Thursday, September 27, 2018

We Are Blogging

We are still getting some flyers that are meant for the entire world of dance, "To whom it may concern." Many are short, informative and necessary for those that have not seen the information. However we get very few that specifically apply to us the social dancers. We will get there and we accept because we must accept but it will be much better when we can develop these dance blogs into real social media.

"Social dancers learn to enjoy moving their bodies with ease and have the satisfaction of knowing that they may benefit from this Art for as long as they live."

That requires input from more people than we have now. The difference is being able to respond with our own independent opinions, whether the same or different. This is part of what is known as Web 2.0. A dance blog is what all "dance websites would like to be" updated on a regular basis, containing content that is of interest to a target audience of social dancers. Information easy to update and change. Our readers are gradually picking up on this action and the average hits per day are going up.

"Smooth" by Santana featuring Rob Thomas (1999)

From Maile Yagi

Since I am physically limited, I need some help. I live in Pearl City and West Oahu is easily accessible with the Handi Van. A good example was Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club Oktoberfest. Took the Handi Van to and from Wahiawa. Forgot the paper and pens to get quotes from anyone but I took the camera and extra batteries. I passed the camera around and got enough good ones for five collages of six photos each. We can sure thank the photographers. I posted three collages in Dancing Nights blog and next day I posted two collages to this Dance Blogs. Less than 20 photos, one blog, but thirty will guarantee two blogs.

Man who dances, drinks and carouses, wishes to meet woman who dances,
drinks and carouses. Object: dancing, drinking and carousing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I am gradually shifting my personal to Dance Blogs and this Social Dance Oahu will have to find its own definition. Our social dance clubs seem to be dividing into three different groups and all intertwined. The regular solid social dancers (us), the exhibition dancers and the viewers. The main body will still consist of the social - universal dancer. We just need more places where we as social dancers can dance. Wahiawa District Park has been a big help but we desperately need some action in Waipio & Mililani.

"For some dancers, the hardest step in learning to dance
was the first one they took into the studio.”

There must be nice Community Center that will not be adverse to Social Ballroom dancing. Yes, I know, very difficult. Of course we only have a few Dance Studios in the West and all will teach you whatever you want to learn. We don't expect any feedback from any of them in the immediate future. We can only hope to include and help them someday.This will all take time. And perhaps in this blog we could have the "dance couple of the month" in the side bar. Who votes?

"Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera (1999)

The Good People one month and the Good Teachers the next month and alternate. I don't know, I just throw them out and hope somebody picks up on them. I need some help there. It all comes under Public Relations and some may think "who needs it?" That is just fine with me, as long as everyone knows that it was their decision, we can leave them out. Meanwhile we can have a ball dancing up a storm and reading and writing about it.

“Social dancers often think, that it may take a good fall
to really know where you stand”

Monday, September 24, 2018

Central Valley

Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dot's in Wahaiawa got the Central Valley jumping. Just Tacos in Mililani has music but they will not do much good until they get a dance floor. From there Waipio will get a Social Dance Club or Dance Night Club. The Rail Catastrophe has awakened many residents. They want to live, work AND PLAY in their own Kuleanas.

“She danced her way right into his heart. Corny, but true.”

Many dance venues on Oahu have beautiful Web Sites. And yet few have counters on them. They don't have an idea of their readership. Single digit average day hits is not cutting it. You are just  beating your gums. A few have counters and they average over 20 hits per day, which includes search engine hits and ordinary scam spam robot hits. I get surges now and then from both of those outside sources. I have five blogs so, with comparisons, I got a good idea how many readers are on Oahu.

