Friday, August 30, 2019

The Central Valley

The Rail Party says that accidents do happen, that's accepted and the estimated costs on the Rail go up now to fifteen billion dollars. Ha, Caldwell reported, that just a few months into the fiscal year, the city is already in the hole 30 million dollars. So many lucky Taxpayers out there in Hawaii. They are all beginning to realize they were conned and no one knows what happened to the first billion dollars. Somebody is making millions and millions of dollars daily. The Council members refer to it as the "Gravy Train." Easy Money.

And we have to build million dollar rail stations too, and keep the monthly parking fees to less than $400.00 per month. The transit rates will be the same for rail or bus, except that it will go up to $5.00 per. It is no longer referred to as "Rapid Transit" because it will be slower. Right now, you can get the #93 in Waianae at 6 am and get to Honolulu Hale by7:30. "Rapid Transit" cannot beat that in a million years. Of course, the city for sure will not go bankrupt. The State will have to bail them out. Lucky neighbor islands, they are going to pay through the nose too.

Industrial Park in the Ewa Plain, nestled up into the mountains. Voted down by the Rail Party. Would have been 9000 less cars on the freeway to town. 9000 less cars in Honolulu Traffic. And 9000 cars on the way back. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes." Yes, we have be conned, Royally. But it's the bread, Fred. Cayetano was right all along.

"Social dancers are well aware that truth is generally
the best vindication against slander."

One of the Trump's Big Bucks Characters passed away and arrived
at the Pearly Gates sweating and struggling with a heavy suitcase.
 Saint Peter says, “Set the suitcase down and come in.”
 “No way!” barks the banker, “I have to bring it in.”
Peter is a nice guy and asks, “OK, What could be
in there that is so important? Open it.”
The banker opens the suitcase to reveal 50 gold bricks.
Saint Peter’s jaw drops,” You brought pavement?

We Getting There

With the over dilution of the readership (too many blogs) I brought it to a head much faster by going all the way to eleven blogs. Then pruned them down to the Fabulous Five now, in which some are just holding on. However, I have access to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Word Press and Pinterest to spread the word. He have almost 40 thousand dancers on this island. So I think it is possible to get each blog with about 33 average hits per day. (1000/month) Feedback first, then the Guest Bloggers (their own blog within the blog) And everyone will decide for themselves. For one thing, Hispanic cultural awareness needs to be more accepted in Hawaii. It is not just Salsa.

"Social dancers seem to know that at our dance socials, it may be
good social manners to accept an invitation to dance."

The entire Hispanic community will realize that Latin does not have to be from the Caribbean. There may be 20 million people in the Caribbean, but there are 20 million in Mexico City alone. Somebody picking up on this action? Mexico, the entire country, is a powerhouse of diverse music. South America with Brazil and Argentina have always led the way there. So it is happening in Hawaii, the diverse Hispanic community is independently identifying themselves as Hispanic. It will take time, we are going to learn to Chassé and the Rock Step. There may be a Latin Night Club right around the corner. Latin Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba and Tango. And how about a few Rhythm dances like Swing?

"Maria Elena" by Jimmy Dorsey

Hear, Hear This is a widely used way of expressing approval for something the speaker has said. It dates from the time when some people expressed their disapproval by humming. Those who were in favor of what was being said called for others to listen by saying, "Hear him," Over time this changed to "Hear, Hear," the form that is used today. So we can hum when Trump starts talking.

"Social dancers know that Laryngitis offers one compensation.
Dancers will believe anything that is whispered."

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Lucero Hogaza León (born 29 August 1969, Mexico City), better known as Lucero, is a Mexican singer and actress. She has sold over 27 million albums worldwide. She has sung songs in Spanish, Portuguese and English. She started her career at the age of 10 as Lucerito. She has had it a bit rough at times, but at least she has her millions of dollars to ease the pain. 50-year-old Lucero had taken the No. 1 spot on People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid singers for 2013 with an estimated $58 million in combined earnings.

"Y Volvere" por Lucero

Mexican actress Lucero was selected Star of the Year by People en Español magazine, which devotes the cover of its special 2012 "Best and Worst" edition to her. A smiling Lucero, who is also a singer, was photographed in a striking purple outfit for the December-January edition of the magazine, to which she confessed that she is in love. "I'm very happy about how I am now emotionally in my life, very stable, in love and satisfied, and I feel full, complete," said the artist, who has two children by former husband Manuel Mijares.

