dancers in the real meaning of the word.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Town Dancer has been in front from the very beginning and no blog has been able to threaten their number one position until now. Blogging Hawaii is catching up with the help of the search engine hits and because Town Dancer has been slowing down. The Two Center is crucial for Blogging Hawaii. One good Two Center with regular dance information and a photo or two will put this up to Numbah One. And we can begin planning the independence.

"Our mission in life should not be merely to survive, but it could be to thrive;
and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

The social dance clubs in town are doing just fine and we believe there is dancing in Hawaii. There have been regular adjustments and the long standing top five are no longer the same. This happened in the last year and some people have a different top five than others. HBDA, IBDI, and Pan Pacific are still there. It is the other two that are questionable, none have counters so that doesn't help.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Salsa and Bachata are doing quite well in Night Clubs and even in some of the Dance Studios which is good for the Studios and the dancers. In Honolulu the dance studios are very slowly phasing into the Night Club business on weekends. Aloha Dancesport Center is leading the way.  It's a natural and the rest of the week can be very comfortable with dance lessons. And some people are now inquiring about Fred Astaire studios. The Dance Scene is Moving and we are dancing on Oahu.

 "Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

The outskirts of Honolulu are still slow, but the interest is increasing due to the horrible traffic situation in Honolulu. On Saturday night it can be bumper to bumper in Waikiki and it can take 20 minutes just to get out of the parking area. There will be places to have a ball closer to home and you can be home in 20 minutes.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

One of the Fat Cats from the Present Rail Party passed away and arrived at the Pearly Gates sweating and struggling with a large suitcase. Saint Peter says "Set it down and come on in." - "No way," barks the Fat Cat, "I have to bring it in with me."

Saint Peter is a nice guy and asks, "What could be in there that is so important?" The Fat Cat looks up, smiles and opens the suitcase to reveal 50 gold bricks. Peter's jaw drops, "You brought pavement?"

Sunday, May 24, 2015


This blog is slowly coming back very nicely.
It is hard to predict what problems we will have solved in our dance environment on Oahu. And of course new problems will arise. But we are gradually getting together to help each other, not tear each other down. That can be a big help for all of us. And the information and photos shared on these blogs will certainly help the situation. It will not be geared to anyone one club, but by, to and for the dancers on Oahu.

 "Enjoy the little things in life, because one day, you'll look back
and realize that they were actually the big things."

Received - Maile 1:00 AM

To: Maile Akaka Yagi
Saturday May 30, 2015 Full Ballroom -- 60th Anniversary at The Palladium
Theme Colors: Black, Red, & Gold -- (Asian Theme)

For Tickets or Information Ask any ABDA Member
or Call 808-292-1400 or 808-282-8430

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

After downtown Honolulu, the most heavily populated area in the entire Hawaiian Islands is the Moanalua Corridor. And it is due for the biggest bust up in history with the Rail Disaster. But the Big Bucks gotta be made. It's the dough, Moe, and the Fat Cats in downtown Honolulu rule. 

The Rising East

Should it be crucial to interest dancers in science? Most dancers on Oahu have some ember within them that carries their soul of curiosity. For many it is almost extinguished and could be fanned. For others it is like a flashlight with bad batteries. Just need new batteries.

 "We can consider ourselves a crayon. We might not be your favorite color,
but one day you are going to need us to complete your picture."

"Singing In The Rain" by Gene Kelly

We live in a time where it is possible to reignite our interest or reveal a goal that we didn't know we had - whatever empowers our curiosity about our natural dance world. When we see a problem, we can wonder how we can solve it. Rather than wonder how fast we can get away from it.

"Besame Mucho" by Englebert Humperdinck

We are gradually getting some good social dancers in the area that are aware of the rising need for a dance club in the East. Freeway travel and downtown traffic is becoming more of a hassle as the years go by. And we have at least 500 terrific dancers all the way up to Enchanted Lake. Good dance crowd and I have heard that we have a good dance studio in the vicinity. We shall dance on Oahu.

Friday, May 22, 2015

They Dance in the Philippines?

In the Philippine Ballroom Dance Boom, Women Lead
By Seth Mydans, from an old Internet article.

What was former Senator Rene Saguisag doing on the dance floor at the Inter-Continental Hotel, twirling a woman who is not his wife through the rapid paces of a tango?

"Every beginning is a consequence - every beginning ends some thing."

''It's exquisite!'' exclaimed the former Senator, once the chief spokesman for Corazon C. Aquino in her improbable rise to the presidency. ''It's good, clean fun and we have lost a lot of weight.''