"If You Had My Love" by Jennifer Lopez   (1999)

From Consumer Report:
Facebook has slowly but surely eroded the privacy controls that were centrally important to attracting users in the first place, in an effort to make more data available to advertisers. ReadWriteWeb reports that many of the TOS and privacy changes have amounted to a bait-and-switch, with Facebook suggesting that such changes will make the site more useful when in reality, the changes only enabled Facebook and third-parties greater access to data.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz

Pub's Note: Yes, much of what is written in our blogs is copied from newsletters, magazines and other Blog sites. Rudyard Kipling once wrote:

"When Homer smote his blooming lyre. He’d heard men sing by land and sea;
And what he thought he might require, he went and took, -- the same as me."

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Wahiawa District Park, Oktoberfest

I prepared for this excursion and still forgot some things, paper and pen to write a few opinions in the the blog. The Handi Van got me there at a nice time and everything else was moving very nicely. I got the first person to take my camera and she got the majority of the photos. Others did help too. And there was no truth to the rumor of a keg of beer.

They always set up a nice background for taking photos and they are very good. I put some in yesterday's blog, Dancing Nights. But then I had enough photos for three collages in that blog. I still got two collages for this one. We were lucky to get a few people willing to help getting these good photos.

It has been written many times that the Polka was a simple Czech dance that was known and danced in the early 1800s long before the nobles got hold of it - it is a truly Czech folk dance. By 1835, this dance had spread to the ballrooms of Prague. From there, it spread to Vienna by 1839 and in 1840 was introduced in Paris by a Prague dance instructor. It was so well received by both dancers and dance masters in Paris that its popularity was referred to as "polkamania." The dance soon spread to London and was introduced to America in 1844. It remained a popular ballroom dance until the late 19th century. There are people that believe it is still being danced today in the 21st. century."

"Beer Barrel Polka" by The Andrews Sisters.  (1939)

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in
any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”
Dr. Seuss, - Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Lucky I have more than an ordinary counter. There is nothing extra in the writing of this blog but the hits are holding up very steady. My counter doesn't just count hits but can tell me where they came from. It this case, I am getting an awful lot of scam, spam robot hits. I don't know what benefit they get from it but they do bother. Then the counter used to tell me from what country. Now the biggest percentage is from "Unknown Region." So what do I know?

“With good music and a good dance, you enhance your physical,
emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.”

So the only way these blogs will progress will be from Feedback. The "Two Centers" willing to stick their 2 cents in dance information to share with our fellow dancers. The reader/dancers would be happy, the Two Centers would be happy, and the blog will have hits going through the roof. The blog will get to the point when they can refer to themselves as Social Media. We can cover the dance functions and make some terrific blogs. Finally we can make our Best Blog independent, (from me.)

"Believe"? by Cher (1999)

We will eventually have photos in every blog. They will not be seen in Nigeria or Pakistan like in Facebook, but they will be seen on Oahu by anybody and everybody. And we will know how to get the best photos. Like two people in the photo is more effective than one. Three is more effective than two. But 20 is not better than 19. Peas in a pod is not as good as an unsorted group. Too bad I have fumbleitis and I just have to pass my camera around and hope for the best.

"Social dancers know that about all you can do in life is be who you are.
Some people will like you for you. Some will like you for what you
can do for them, and some won’t like you at all."

Dance Structure On Oahu

Seventy years ago the English style was pretty much England and the US until the name change to International and then it spread throughout the "Empire." American style remained confined to the US and Canada with maybe 60-70 percent of the dancing. And there had been much influence of the American Style by the US military in the outlying posts such as the Philippines, China, Korea and Japan.
“Single social dancers some times feel like they’ve been dancing
with the same ten cute girls their whole life.”

Then International came to Hawaii in the 60s and some teachers were able to convince many in their recommendations that some American Style classes should be taken before taking International classes, This was a clear implication that International was at a level of dancing much more advanced than the lower class American style. Then they taught many of their moves as "correct" and they were accepted as a different style and done differently. Sounds logical to me and many took to it. However, within ten years, the statement came with no qualifications. Even today, many will flatly state, that they dance "correctly." By default anyone who does not dance that way is dancing "incorrectly."