"Veleta" por Lucero

Lucero, 50, told the magazine that her current beau, a Mexican businessman, has "very many" good qualities, but she reiterated that she has no plans to marry again. "I already got married once. My kids have a marvelous father and I don't believe I'll do it again," said the actress, who this year had several reasons to be happy: the celebration of 40 uninterrupted years of her career and the success of the soap opera in which she starred with Mexican actor Jaime Camil, "Por ella soy Eva.''

"Lucero" means bright star in Spanish. "Y Volvere" means, I shall return.
"Veleta" means weathervane, and can be used to describe a fickle person.

Mexican music has some of the most diverse music in Latin America. In the northern deserts there are mostly the country styles of banda, ranchera and norteno music. Those which are the most prevalent; in the southeast, especially in Veracruz, have a much more Caribbean influence. Heavy metal, rock and pop are popular in Mexico City as well as some of the university towns and the southern part. Mariachi music is prevalent everywhere.

"We are learning all the time and the tombstone will be our diploma."

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Heads Up

Bolero: An extinct Spanish dance that fused in with Rumba danced in the Caribbean. The one that is danced in America was a complete fabrication of the dance instructors of the time. Can be a beautiful exhibition dance but not as a social dance. The music too has been mixed and confused with other types. Generally the music for bolero may be exactly the same but slower than Rumba and the entire bolero-rumba scene is in process of being untangled.

Bongos: Small joined drums of different pitch, struck by the fingers of both hands. Used in Latin music to give it its distinctive sound and usually held between the knees. Evolved from the separate small drums played by the Natives of Mexico for millenniums.

"Green Eyes" by Jimmy Dorsey

Social dancing is not only artistic recreation but also a sport integrated with social aspects. it has been a most socially accepted way for adults to play It not only pleases the participants but casts its attractiveness on the people watching. This has led to extensive development of Exhibition and Competition Ballroom Dancing. Though exhibition dancing now, is not really ballroom dancing. It is performance or theatrical dancing, strictly show biz. There are also standard steps and non-standard step. The standard steps are those approved by the dance societies in the U.S. and England. This facilitates the dancing for people from diverse sections of the world.

"Waikiki" by Amy Hanaialii

You can see some of these social dancers in many places and they seem to know what they want. They enjoy the music and the moving to that music. They enjoy the company of their friends and neighbors and are willing to accept "outsiders" to partake of the fun. But of course, most of these people know the music and do not have ear plugs in their ears from sunup to sundown. "We" do not dance for others, we dance for ourselves. Once we got that gang together we got it made in the shade. We get suggestions and among the best of our advisors are the teachers of Dance. But in the end, we dance anyway we damn well please.

This may require Deep Thinking: "Where does the light go when it goes out?"

Monday, August 26, 2019

Salsa Anyone?

By Sebastian Rodriguez, New York.
Dance aficionados claim that New York Style salsa is the original style of salsa, as the term and the dance were coined in the Big Apple. While salsa has its roots in many types of dance, such as rhumba, cumbia, guaracha and merengue, it didn't come together until the influx of Latin and Caribbean immigrants in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970 mixed bits and pieces of these other ballroom and club dances into a new form. The term "salsa" is thought to have come from the "sauce" made by all these different styles, and the connotation of the heat of chili pepper-based salsa definitely speaks to its flavor as well.

"Social dancers know that anyone can learn if you like the music. Then that is
your best bet for getting you on the dance floor to success!"

Salsa Music is as much an art as salsa dance, and New York style favors "salsa dura." Salsa isn't just a latin dance form; the music that salsa is danced to is an art of its own. New York style salsa is usually "salsa dura," a type of salsa that features fast tempos and long instrumental solos, versus "salsa romantica," which is more languid and full of lyrical passages. New York style salsa, in particular, takes its cues from the rhythm of the music rather than the melody, and percussion instruments such as the clave and conga drums are what dancers listen for on the floor.

