Saturday, March 27, 2021


 'It ain't over 'til it's over" Yogi Berra. Same thing holds true for the Trump Pandemic. In Waianae they were already having crowds. And where did the new cases come from? Ha Ha, No one knows. Dumb Dodos. We still must be careful even if you are already vaccinated. If you must gather with other people, meet outdoors or open windows to increase air flow, still wear your. mask or face shield. Keep a safe distance from others. Wash your hands when you think you should. Listen to the careful ones around you.

 "Most social dancers have been somewhat prepared for the worst, but we never lose hope for the best."

Ballroom dancing began as partner dancing when the man led and  the woman followed. It was simple and the woman almost always knew what he would lead ahead of his signal and both made basically the same moves. However it has progressed and today the social dance has much more complicated moves. The Lead does less than the "star" of the show which is the Follow. It has been accepted that it is no longer "equal." And it works beautifully when they each know how to do their part.

"Social dancers can dance for hours for excercize. Run for 10 minutes?  - Well, - I, - um, - later."

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