 "Angel Of Mine" by Monica  (1999)

The noses of the "Rootzi Tootzis began to be lifted when observing Social Dancers at the time of the Palladium and there was the introduction of a new phrase, "Junk Dancer." It established the end of their upward climb, and showed the rise of the Social Dancer. American has always been more diverse and more subject to change among different factions and many teachers prefer those options. Even on this island we have some very good differences. International has more strictness from the governing body and it remains very close to the original beginnings for competitions. We are so fortunate that on Oahu we have had some of the best American Style teachers in the Pacific. We could just understand and respect each other.

"Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it." 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I have been fortunate to have had several people that have suggested "You should do this or that ..... etc." Which has been nice and in some cases has helped to defined my job description. But of course, few people on Oahu know anything about dance blogging including me. We are all just finding out by doing and knowing that there are 20 times more Web Sites than Blog Sites in the State of Hawaii.

“Social dancers believe that the real dance is a spontaneous body movement
that is in harmony with the beats of the music in your heart.”

We do need more people to try to share a little information and perhaps a couple photos of (you and your fellow dancers) enjoying yourselves in last nights shindig. Blogs are "current" and that is very interesting to our fellow dancers. Who knows, some of you may learn to like the sharing and the joy you give to others by doing so. Then you can surely phase over into a Guest Blogger and can open, write, post photos and close it all without saying "boo" to anyone.

"Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears (1999)

And the hits are guaranteed to go through the ceiling. It will no longer be SOS (same old shit.) And the new person will have become a blogger. Some of the wheels in the dance community have to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I will not do that. If they do not want it, they shall not have it from me. But the sign on the door I leave open still says welcome.

"Meanwhile, not everyone has to be the Chosen One. Not everyone has to be the
person who saves the world. Most people just have to live their lives the best
they can, doing things that are great for them, having great friends, trying to 
make their lives better, loving people properly. All the while knowing that the
 world may make little sense but they try to find a way to be happy anyway."

Monday, September 17, 2018


This blog is standing still. Not too bad but this is at a time when Facebook is receiving 3 billion videos per day. Town Dancer still remains our top blog. We still do not know who is running it, not much Feedback. But they keep pretty close to the social dancers of the dance community on Oahu, like most of us. So there seems to be plenty of reader/dancers in that category. With the others we can try to understand  and stay at a respectable distance. They have Web sites, so obviously for them, those are more effective means of communication.

“Social dancers believe it takes two, the lead picks the moves and the follow
executes them effectively and usually beautifully.”

From Maile Yagi

"Life is variable - a rich strain of music, suggesting a realm too fair to be."

Sunday, September 16, 2018

James and Yolanda Tilley

Hi Grandpa,
Attached are a few pics from the 50th anniversary party for my parents.
Hope you like them...Much love,
 Your Granddaughter, Tracey

My daughter Yolanda and her husband James

"Human beings grow best with encouragement and love. Today let every word
you speak (to yourself and others) be filled with kindness."


We are still looking for those that may be interested in reading, writing, looking and submitting photos and whatever it takes to make it our blogs into the Social Media of dance. This a test to see if I can set it up "long distance" since I am limited in getting around. I can just help to build it up and the Guest Bloggers will inherit it whenever they are ready. Most of our blogs are for the beginners and intermediate dancers. The advanced dancers already know it all, so there is not much they can learn in these blogs. There are other blogs for them and it should all be quite understandable. No Hu Hu.

"Have You Ever" by Brandy (1999)

“No persons are more frequently wrong, than those who will not admit they are wrong.”

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Blogging Along

We still need reader/dancers that are willing to share a few happy dance moments in time and perhaps a couple photos. Our fellow reader/dancers of this blog would be the same friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow dancers. There are those that have their own reasons for not sharing and we must respect, among them is the custom of advertising in ordinary media in the last century.  I can see that in our blog and realize that some bloggers can get the hits going into the stratosphere.