"Lloraras” por Oscar D’Leon

The first NY salsa bands were predominantly "Nuyorican" (New Yorkers of Puerto Rican descent) or Puerto Ricans who moved to New York. Most notable bands and performers include Tito Puente and Ray Barretto. New York dances salsa "On 2" You may often hear New York Salsa referred to as "On 2" dancing. This is because dancers in this style accent steps on beats two and six of a two-measure phrase with a 4:4 time signature. The lead dancer steps back on beat two, while the follower steps forward, unlike many other dance styles. When you watch New York style salsa being performed, it should look similar to the basic mambo step.

"Social dancers believe that the road leading to a goal does not separate you
from the destination; it is essentially a part of it."

Sunday, August 25, 2019


We have readers in Makaha. And we have readers at Makapuu Point. We have readers at Kalealoa and at Turtle Bay. We have plenty social dancers on Oahu, but I am certain that these blogs are not for everyone. I do think that they have value for some of the dancers and reaching them is the goal. But there are some that think the value is very low and they certainly are entitled to their opinions. There is not much knowledge of Blogs or of Blockchain technology in our dance world. The difference in opinions is exactly what we are after. Fortunately the hits are going up on all blogs and that can mean only one thing.

"Social dancers usually have only nice distractions at a dance.
The music comes on and they do not have to think much.
They let the music speak and then they move to it."

If I prefer some of these people and organizations, then I also have the right to my opinions. I cannot move around very easily so that if I am invited I make it point to be there and blog'em. I try to include all but if they do not wish to be included I must respect their preferences. And there are so many that I can help. Let us not waste any time unnecessarily which is unusual. I am Cleaning House and traveling light for I am running out of time. If growing old is giving in, it's not what I want to be. I want to keep going as long as possible.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

I am not giving in to cynicism, so I keep exploring. I am fortunate to have had such varied experiences in my life. And I am following my heart. We are evolving as a species but not in our souls. Imagination and creativity are the most important part of human beings. How can we cut art programs in our schools to give more money to the rich? Our children deserve much better than that. They should be taught the finer things in life. But Trump has sold us a bill of goods. Dance is in all of us, thousands of years ago the first dances were around the fire and we will never get the beat out of our souls. With the help of all the "teachers" of dance out there.

"When we try to pick anything by itself, we find it is hitched
to everything else in the universe." 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

For Gamblers

By Frank Yuen, Ewa Beach
Probability has much longer history than statistics. Probability is derived from the verb to probe meaning to"find out" what is not too easily accessible or understandable. The word"proof" has the same origin that provides necessary details to understand what is claimed to be true. Probability originated from the study of games of chance and gambling during the 16th century. Actuaries in modern day business mathematically evaluate the likelihood of events and quantify the contingent outcomes in order to minimize losses, both emotional and financial, associated with uncertain undesirable events. And Dancing?

"Social dancers believe that the single biggest secret to success in social dancing is to make your partner feel appreciated and as comfortable as much as possible."

They were little regarded by the auto or the banking business and their troubles were obvious in the Stats. Since many events, such as death, cannot be avoided, it is helpful to take measures to minimize their financial impact when they occur. As of now, we can help for the eventual take over of these blogs. These risks can affect a lot of extraneous factors. But we can take whoever wishes to share. New and ever growing diverse fields of human activities are using statistics; however, Blogs and Blockchain technology remain obscure to the public. During the 20th Century statistical thinking and methodology have become the scientific framework for literally dozens of fields.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Easy with increasing influence recently on the hard sciences such as astronomy, geology, and physics. In other words, "Stats" have grown from a small obscure field into a big obscure field. Now with Google Analytics or Blogger allowing the hits from Scamming or Spamming factors, the importance of statistics in our blogs is becoming semi relevant. They may fix it yet and our top blogs will remain at the top. The rest of the blogs have little relevance at the moment. But the only way to break through that wall is to get the blogs into "social media" and that means feedback. There is now the search to get information from more diverse sources. Of course the "prime" photos will be icing on the cake.

"Many social dancers believe that we could accomplish many
more things if we did not think of them as impossible."

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Viennese Waltz

By Janice Morinaga,Waipio
Wow, we have so many experts on music and dance on Oahu, we should appreciate them more. It is not just the number of beats to the bar, it is the dispersion of relative beat values (and their accentuation) throughout the bar which makes the “rhythm” and therefore a certain character of music recognizable. At very first glance the rhythmical structure of the Viennese Waltz looks fairly simple. There are three beats of (almost!) even value to the bar: We would count such a pattern instinctively – and correctly – as “1 – 2 – 3”. But in fact the real and original rhythmical pattern of Viennese Waltz looks slightly different.