His wife, Dulce, like him in her 50's, was not far away, gliding across the floor with a man half her age -- another addict of a craze for ballroom dancing that is sweeping through Asia. ''My wife loves me a million more times when I take her out dancing,'' Mr. Saguisag said. ''But we rarely dance with each other; we both have excellent dance instructors. My wife was born to dance. Wow!''

"Young At Heart" by Frank Sinatra

No one seems sure just how the current ballroom dancing fad got started, but in this century it has adapted itself around the region, taking on the colorations of different national cultures and including everything from the tango to the swing, though they seem to go more for the Latin dances.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage
to change the ones that I can, and the wisdom to know it's me."

With the interchange of dancers in the years to come there will be of a mixing in the types of dances preferred for Social Dances in the Pacific. And everyone seems to be going toward the Latin Dances. Paso Doble? fougetaboudit! That's strictly showbiz.

Steady as she goes.

Copyright law protects original creative works, such as software, video games, books, music, images, and videos. Copyright owners generally have the right to control certain unauthorized uses of their work (including the right to sue people who use their copyrighted work without permission). Fortunately on this blog most of our people are on the right track.

"Everyone has the right to their opinion. No one has the right
to be wrong in their facts."

Even if you have permission to use an image, you may need additional permission to use what is in the image (e.g., a photo of a sculpture, a person, or a logo) because someone else's copyright, trademark, or publicity rights might also be involved. You are responsible for obtaining all of the permissions and licenses necessary to use the content in your specific context. For us we must make every effort to avoid any of this. What we get from our readers should be permissible. Mahalo.

 And yes, we are all beginning to understand that the Rail Catastrophe is going to mess up the works for all in this area. But those people gotta make the Big Bucks. Millions and millions of dollars in profits. We have to find places far enough from the noise and the upset of the buildings around them. The Moanalua Corridor is the sector that will be developing the best. We will make it in spite of all that big mess. We shall dance on Oahu.

Pub's Side Note: A good idea of what is coming in from our good Two Centers is in the blogging of Richie Fun in the Town Dancer blog and the Dancing Nights blog. Good news for the reader/dancers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We are making it, slowly but surely. I have reached the limits of our blogosphere and I will leave it at eight blogs and several micros. It is only a matter of polish and getting those good Two Centers that are out there willing to share information with their fellow dancers. Fortunately we are getting some links from Niu Valley and from Waimanalo.

"You don't have to look back all the time. You are not going that way."

All music for dance has suggested speeds by the different disciplines. But for most dancers they will dance to whatever they can get that is danceable. The bandleaders and the DJs will make most decisions. However we have a choice of preferring some over others. If the Bandleaders and the DJs pay attention they will know which ones and which speeds are the best.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

We are also getting a little interest in dance in the Enchanted Lake and Aina Haina areas. This is the blog to get your stuff in. A photo of the gang would be appreciated by all. Comments, good and bad are also welcomed by our reader/dancers. We could develop a good group of Two Centers in this blog.

"If its right then great. If its wrong its an experience and a lessons learned"

Monday, May 18, 2015

New Dance Club

Yes, I heard about it in town, but most people realize that there are enough dance clubs in town already. And the Rail Crisis is going to screw up lot of people. Now a perfect spot for a new dance club is between the Stadium and Chinatown and far enough away from the Rail, steel on steel noise. There are plenty of dancers living in the area, many of which attend town functions only.

"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

Of course, dozens of dancers on Oahu who began as social dancers become interested in raising their level of expertise. Specially at the Palladium where they can see an advanced form of dancing that becomes a highly skilled and almost an athletic performance. And there are many that become interested in participating in exhibition and competition dancing. Shouldn't be any hu hu there.

We should all be able to understand and be supportive of these people. None of us are clones and we do not expect clones. We are all individuals with individual likes and dislikes. However we can also accept that many of us are just social dancers and that is the way we get our kicks.

"How Do You Mend A Broken Heart"
by The Bee Gees

Sorry folks but in Facebook I am out. Five years ago, it was easy to set up shop on Facebook and stand out. Just having an ordinary page was a marketing advantage, because you had access to a new pool of players and most web sites were either too lazy or unaware of any serious challenge. And there were too few dance blogs available.

These days however, there are millions of Facebook pages for everything from Tide detergent to kayak rentals in Tanzania and the whole system is becoming increasingly more commercial, competitive and challenging to navigate. Those who had the foresight to get into the game early are now reaping the benefits of that audience.