“Social dancers believe that dancing may be their heartbeat,
their soul, their true happiness.”

One good thing we are realizing is that the Big Band era was over 40 years ago then the Big Ballroom era soon followed. We, as social dancers are finding dance floors of less than 1000 square feet very comfortable for a group of 100 friends or so. In the photos we get just about everyone. Not the same with the big dances. Then only the big shots and the terrific exhibitions and we see them over and over again. Our blogs are different than that.

"I'm Your Angel" by R. Kelly & CĂ©line Dion  (1998)

Then we are spreading out. The Moanalua Corridor has been pretty well screwed up the Rail Catastrophe But Kapolei and beyond up the Waianae Coast looks good. The North Shore is showing good signs. The Central Valley has always been solid with Wahiawa Ballroom Dance Club and Dot's in Wahiawa. Now Mililani has Just Tacos with good music. And Waipio is not far behind in the planning, - a perfect spot.

"Social dancers think that the best revenge may be to just
smile, move on, and do nothing."

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ballroom Dancing

By Jason Lombard. Mililani

Ballroom dancing has been the most practiced form of social dance on Oahu in the last century just like the rest of Hawaii. And ballroom dancing has gradually divided itself into groups. The first when the American style discipline was introduce on Oahu in the 50s and somewhat different than the street or social dancers. And in the 60s the Peripherals, the Swing dancers and the Argentine Tango dancers. Shortly thereafter arrived the first Internationals. By the 80s we had the Social dancers at about 20%, the Peripherals at 10%, the American at 40% and the International dancers at 30%, and all under the description - Ballroom Dancers.

“Social dancers learn quickly that life doesn't always go the way they want it to,
and that's okay, they still dance on.”

Then came the Palladium in the old style of the Big Ballrooms. And the Internationals were on the rise and there was much printed matter advising the dancers. Even suggesting they should have some lessons and experience in American before taking International classes. Clearly an implication that International was on a higher plane than American. In the Palladium, arose terms "Ala Wai Dancer" and "Junk Dancer," to describe the non International. We can plainly see that International Style of Dance peaked shortly thereafter.

"I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith (1998)

Meanwhile the social dancers on Oahu were increasing and dancing in small intimate groups, in Gas Stations, Malls, Parks, School Cafeterias and if lucky, in a District Park or a Community Center. There were more Social Clubs forming and the type of dancing remains in the American Style but readily interchangeable with the Night Club and the Social Club environment. In this century it is the Social Dancer that will prevail socially. You have a different view of it? Your welcome.

"Social dancers believe that the stupid neither forgive nor forget;
the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but never forget."

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Year

It is a new year for me. Today, I will have completed my 93rd trip around the Sun on this Spaceship Earth. I consider myself very fortunate when along the way I have lost so many good friends. It is a tragedy when they have died too young to enjoy life just living around good friends. Me, I have had my time in the Sun, I have no complaints.

“Social dancers believe that there is no limit to what a person can do
when they have been inspired by the dance!”

The Hit Counter did not have the complete answer to our problems: Hit counters help, but by themselves are almost meaningless. You must compare your Web or Blog site with others in your same or approximate category. I am limited mostly to mine because everyone else got rid of theirs. So it best that we able to compare to find out if we are just beating our gums. I have reduced my blogs from the Swinging Six to the Fabulous Five. "Platinum Horseshoe" blog is in process of being deleted.

"My All" by Mariah Carey (1998)

Hit counters can be public or non-public. If they are non-public, or "invisible", only the webmaster can see how many times the page has been viewed. And if they are not seen, there is a reason. Technically, hit counters measure requests sent by a visitor’s browser to a server. Each time a visitor’s browser requests to see a page on your site, this request is relayed through your server, and is called a hit. There is a high potential for confusion here, because log analysis also involves the interpretation of "hits." I do not worry about this anymore.