"Social dancers think that dance provides for better flexibility and increased stamina.
As an aerobic exercise, dance offers a wide variety of cardiovascular benefits."

Apart from the fact that the Viennese Waltz is the ONLY one of our ten dances in the International Style, originally written in even sets – not phrases – of eight bars, consisting of four subsets with one leading and one following bar each, four of such sets forming a chorus, although sets and phrases most often coincide in Viennese Waltz. One of the greatest conductors of our time brought it forward very clearly when once conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the world famous New Year’s Concert: “The count of the original Viennese Waltz is 1, 2, perhaps 3.”

The beat values change only slightly but the second beat is anticipated, in other words the time between beats 1 and 2 is shorter than between beats 2 and 3. The count of “1 – 2 – 3” is therefore misleading. I have been very lucky to have had some of the best teachers when I was living on the mainland. They always used the most appropriate method of counting the Viennese Waltz: “Om–pa – pah”, thus creating a feeling somehow close to “quick – quick – slow” rather than just an even “1 – 2 – 3”. This feeling is in my opinion essential to create the right balance between swing and turn as it was meant to be typical for the original Viennese Waltz.

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who
have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."  ~ Dale Carnegie 


Thursday, August 22, 2019

In The West

An Apple a Day keeps the doctor Away. Old saying.

But banana health benefits may compare better to any other type of fruit. In fact, bananas have several positive benefits that many other fruits do not have. These yellow-skinned fruits are ideal for health because they have a sweet taste that most people enjoy and it is easy to implement bananas into a daily diet. Bananas are convenient because you can carry them with you whenever you are in a hurry. Knowing the banana health benefits and the other positive things that bananas can be used for will likely give you an appreciation for this popular fruit. The banana health benefits far outweigh those of the apple because it has many more vitamins and nutrients than their round counterparts.

"Social dancers believe that you might have a poor or inexperienced group of
musicians, but a good MC would make a good night of it. A poor MC
(rare) would mean a dull dance, no matter how good the band."

Visit Oahu's first and only rum tasting room with an attached farm and distillery. Located in historic Kunia, the renovated general store of the retired Delmonte Pineapple Plantation welcomes you on this 50-minute, fully guided tour. Enjoy a glass of fresh pressed cane juice, check out the observation deck, walk through a garden of native Hawaiian sugar canes, and finish at the tasting bar, which includes four different rum tastings and a souvenir glass.Begin your 50-minute guided tour with a glass of fresh pressed cane juice made from native varieties of sugar cane brought to Hawaii by the early Polynesians.

"Rum And Coca Cola" by the Andrews Sisters, (1945)

Head over to the observation deck, which offers views of Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, the Waianae Mountains, and even one of the island's largest aquaponic farms. Continue on and wander through a garden of native Hawaiian sugar canes while learning about their history and place in Hawaiian culture. Afterwards, head over to the front of a custom rum still and discover how native Hawaiian sugar cane is distilled into one of the finest agricole rums in the world. Lastly, you will finish at the tasting bar. Here you will have the opportunity to compare four rums side by side before concluding your tour.

"Peace if possible, truth at all costs. We become what we think about."

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

In spite of the Rail Tragedy

Yes, what we need most is Two Centers, those willing to share their 2 cents with our fellow dancers in our  blogs. The Industrial Parks are leading the way, and the new Airport at Kalealoa is a great step forward. The new planned affordable Hotel is a terrific idea. The Passenger boats from Barber's Point are now making contact with the beautiful Waianae Boat Harbor. We all know the bus situation is going to go from bad to worse. Traffic Makaha to Kapolei will be almost at a stand still. So how about getting the Passenger boat at Waianae Boat Harbor? If it is "comfortable" nice, and those that have to get off at Barber's Point, fine.

"Many social dancers know that dancing can burn 300-500 calories
an hour, more than riding a bike or swimming. It can
also reduce stress from your daily routine."

