Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Dancing in the Americas.

No one has any exact dates but it is generally accepted the first humans arrived in the Americas over the land bridge to Alaska before 15000 BC And they migrated down taking thousands of years to get to Argentina. Agriculture began about 8000 BC and as the rest of the world, rhythm and dance began shortly there after. And the most developed cultures in the Americas were the Mexican civilizations in Southern Mexico. They developed many "professionals" in the various occupations, music and dance included.

"Social dancers believe that dancing may be the most basic
and relevant of all forms of expression."

When the natives got to Florida, they were stopped for a while but Cuba is only 90 miles away. In Mexico it took them longer because Cuba is 128 miles from Cancun. And the Caribbean people became well established in Cuba and gradually spread out to the other islands. The Mexicans introduced a much more advanced type of music and dance. And similar types existed throughout the Caribbean by the year 1000, with each island developing their own favorites. The first illegal aliens that arrived did not come to teach them European or African music and dance. What was there was "modified."

The new Trump dance, "take three steps forward, two steps backward,
then a side step and then you turn around."

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