“Social dancers believe that the things they do for themselves are gone when they are gone,
but the things they do for others remain as their legacy.”

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


By Jason Abucay, Haleiwa

In Hawaii, the social dancers refer to the term "Swing dancing" as generically to one or all of the following swing era dances: Lindy Hop, Lindy Charleston, Shag, Balboa and Blues. This group is often extended to include West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Jive, Rock and Roll, Modern Jive, and other dances developing in the 1940s and later. In other world scenes, Latin dances such as salsa and Tango are often taught and danced within the "Swing scene."

“Social dancers believe that the rhythm of the dance lies in the music.”

For many scenes tap dancing and a range of other jazz dances are considered key, as are hip hop and other contemporary African American street dances. The variations continue, dictated by local dance community interests. Many dedicated swing dancers today argue that it is important to dance many styles of partner dance to improve technique, but also to reflect the historical relationship between these dances in the swing era of the 1920s and 1930s. Social dancers prefer East Coast swing for all swing music at all the social dances.

"Together Again" by Janet Jackson (1998)

In the Savoy Ballroom in New York, a long time ago, bands would often play waltzes, Latin songs and so on, as well as swinging jazz. Dancers were often familiar with a wide range of popular and traditional dances. The Swing Dancers on this island have a way to go in defining themselves. For now they are mostly a nice gang of compatible people and they enjoy dancing with each other. One of them will some day write their opinion of swing in their club that will be of much value to our reader/dancers. For now we will include a little swing dancing in our social dance menu.

"Social dancers have learned that the simplest of times may bring the grandest of
pleasures and that the hardest goodbyes often lead to the best hellos."

Monday, September 10, 2018

Gittin' Thar

Looking over the Island of Oahu, "our kuleana," I find Web and Blog sites from around the Central Pacific. There are dance blogs enabling hundreds of dancers to express their opinions with a reduced political risk simply because of the sheer number of like-minded opinions online. Facing these independent voices, the old clique machines start to crumble. Oahu? Many of our reader/dancers have friends and/or relatives living in these sections. Patience.

“Many Social Dancers believe that dance is the art closest to nature,
and because it involves socializing is closer to real life.”

Perhaps some of them may be interested in reading, writing, looking and submitting photos and whatever it takes to make these blogs into "Social Media" of social dance. This a test to see if I can can set it up at some distance, simply because I am mobile dificient. I can only help to build it up and they will inherit it whenever they are ready. I am trying to make some connection with the North Shore, and also for something in the Waianae Coast. I have been told that there are plenty dancers there. We will see what we will see.

"Honey" by Mariah Carey (1997)

The main thing is that the Rail Tragedy is already screwing up the works in the West and the city government. More people are getting interested in dancing on West Oahu. The American style of dance is popular and in some social dance clubs, the DJs will play, Bachata, Salsa, Hustle and Two Step, none of which are syllabi of either of the disciplines. But many dancers love it. So it looks very good for the American Style and the Social Dancers, especially if they get a few bands playing out there in some nice cozy clubs.

"Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait.
Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try."

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Blogging is not "Ordinary Communication Media" - To whom it may concern, one way, newsletters, email flyers, advertising, web sites. They do their job but there ain't nuttin' like a blog. It is enough to give me pause to rethink the situation and delete another blog. If the possible reader/dancers cannot communicate pertinent information to me, I am limited in publishing what social media must have. If I, in turn, do not get the hits, then that is ample evidence of wasted time.

“Social dancers believe that you can use your body to free your mind.
That's the blessing bestowed by dancing to good music.” 

The places in town are pretty set, with terrific Web sites, good advertising, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. So they may look upon blogs as superfluous. All my blogs operate mostly on the SOS method. (same old shit) because it is mostly me, where as it should include all 40 thousand dancers on Oahu. Actually the hits go up when I have one or two information contributors. The blog most indicated to be deleted is ???.