Others will continue because they are stuck in Honolulu jobs. Auwe. Hopefully there will be more business parks on the Waianae Coast. Meanwhile Honokai Hale is waking up too. The express #93 bus with the first and last freeway stop will be discontinued. You don't like the new bus set up? Hit the road, Jack. With just SOS information this blog is not doing that bad. However, all the blogs need something else besides SOS. The presentation of a different opinion or view is what makes a blog into real Social Media.

"I Will Dance For You" by Willie K

And the prime necessity in our blogs is the "Two Center" also better known elsewhere as the Information Contributor. A couple more Information Contributors and specially that one that becomes willing to be a Guest Blogger and Wow! We will see the increase in hits and we can plan on the independence of the Social Dance Oahu blog. And we all know that there are dancers out there that may be willing and able to share a few photos and/or dancing thoughts with our fellow dancers. I would like to see enough Guest Bloggers that could accept my resignation and they could take the blog over.

"Most social dancers believe that if the goals cannot be reached,
don’t adjust the goals, adjust the what you gotta do"

Monday, August 19, 2019

We Need Feedback

These blogs have been truly amazing. From Town Dancer being the beginning blog then going all the way to eleven blogs. I was getting limited physically and forced to spend more time at home. What did I know? I asked around I could not find one single expert on blogging and most thought that Web Sites were the berries. Once my testing was well underway, participation was good and I did not expect this many "reader/dancers" of such high quality. However, the available readers were noticeably diluted and the average hits per day were less than 20 on my best blog. This with search engine hits and scam spam robot hits included too. What to do.

"I would not know what the spirit of a philosopher might wish more to be,
than a good dancer." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

The dance web sites on Oahu were beautiful and all had counters and I set four of the best ones in my spreadsheet analysis along with my blogs and found none of them over single digit average per day hits. My job in search quality was to rank all the blogs appropriately in our stats. All the web sites eventually deleted their counters. I began deleting any of my blogs that had less than double digit average per day hits. I was losing my search engine and scam spam robot hits. I acquired some experience in ranking our blogs and at present I have five blogs. I am hoping to get my best blog Town Dancer independent.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Today I feel confident of making many of the blogs independent. I am very excited by the potential to substantially increase the dissemination of dance knowledge among all of us on this Island. I do not want to build a walled garden, I want to disseminate information and photos of our kuleana as widely as possible. Most all dance information on this Island has been very local. We need feedback in all our dance blogs on Oahu. The comments section has been cut off on mine because too much scam spam comments. So we lack much information of what's happening on Oahu, last week, this week and next week. We may not be able to stop every negative word that comes our way, but we can minimize it and the damage so that it does not completely destroy our dance environment, or our relationships.

"The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it,
may be the deepest root of all the evil that is in this world."

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Men Singers

Whether any of you can speak Spanish or not, you will certainly admire the vocals of some of the best Mexican singers. Hearing them sing will put aside the language barrier, since the songs and the voices are much more important than that. Of course most of the time, Da music is Da Reel Teeng.

Juan Gabriel. A singer and songwriter and a recipient of several awards for his compositions. Born on January 7, 1950, on Cinco de Mayo street (now known as Juan Gabriel Street) in the small town of Parácuaro, Michoacán, In a country so well known for their "Macho Charros" that can single handily take on anybody with their bare hands, Juan is the first prominent gay singer in Mexico.

"Hasta Que Te Conoci" por Juan Gabriel

Some of his famous albums include Inocente de Ti, El Alma Joven, En El Palacio de Bellas Artes and a lot more. His music is known worldwide, and October 5th was declared by the 1996 mayor of Los Angeles Tom Bradley as "El Dia de Juan Gabriel."

"Abrazame" by Julio Iglesias

When it comes to Latin Dance music, notice how many of the speed ranges overlap. Although much of the music is of similar speed, the feel of the music calls for different expressions. How the music sounds is often just as important as how fast it is. Many songs have a unique sound that invites more than one dance. "Tequila" is a dance classic that suggests Swing with its Rock ‘n Roll feel while its Latin quality invites a Mambo.

"Incondicional" by Luis Miguel

Marco Antonio Solis. If you are familiar with the songs "Me Bajas," "Me Subes" and "Basta Ya," as well as the albums called Una Noche En Madrid and La Historia Continua 3, then you already know one of the 10 best Mexican singers, Marco Antonio Solis. Born December 29, 1959 in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán, Mexico) is a musician, composer, and record producer.

