Saturday, April 3, 2021

Moving Right Along

The social dancers on Oahu are proceeding slowly and carefully to dance on a dance floor again. For now we are getting more confident about ways of staying safe. Outside is safer than inside, 90% to 60%. Masks are safer 80% to 90% for the better ones. social distance is mandatory, 10 feet is better than 6 ft. and keep away from Trumpanzees. Far, Far Away. Vaccines are 90% effective which means that 10% are going to get it anyway, tough. But we have the basic framework. Testing has not been figured out yet. And we must face the fact that "It ain't over 'til it's over."

"Ability is what we are capable of doing, motivation determines what we do, and attitude determines how well we do it."

Line dancing seem to be in front because they can more easily dance outdoors. They do not require a partner and social distance is easily respected. Outside is a natural if they can be assured of no rain..On line is already being done. So we can start working on our type, indoors. Limited partners may be allowed.and can sit together and 7 ft apart from other partners. No interchange of partners. Masks and sanitizers a must. The cases are still high, too many Trumpanzees still having large crowds in Waianae and Kapolei. And then new variants are coming in with the Tourists.

"In my old age I am just realizing that if it is clean, it ain't laundry."

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