"Un-Break My Heart" by Toni Braxton (1996)

From Kapolei and up the Waianae Coast to Makaha, is the number one upcoming spot. All because of the Rail Catastrophe. Ko Ilima already has something going but it is pretty upscale. Something like Cholo's Homestyle on the North Shore with a bigger dance floor would be perfect. Live music is better because they play more oldies but goodies. But some DJ's understand Social Dance Music which is for a more experience crowd.

"Many social dancers believe that if you can laugh at it, you can live with it."

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hot Stuff

This blog was at one time my personal blog to alert my relatives and friends on the mainland and perhaps a few on Oahu too. But it has turned into a catch all. The rest of the blogs will be available to acquire Information and Photo Contributors and hopefully full fledged Guest Bloggers. They in turn can help me decide the appropriate time to resign and let the blogs become independent. The best blogs must go. The junk blogs will remain mine.

“Social dancers believe that there is only one of them in all time, this expression is unique. And if they block the dance, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”

I have thought about Maui for a new dance scene but that is too much trouble. I have already set up my "final rites" on this Island so I will just have to put up with living where I live and try to find a nicer place. I will do whatever I can in whatever sunset time remains for me. I just got a raise in VA pension money from the VA and they want to raise my rent 1000 dollars. I must find another place. The local Social Worker is trying to help me. With the blogs I need information and photos. Just email them in and I will post to the blog of your choice.

Interesting revelation now that I don't get around much anymore, Tango dancing has become deluxe and not meant for the hoi polloi. It seems too be pretty well covered by Argentine tango and there is nothing much we can do there. However there may be another tango dance club, Tango fusion featuring American and Filipino tangos, with a dash of Fox Trot. A truly Hawaiian Tango, which sounds like a terrific thing to see. There will be New night clubs in Honolulu just for the specialty dances. Line, Round, Salsa, Swing and Tango. You pick the night.

"Social dancers believe that they were born to be real - not perfect."

Thursday, September 6, 2018

T Dance

By Franklin Coiner, Turtle Bay
In the 1800s, a Tea Dance was a summer or autumn afternoon or early-evening dance from four to seven, sometimes preceded in the English countryside by a garden party. By the 1880s, afternoon dances became a popular form of entertainment for the upper classes in the suburbs. The usual refreshments were tea and coffee, ices, champagne-cup and claret-cup, fruit, sandwiches, cake and biscuits. Even after the introduction of the phonograph the expected feature was a live orchestra – often referred to as a palm court orchestra – or a small band playing light classical music.

“Social dancers believe that if we danced and shared music,
we'd be too busy enjoying life to look for trouble.”

In the US, the types of dances performed during tea dances included Waltzes, Tangos and, by the late 1920s, The Charleston, Rumba and some of the fad dances. The expenses of a seated supper, wine and candles associated with a ball were obviated by the tea dance, when a stiff waxed canvas dancing cloth strained over the drawing-room carpet was considered sufficient, rather than taking up the carpet and waxing the floor in preparation for dancing. The dining-room served as the tea-room, with the dining-tables arranged at one end as a buffet. For the older generation a tea dance was a reception akin to an "at home" party. Floral decorations were modest.

  "Macarena" by Los Del Rio  (1996)  

In the United States, the term has been broadened to refer to any casual afternoon dance event. In Hawaii, they have been in and out for fifty years and no one seems to be able to keep them going. There will be one before the end of the year. Now with the bus situation going from bad to worst and the Rail Fiasco looming in the distance, more people are going for the automobile and will try to avoid the Rail Catastrophe. The Tea Dance or more up to date, the Pau Hana dance, is looking better all the time. From five to nine. Then you have the clear freeway home. Even if it is only on Wednesday evening, it can cut the week in half very pleasantly.

"I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I tend to try to see the best in people.
Cause I care deeply, love deeply, feel deeply. And I end up getting hurt
by people I give my heart to."