He is one of the greatest singers and composers in Mexico who is worldwide famous for his works. In 1995, he decided to pursue a solo career. As a solo artist he has remained popular in his native Mexico as well throughout Latin America and Spain, and the United States. He has more than thirty entries on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart, including multiple number one hits. On August 5, 2010, Solís received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Like it or not, Latin Music and Dance has a great influence
in the entire world, - even if it is not all real Latin."

The Western Part

We don't have many public places (Night Clubs) in the West, where we can get our kind of music and dance our style of dance. And there will not be much in the vicinity of the Bad News Rail. There will be more people coming back into popular dancing in Waipahu, or in the Central Valley area. The Waianae Coast and the North Shore are wide open. It seems like our night clubs are a different species altogether, they are more "public" and from what I read, they may differ quite drastically in what we consider dancing. Rome was not built in a day.

"Social dancers want courage and audacity in their dance. In their dreams,
they are not crippled. In their dreams, they dance."

Then there has been the long standing tradition of paying the expenses with the bar tab. Some have cover charges but are still not satisfied and popular social dancing has the reputation of having non-drunks. Whereas in many places on the mainland they have found a wealth of income in the Juice Bar and the Snack Bar. Then some of our dancing has to be toned down. Arm waving has to be reduced to an absolute minimum. Up is not so bad but sideways, never. So we lives and we learns.

Steps must be reduced in size and let the body do most of moving to the music. There are some good places in Salt Lake, but as Yogi Berra would say, "No body goes there, - too crowded." Mostly for the young and they just wiggle to the music. It is looking pretty good that this blog is evolving into a certain area on Oahu. From Kalihi to the North Shore and the territory to the Waianae Coast. West Oahu.? Why not? But this group is still in process of defining itself and the reader/dancers will make the decisions.

"Social dancers believe that between the great things we cannot do and the
small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing."

Saturday, August 17, 2019


People of all faiths are seeking help from their communities to lead in this dangerous moment and to begin to help heal what is becoming an increasingly alarming and frightening situation. I disagree on most policy issues of the Trump administration but I take this opportunity to expressed my real discouragement over how many Americans now get their news and information from only highly ideological and partisan media sources. Sources with whom they already agree, and who daily fuel the most passionate emotions of their loyal followers -- on both sides of the political aisle.

"Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our
dreams beneath the jungle sky." ~ African Saying 

From a very old quote:

I have no respect for justice - I maim without killing - I break hearts and I ruin lives - I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age - The more I am quoted the more I am believed - I flourish at every level of society. My victims are helpless - They cannot protect themselves against me - I have no face and to track me down is very difficult- The harder you try the more elusive I become - I am nobody's friend - Once I tarnish a reputation it is never quite the same.

"City Lights" by Loyal Garner

I topple governments and wreck marriages - I ruin careers, cause sleepless nights, heartaches and indigestion - I spawn suspicion and generate grief - I make innocent people cry in their pillows - I make headlines and headaches - Even my name hisses. I am "Vicious Gossip." Before you repeat a story, ask yourself is it really necessary and true? Will I really enhance myself by bringing someone else down? Vicious Gossip will do it.

Tango Street Dance
Some of the most powerful tools for marketing a dance organization's services and products has been through their newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV advertising. All strictly one way communication. Then came the Web sites with some feedback and less cost. Then the real thing arrived, our Blog sites with no cost to dance groups. The additional benefits are many, they get feedback and are current. They keep the organization's Name out in front of potential and current members, the media and Ballroom Dance Professionals.

"God never puts any person in a space too small to grow in."

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Even Step

Dancing for humans throughout the world began shortly after agriculture when civilizations, drums and music developed. In Mexico, the groups became very large, they built large cities and the "professionals evolved." Royalty, priests, astrologers, mathematicians and of course musicians and dancers. They did not have to labor in the fields. They had a place to sleep and free food. The time was your profession and you more or less did it for seven days a week, all on your own sweet time. Though stepping to music may have been performed by individuals, it was generally performed by groups of three or more, often in arrangements that resemble military formations.

"Social dancers believe that every dance is a kind of fever chart, a graph of the heart."