Those who are entering the field late are having a considerable uphill battle in front of them. It’s much, much harder to stand out in a crowded marketplace and that’s exactly what Facebook has become. They get 350 million photos daily. They missed one of yours? Those that have a business find their engagement, content creation and of course advertising costs way up. So I am out, Thank God!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

This Blog Remains.

Whatever is holding this blog from getting Two Centers and Guest Authors, we must accept and respect their status. Their average hits per day are going down, slowly but steadily. So it is imperative that we work on the next tier and see how we can get a couple of Two Centers for them. Dancing on Oahu is still growing.

"Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself."

Generally a successful blog for us is all about driving traffic to our blog site, and giving our readers easy to access content they can interact with at the click of a button. In our case the definite need is for the differences of opinion and viewpoint from each Two Center and even more so by that of the Guest Authors.

"Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Roberta Flack

Our best blog site builders will include all the inbuilt content management tools and great sharing options for social media. We can add or deduct functionality so that our readers can comment on what really speaks to them. Each blog will gradually mold itself to what the particular Two Centers, Guest Authors and readers want and it will be social dancing in Hawaii.

 "Band Of Gold" by Freda Payne

Everyone will become a judge, the hits will tell the tale and each blog will end up unique. We are still at the beginning. The Two Centers have emerged as the most crucial part of the equation for now, simply because I cannot get around, physically, as easily as I could before. And one of the blogs should become independent before the end of the year.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Facebook. Out

Now that I am definitely out, I'm finding it harder and harder to recommend Facebook to any of our reader/dancers.Yes, they have almost at a billion users.Yes, they receive 350 million photos daily. Yes, they have ridiculous amount of traffic. Yes, they have one of most powerful ad targeting systems. But that is not enough for me.

"Clouds will come floating into our lives, but they will no longer carry rain 
or usher storm, but add color to our sunset sky."

I just have a feeling we’re seeing the crest of Facebook’s domination and you may want to look more carefully into diversifying your digital assets. It’s not focused on users anymore. Some time back, Facebook started shifting its focus away from keeping users happy to keeping advertisers happy.
It seems that most of the “improvements” made were and are oriented towards revenue generation rather then user retention and engagement.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

Meanwhile without Facebook, (and I have also deleted Pinterest,) the average hits per day on our blogosphere continue to increase. So I must concentrate on the blogs I have and they can promote each other. The Two Centers, of course, will tell the tale. More Two Centers willing to share information give us more local readers. And then the possibility of getting a Guest Author from that group.

There are plenty of dancers in this sector but most are Downtown Oriented. As the traffic situation gets worse, more people are thinking more locally and there are more into social dancing. A Community Center with a dance floor one quarter the size of the Pallidium? Wow, perfect and dis da blog.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Blog?

Just met some young people from a religious organization trying to help in Nanakuli. They do not know what a blog is. I was amazed. It maybe possible that many of our readers are not very sure what a blog is either.

"We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery,
guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate.
The world is all gates, all opportunities."

"Knock Three Times" by Dawn

What Is A Blog?

In general a blog features articles on a particular topic. Ours is mostly on social dancing, but it may include many other things of interest to our reader/dancers. These articles are usually displayed as a list of short article descriptions in date order with the newest article at the top. And in our type of blogs, only one person blogging is referred to as SOS (same old shit.)

We have several classes of blogging people. It had at first been the reader/dancers as most important and we know who most of them are. However with time we have found that the Information Contributors (Two Centers) are the most important factors in our blogs. Those willing to share information and/or photos with their friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow dancers. And definitely not SOS. With Two Centers we got readers. Simple.

Of crucial importance are the Guest Authors, (also not SOS) who may get in, write and post photos, publish, save and get out all on their own without saying boo to anyone.  Eventually they will become the real meat and potatoes of our blogs, and become the owners, information contributors and readers of the blogs. With enough Guest Authors they will run up the hits and I can resign and they can make their own rules.

"Morning Dew" by Bruddah Iz

Most of our blogs will continue to focus on social dancing but many will introduce other types of dance too, such as the peripherals, like Salsa, Line, Swing and Tango. Many blogs will be much more broad and cover multiple topics like local dance news and current events. They can also be more personal, it is all up to the individual Guest Authors. They can write whatever they damn well please.

Pub's Side Note: Check out Richie Fun in the latest Dancing Nights and Town Dancer blogs. Now that is blogging. We are not born with it, we learn it.