Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dance Jargon

So we do have some time to clarify our conversations.

From The Bonehead's Guide to Ballroom Dancing Jargon.
Fads: Careful here, many people will be interested in new steps, patterns and even entire dances for a short period of time. They last longer now because of the amount of money spent on hype. But eventually they peter out, If you like it, enjoy it for as long as it lasts but do not forget your tried and true ones. 

Fallaway: A movement where a couple moves backward in a Promenade Position.
Fellow: The highest level attained in International Style of dance and awarded either in Ballroom or Latin Divisions. 

Figure: an activity in which a set sequence of dance steps is completed. Same as Pattern.
Flamenco: Andulusian folk dance known for heel drumming and castanets. The name dates from the Spanish occupation of Flanders and is recognized as the original Paso Doble.

"Social dancers believe that it may be because of hope that we suffer,

but it is through hope that we will change things."

Floorcraft: The art of dancing without running into somebody. It requires knowledge, not only of where you and your partner will be but also where the other dancers will be in the next pattern.
Follow: The lady partner interprets correctly the particular step or figure that the leader wishes to execute. And most ladies are marvels at it.
Foxtrot: An American Original in 4/4 time, and usually danced smooth and slow. Has three natural step rhythms.

"Social dancers know enough, that they must never attribute to malice
that which can be attributed to stupidity."

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