You can see Africans doing the even step today on TV. It is just up and down. left, right, left, right. Before the professionals in Mexico become involved it is almost certain that the up and down motion led to a rocking movement from side to side. Then they learned to rock going forward and backward and a new movement, the rock step was born, still an even step. And it is still used and defined to this day as an element of dance. Stepping in modern times may also include elements of gymnastics, break dance, tap dance, march, or include semi-dangerous stunts as a part of individual routines.

"Ay, Jalisco, No Te Rajes" por Jorge Negrete

The speed of the step depends on the beat and rhythm the performer wants it to sound. Some forms of stepping include the use of props, such as canes, rhythm sticks and/or fire and blindfolds. There are perhaps 5000 stepping dances in the world today and some are included in our kuleana of social dance. Some of the most pleasant music in the world is the Waltz. And it is basically a step dance, to three count music, just left, right, left, right. There is a marked accent on the one count. So if you push a little extra hard on the one count, a natural rise develops on the two and three counts. Should remain popular for another hundred years among the more experienced dancers.

"Have the courage to say No. Have the courage to face the Truth. Do the right thing
because it is Right. There are magic keys to living your life with integrity."

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I have been trying to phase these blogs from a dictatorship of one (C'est Moi) into an oligarchy of many, the Information Contributors and the Guest Authors . A benevolent oligarchy but nevertheless an oligarchy. We shall take no more surveys at large of many dancers for whatevah. Democracy will not be attempted again for awhile if ever. We tried, few were for it, they want fewer commitments. And they are accustomed to reading one way communications and working in clique oligarchies. I am gradually building up a good team of about 20 good friends, and I shall continue to ask them.

"Social dancers, believe that dance, like any form of kinetic activity (football,
gymnastics, boxing,) is all about movement. However, what separates
dance  from these other activities is that the movement is to music."

Apparently at this time, our blog oligarchies may consist of two administrators one for backup, and several Guest Authors. A solid blogger, from our present experience should get about 10 average hits per day, and with two it should go over 20 because of the synergism created with two. The oligarchies will probably make every effort to please the reader/dancers in our blogosphere. That is providing current photos of our dancing world and specially the social dance functions.

 "Waikiki" by Amy Hanaialii

There will be times of controversy and we must accept the difference of opinions among all of us. Let us just keep flaming to a minimum. The oligarchies would probably make every effort to please the reader/dancers in our blogosphere. That is providing current photos of our dancing world and even posters of current social functions coming up.of interest for reader/dancers. And we continue to communicate the fact the Feedback is of utmost importance. Happy Dancing.

"Dare to think for yourself. You have to expect things
of yourself before you can do them."

Monday, August 12, 2019


In 1947, each 100 households bought an average of 147 newspapers daily. Now they buy fewer than 50 and the number has fallen non stop throughout these years. And with the 24/7 news in this century and internet information sites that make printed matter stale before it appears, the general busyness of life and many other things have created problems for news print. What happened to our two newspapers? They merged. What happened to magazines? Some have cease to be. We must find other means to get the truth by whatever means necessary. Most of us are on the Internet and we must be very careful there. Trump wants to be the sole judge of truth.

"Social dancers try to dress classy and dance cheesy. They do not try to dance
better than anyone else. They only try to dance better than themselves"

Most students of the dance are sometimes confronted with a social dance where little of the music precisely suits any of the dances they have been taught. Especially with our present day disc jockeys in night clubs that insist on playing LAGS. (latest and greatest syndrome.) for the younger crowd.  The newcomers lose confidence and do not know what dance they should do, so our dances must find the music for the majority of the people attending and leave the rootzi tootzis for somewhere else like night clubs maybe.

"Morning Dew" by Melveen Leed

"We dogs can understand human verbal instructions, hand signals, bells,
whistles, horns, clickers, beepers, scent IDs, electromagnetic energy
fields and Frisbee flight paths. What do humans understand?"

We have a distinct type of dancers, also known as social dancers. Very few of them are top notch, deluxe, razz ma tazz, expert dancers. Most of are just common every dancers of the music we have been enjoying for ages.  So we are still at a good point and we need Two Centers who will decide it. Just a photo emailed would do for a starter along with a little information to flesh it out. So we are not asking too much and every one will make their own decisions as to the extent of their commitment.

"Social dancers know that obstacles are those frightful things you see
when you take your eyes off your goals. I wanna dance."